Sorbets, ices and ice creams

gandle(4 NE)July 20, 2010

I have been making all kinds of the above this summer. We had a huge crop of red raspberries and have made both raspberry sorbets and ice cream plus freezing perhaps a gallon of berries. But, as tasty as they are George still prefers just plain lemon sorbet and I admit it is probably my favorite too. Made some peach sorbet from peaches I froze last summer and used a yogurt base made the mistake of throwing in some whole berry cranberry sauce that was leftover from a meal. It really didn't do anything good for the sorbet but looked quite odd and had no extra flavor.

Experimented with chocolate chips in ice cream, doesn't work too well like eating rocks gues they must use a different kind of chocolate for that kind. Did better with a chocolate ripple using dark chocolate surup, quite tasty.

Right now there is a batch of lemon and half lime sorbet in the machine and sneaking a half frozen spoonful think it will be very good.

Unfortunately, if wwe have plenty of sorbets and home made ice ceam on hand that is about all George wants to eat where he should be on a much higher caloric diet, he is so thin.

Since he broke his collarbone the crazy cat is back being a nurse again, how she knows when he doesn't feel well I'll never know. Sometimes I think she thinks that he is her mother.

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Leone, I've been buying Ensure and adding ice cream to it
for a high calorie milkshake for Neil. He seems to like

Your sorbets sound delicious especially the lemon.
Peach ice cream is one of our favorites especially when the
Red Haven Peaches are in season. I could eat a bushel of
those without stopping.

Animals are really something. They know when their people
need them. There is something very comforting about a furry
friend snuggling next to you when you aren't feeling your best.

Hugs((((((((((((((Leone & George))))))))))))))

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Are the eggs in frozen custards verboten for George? High fat ice cream and frozen custard would definitely have the calories he needs. I wish I lived close enough to pop in and cook for you... I have NO problem coming up with high calorie meals... would that the inverse were true...

Glad the cat has resumed her duties. :o)

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It sounds like George is NOT into a balanced diet at this time. I guess it's not one of his priorities.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

All those old cookbooks always pushed custards and puddings for the invalids. Eggs and milk to build up the body. I remember in Pollyanna, she took calves' foot jelly to a sick lady. Do you think George would like that? Don't think I would.

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Leone, just reading of those cold confections make me hungry. Some time when you have a spare moment would you post the recipe for the lemon sorbet? George is a lucky man to have such a choice of desserts.

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When my father went through chemo he lost weight as if it were falling off him. The chemo dulled his appetite to the point that he didn't want to eat anything. I'd imagine George is experiencing something like this: He probably just can't bring himself to eat right now. It has nothing to do with what his priorities "ought" to be. If I were Leone (hi, Leone!) I'd be "into" anything that helps George put the weight back on. Those sorbet and ice cream experiments sound fab to me. Wouldn't mind having a sample of all of them right now!


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The last batch of homemade ice cream I made would surely put some weight on anyone. I gained weight just gathering the ingredients :) heavy cream, half and half, eggs, sugar....

The ensure milkshake sounds like a good idea.


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Once, a long time back, we made a huge batch of old fashioned egg know, the kind where u cook up the yolks milk and cream... Which of course makes it safe for a party. anyway all the diet conscious missed unparalleled eg nog leaving us with way way too much. Next stop? Ice cream machine. Was so fab, it hardly lasted at next dinner party. For someone with weight gain needs and needing to be careful of food borne items, this could be marvvy!

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The most I've made is a small amount of sorbet to refresh the palate between courses at a dinner party.
I always buy store bought eggnog and serve it as is.
We have friends that make eggnog from scratch. They add alcohol directly to the eggnog.

I'm wondering what the consistency would be if they used an ice cream maker with an alcohol based eggnog?

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Now I want ice cream or anything else cool and sweet and am not allowed, booh-hoo. Should have scrolled on down.

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