Well, I thought it was funny

gandle(4 NE)July 5, 2014

I had just started to eat breakfast when I heard Leone scream at me. She had just gotten in the shower. I hurried thinking maybe she had fallen or something else serious was happening. When I went in she yelled there is a toad in here. There was a half grown toad just sitting on the floor, I had a little trouble catching it but finally turned it loose outside in the wild area. The only thing that we can figure is that she has been hanging the laundry outside and leaves the clothes basket on the grass. A toad must have ridden in on that. I think she is beginning to see the humor by now but certainly didn't at first.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

The missus in this house would have accused me of putting the poor animal there.

I have many of them in the back yard. I try to talk to them before I get the mower going, but they don't seem to understand. A few have not made it.

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Aaaw, wish we had frogs and toads around here, even lizards are absent. I hope Ms. Leone has recovered from the toad surprise.

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George, I would have screamed, too, just as Leone did! Frogs aren' t even cute, IMO, and I probably would have let him have the bathroom, as my DH wouldn't be able to move fast enough to catch him.

My sister's neighbor in FL just recently lifted the lid of her toilet and there was a small frog looking back at her! She screamed, and had to get someone to catch and remove it for her. That little critter was released outside, too. Still, I'd rather have a frog than a snake.

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I also yell for HUBBY when I need help,
Thank goodness for you and other hubbies that take care of all creepy crawlies in and around the house.
You are a good man, George.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

I rarely see frogs and toads in my garden anymore. When my children were little, a tree frog made it a habit to sit on the window glass and croak. My children and I were entranced to watch his throat expand and subside as he sang. Leaving church a couple weeks ago, I spotted a tree frog on the glass door. On impulse I picked him up and brought him home with me. I hear one calling occasionally--maybe it is he.

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I love frogs and toads, but they have been absent for several years. I miss them.

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There are tree frogs living in the pump for the waterlily barrel, and there are some in the hanging pots on the deck, it is so hot and dry in summer that they seek moisture wherever they can.

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Some just don't understand the cuteness of certain critters. Glad all turned out OK.

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gmatx zone 6

Lilo, wish we had tree frogs here. We do hear the toads whenever we have a really, really good rain.

Yes, frogs and toads are cute!


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The thing I get out of your post is that you have laundry dried by the sun. I can remember how I loved the smell of fresh sheets that had dried outside.

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