I am getting too grumpy for forums.

agnespuffinJuly 1, 2012

Yeah, maybe it's the heat, or maybe my age, but I am getting to the point where I can't be polite on some forums. I just can't post because I want to use words like, IDIOT, too many times.

My city is one of those historical ones. The only thing to do is look, go inside a museum and look. Sit on a bench and look, take a tour, look and listen.

And over and over again, future visitors will write and ask, "what is there to do?" They will even go so far as mentioning that they aren't really interested in history.

Why are they coming to a place like this, in mid summer when it is hot as the hinges of H-ll and want to know about "what to do"

Why do I think about words like stupid, idiotic, and dumb?Stay inside the air conditiioned hotel and forget about walking around in the heat!


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My guess is you are getting GRUMPY.

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Used to have those questions when I was still in the hotel business on a military post. What do you think, it's not an amusement park and no, you cannot watch the troops train out on the range and because you are an US citizen does not mean that you can visit the Gold Vault.
In this day and age, when everybody has a computer, look up where you are going and check what there is to do (grumpy with you).

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Oscar.....husband guy agrees with you.

I'll get even with him somehow. You, on the other hand, will go unpunished!

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Lol, I can understand getting grumpy, been there done that.
Whatever the reaon, I do what you have done, recognize that I'm grumpy, pull back and regroup.
I like your posts. Grumpy or not.

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nobody gives a toot if your grumpy or not. you actually sound quite preachy to me

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