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gandle(4 NE)July 25, 2010

People across the alley from us have a dog named Vanessa, nice name but a little odd for a Vizla I think. People at the end of the block have an old lab named grandpa, yes he is named grandpa. I asked little Cindy one time when the dog was walking her down the sidewalk why her dog was named grandpa and she told me coz thats his name. Have never adked her folks why that name, not sure I want to know. Maybe its the neighborhood, oh yeah we have a cat named Spook.

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Our children named our dog, "Super Dog" reflecting their interests in Super Man at the time. Super lived up to his name. Smart beloved dog.

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On another note, one of our neighbors has a dog named "Porkchop". Hmmm.

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One of my friends named her favorite calf Tofu. Mostly in hopes that it would remind the farmhands and her family that this was her personal calf, then cow, and was not to make the ride with the other beef when that time came.

We have 8 cats, 6 of them were product of keeping a feral cat colony from developing. Mommy, her daughter Buddy, sons Spot and Fluffy, Buddy's son Scrappy and her last daughter Misty AKA Mystical. Mommy was the last to get captured and spayed, as you might be able to tell. She actually disappeared for a year then came back pregnant with Mystical. We finally got a hold of her that time. Sounds like we got a little desperate for cat names in the middle there... lol. We also have Leo and Sammie. Our dog is Jessie.

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Poodle dog is Digby,first cat rescue we named Rootie Kazootie and our feral rescue we named Ferrell. When I'm calling them for dinner it's...Digs,Root and Ferrell.

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I'd been without a cat for several years and was thinking it was time to get one. My granddaughter and I went to an antique shop in another town. I told her to expect at least one cat in the store. There were four kittens!A black and white one went home with us. We decided she should be named Pandora after the store, Pandora's Box.

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I once knew a dog named Paper Clip.
Named by a little boy who thought it was as good a name as any.

Gladys was the name of one of my best friend's cats.
That was the meanest cat that ever lived on this earth.
One had to suit up in full body armor to visit that house
and even then, Gladys would find a way to rip your leg
open. I called her a lot of names but Gladys wasn't one of them.

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At one time we had three stray cats...Kit, Cat and Kaboodle.

And our favorite dog was Butch. SHE was named after her grandmother. Grandmother Butch was picked up by a brother in law in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. She was brought back in his gas mask case. That wasn't her original name, but my SIL refused to call her "B-tch"

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My friend Kelley has a boy dog named Emmie. After Emmie Lou Harris. Yes, he does look like her, but it's a girl's name. It seems to bug her a bit when I ask how she is doing, sometimes slipping up.


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An old friend once had a cat named Sushi, & I knew a guy who named his dog Damnit.
He liked to say,
"Come here, Damnit!"

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Absolutely no room for casting stones from inside this glass house lol:

Oliver Wesley Catt. That's right: two t's


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The we have had a Bebop(Cockapoo), Dedrean(Shitzu), Muffin&, Gizmo(pomeranian), Baxter(shitzu), Spud (lab/dalmation cross)-turns out he's a couch potato so the name suits. I didn't get to name any of these pets other family members picked or they came to us as rescues. Of the cats there have been a Thomas, Jasper, and Cocco. Used to work at a vet clinic, lots of Max's, Sam's, Jakes
Ive also had rabbits and hamsters, Ruban, Zach, but if you want extream my mom names her aquarium fish! - there is a Lily and gobbly guts.

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My niece's two shops cats are Ima and Al -- Ima for "Im A Cat" and Al for "Al E. Cat". Ima is very vocal and stays up front and "talks" to whomever enters the shop. You'd chuckle at the big guys who are enchanted by this dainty little feline. Sadly, there's also a lady customer who has such a phobia about cats, she won't come in the store till she knows they've been removed from the customer area.

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Ive had a Timid Frieda,Killer,CeCe,Baby,Vasil Spazoff,Me Too,Ralph all cats. 2 iguanas named Syd V and Johnny R...they bit...often. Now i only have Opie aka The Orange Menace aka Rope.A.Dope aka Tata and when hes sleeping, Precious. And Baby Chuck aka Chuckie Doodle aka Tatertot aka The Baby.

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G'daughter has a female cat called Catalina.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Trina was named Katerina. The second day she was with us, "dance, ballerina, dance" was playing; she stood on her hind legs and danced around in circles in time to the music. I refused to name her Ballerina.

One of my first cats adopted me shortly after walking up the lane to our house. He jumped up on my lap and began to purr. I asked him, "What is your name?" and he responded, "Tchee, tchee." We pronounced it Chi-Chi, and that was the only name he ever answered to, when called.

So, no cute names, just minor histories.

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Our two cats are named Nigel and Seigfreid. We call them Missy and Mister. The dogs are Bentley, Baby, Blacky and Bull. Of course each of them has several nicknames. We have found if we don't call a dog by a name starting with "b", they come to a bad end. Sounds strange, but it seems to work.

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Someone I knew had two schnauzers and they were named Ozzie & Harriet.

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

When Frisco was just a baby boy, about 3 months old, he didn't have a definite name yet. We were on I-70, coming home from camping near Copper Mountain, and we passed the exit sign for the town of Frisco. He wiggled, or something, and I asked him, "Oh! Is Frisco your name?", and he licked my hand and wagged his tail. :)

That was 16 years ago! And he has been my angel Frisco ever since.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frisco

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