In Need of Bed Doll Patterns

pepsiwJuly 5, 2010

Hello Friends,

I am just starting with The crochet bed dolls and I don't have any patterns nor do I know where to get them. I have seem a few pictures of them and I think they're awesome. If anyone can help, share, spare, or copy of any of Annie Attic bed dolls or any nice one please let me know. Or if they're any good websites with free patterns that I could use would also work. I do crochet very well but I just don't have any patterns for the dolls. I Thank You for your time and help and I look forward to hearing from a few fellow crocheters. Have a great day.



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What was it Yogi Berra said...It's deja vu all over again!

Someone posted here quite awhile ago about this same thing and we were all pretty clueless. Here's the link if you'd like to read the thread. Why did you choose this forum for your question? Just curious. Hope you are able to find an answer.

Here is a link that might be useful: bed doll pattern thread

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Hi, I knit and crochet, but I have not done any bed dolls, so I'm not much help there. However, GW has a great knitting and crochet forum. Check out the link below, I hope it works, if not, come back here and I'll try to help get you there.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Knittinng, crochet forum

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Hi, i crochet and would like to know if anyone could share any crochet bed dolls from fibre craft or any others my e mail is thanks for any and all help offered

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I have a few bed doll patterns if anyone is interested in sharing or I can just email them. Thanks Dee

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Hi I have some Fibre Craft Doll Patterns. I have emailed Fibre Craft for permission to sell them on disk and as pdf format.
There are also some for sale at


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