Tree of Life

krista_marie(5)July 23, 2011

Have any of you seen this movie? Maybe I was too tired to begin with, but it was slooooooower than molasses on a cold day. We made it through the first hour and at the point we left the theater the dinosaurs were inhabiting the Earth. Today, I went to to read the reviews and discovered we were in the minority. I would require hallucinogens to finish the movie. On the upside, the Vietnamese restaurant we tried was excellent.

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From everything I've read and heard people are leaving the theaters in droves,and some demanding their money back. I'll wait for Netflix.

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I just love that you're saying "we". :) Here's what Rotten Tomatoes had to say about Tree of Life: "Terrence Malick's singularly deliberate style may prove unrewarding for some, but for patient viewers, Tree of Life is an emotional as well as visual treat." You are definitely not alone, as there were 15% of reviewers who didn't like it either.

I too was disappointed recently, after watching the much anticipated Harry Potter final movie. What I've come to love about HP is that JK Rowling writes with such rich depth, and the movies reflect her musings well. This one was way too gimmicky for me. Totally about the special effects. I expected there to be some sort of delving into the personal relationships as this one ties that part up, nada. Well, lightly touched on it. But not really. I'm in a really small minority.

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