No, it couldn't have been

gandle(4 NE)July 10, 2014

Had to go to North Platte yesterday morning. Went on highway 30 instead of the interstate. I don't drive anymore because of vision problems. Leone said "what in the world is this coming toward us?" It was a motorcycle with something long and sticking up behind the person driving the bike.

She said "it looks like a big clock, like a grandfather clock". I had to agree it did look like a grandfather clock. It stuck up behind the rider almost 5 feet. I have no idea how it was secured.

Leone said "I think it was a woman driving that bike, did you notice the long hair". No, I didn't notice but that wouldn't be an indication of gender especially on a biker. I wish she had looked at the license plate instead of the hair but I can't imagine riding with that I think grandfather clock as a passenger for a very long distance. You'd think the balance would be affected along with other problems. We were still talking about it miles later when Leone said wouldn't it be a lot easier if she just wore a wrist watch to tell the time?"

No we hadn't been drinking and seeing things. Wish we had had time, we would have turned around and followed it.

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Sure it could have been, lol, people do all kinds of weird things.
Glad you did not follow the bike, it sounds like it would not be safe.
Whenever DH and I see something that look unsafe, we hang well back.We have also called 911 from our cell to report what we think might be an unsafe situation.

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George,that sounds like something Neil and I would do.
Turn around and follow it. Leone's comment about the watch
would be the very thing Neil would have thought of.
I love you George and Leone. You bring so much fun and joy
with you to the GP.

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Very funny

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I would have been nosey too and at least followed long enough to see what it was. Love Leone's quip.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

No, there is just no telling what you may see these days. Your post gave me a good laugh today.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

I would done what anneliese said! We really are just curious, not nosey......just sayin'.


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