Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket

calliope(6)July 28, 2011

I pretty much missed what there was of the Draconids, but the Delta Aquariid shower should be picking up speed and the moon is just a sliver and the skies are clear. It's time to start looking up. Perseids are the next big one, but there are several other less spectacular showers here and there at this time of year and worth the effort to get your fav beverage and a blanket and park it under the skies.

My cousins came to visit two years ago and it was dark as they were saying their adieus when a brilliant streak zoomed across the skies overhead. One of my cousins was transfixed. She lives in a big city and had never seen a 'shooting star'.

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We were at Assateague Island several years ago whenthis same thing occurred. It was a huge fireball directly overhead and looked as if it would crash into the ocean. Spectacular and scary. Steve in Stevens County.

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I haven't seen a falling star in years! There is too much reflected light in our area from shopping centers, street lights, porch lights, automobile lights. The sky just isn't dark enough to see them except away from the city.

They are fantastic. Always made me dream of one day being able to speed through space in some kind of ship.

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The clear view of the stars with minimum light is one of the best things about moving back up here. I just adore that vast feeling when you can see so much of the sky so clearly. Only drawback this year is the mosquitoes have been pretty bad. I better ride around and check for breeding sources.

Suzy, I do have to sit on a chair though and look up. If I get down on the ground, I'll still be there when Christy gets up in the Well, guess I could take a sleeping bag and hunker down.

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