Ordinary morning (Poem)

lilosophieJuly 31, 2014

Ordinary morning

On the way to the hen house
Drama - hawk flies fast and low
Over my head
Some distressed peeping sounds
Silence -
Let the chickens out
Treat: cabbage leaves and kitchen scraps
Re-fill water bucket
Blondie sits in corner clucking
Broody, stealing eggs, mad when disturbed
I disturb - she threatens - I win

The Dog ritual: a biscuit each
Empty cat-food cans to clean
Coffee break for me

Watering - tiny green knobs:
Hummingbird dives
Dances in stream


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'An ordinary morning', perhaps, but a lovely word picture.Thanks for sharing it with us.

We see a hawk about two times a year; when it's around, the birds' warning system is activated, and they are nowhere to be heard or seen.

We do have a tiny female hummer visiting our feeder, several times a day. She is a joy to watch.

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Great description of your morning ritual. Hope the hawk had other business. Had more computer problems but now working.

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gmatx zone 6

Haven't seen any hummers this year. We sometimes go several years without seeing any, or else I'm out somewhere else when they are here. Have had them get in the greenhouse twice and it is nerve wracking to get them out before they injure themselves.

We do have quite a few red-tailed hawks here and they are out-and-about every day. I worry about the baby keets that have just hatched as they would be a good snack for the hawks.

Lilo, after reading your posts and seeing the pictures you have posted over the years, I can just see that poem playing out in real time. It's just you - absolutely. Thanks so much!


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