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clagaSeptember 16, 2013

We leveled low spots and top dressed front lawn area, aerated, limed, overseeded, and put down stater fertilizer.
How often should the area be watered.
Please read initial post below:

My son lives in Central Massachusetts and his front lawn is exposed to full sun a majority of the day. The lawn has severe damage due to a lack of water. The neighborhood of homes was built on an old sand pit.
After a very wet June; July and August have been drier than average and he didn't run the irrigation system enough. Once the lawn went dormant he stopped watering the lawn completely.
He dug a few holes in several places in the yard to see if the damaged could have been caused by grubs along with the lack of water, and he noticed in some spots there are 6" inches of loam and in others only 2" of loam.
He is going to loam over the severely damaged areas and go over the entire lawn with a plug aerator then over seed with a blend of full sun grass seed. Is there anything else he should be doing?
In the past month his lawn service recently put down an application of fertilizer. Can he apply a starter fertilizer along with the over seeding.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

New seed should be watering 3x per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for a very brief time. All you need is enough to keep the seed and soil surface moist. Drenching the soil is unnecessary and counterproductive. Keep watering like that until 80% of your slowest seed germinates (KBG takes 3 weeks to germinate). Then start to back off on frequency and go up on the duration. Watch the grass carefully. As the roots lengthen, you can go way up on the duration. Use cat food or tuna cans to time how long it takes to get a full inch of water. That is your target time to start. I believe you could start with a full inch and see how long your new grass goes before it first begins to wilt. Then water another inch immediately. The idea is to provide moisture deep in the soil so the roots will grow down to get it. Next spring you can go to the watering schedule I mentioned in my first reply to your other post.

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