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agnespuffinJuly 28, 2011

complain, gripe, vent, chat, and brag.

I think about posting about the daily nothing type things, and then, there will be something that I really want to share.

My #3 son is a doctor. He started out as an Emergency Room Physician, so I am certain that he has been exposed to the dead before.

He was eating dinner when one of the teens called for him to come quick. You know how it is, sometimes you just don't want to be bothered. He said that this was one of those times. It was one of his step-children and he soon called again. This time, my son decided to let his supper sit and went.

When he got out in the yard, he found that his son had gotten another boy out of the swimming pool.....and he was dead. No pulse, heartbeat, breath, nothing!

My son started CPR and told them to call the EMS. They reached the house just as he was able to start the boy breathing on his own.

The EMS took him to the hospital and he seems to be getting along alright.

Makes me a little proud of my youngest!!

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Agnes, you have every right to brag and be proud of your son! Thanks for sharing.

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That is so totally cool!!!

So many people get into an field, never making it to the ultimate place you can get to in a field. That drowned boy is why he became a doctor. Most life saving stuff they do is hardly that dramatic. Unless he stayed in the ER.

And kudos to the step-son, level-headed cool-thinking kind of guy. Two heroes in one family.

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To share experiences. From maters to life saving stories. It's real life.

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When I stop to think about it, it gets a little scary.

These boys were a high school basketball team. So you would expect them to be healthy and strong. Most had just graduated from HS. So you would think they would know how to take care of themselves. They weren't acting up or wild. The boy knew how to swim.

So, at what age do you stop worrying about the kids in the pool? Maybe NEVER????

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Sounds like never is the best bet. Certainly good reason to be proud of your son. How lucky that boy is that he was there when that happened to him.

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You can ask Annie on the cooking forum, never. It's happened to her child. She related it recently.

"...She said she was lying on a towel on the cement pool deck and got really hot, and started feeling sick to her stomach so she jumped into the pool to cool off. That's all she remembers."

Scary indeed!

Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's baby's swimming accident

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Kitchen Table works in a similar fashion, too.

ole joyful

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