Spain wins!

PidgeJuly 11, 2010

I'm hardly a big soccer/football fan, butI've been rooting for Spain all the way in the FIFA tournament. Today the Netherlands were playing really creepy cheap ball and so I am thrilled that Spain got the single score in overtime that they needed to win.

Also nice is that DD's good friend was running a pool and ended up with Spain (he always picks last and gets what's left--pretty lucky this time). They are dancing on the

Ramblas in Barcelone tonight.

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Congrats to Spain.

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Michael will know a whole lot more about this game than I do, but I thought the Netherlands played mean--that chest kick should have gotten a red card automatically IMO--and all those yellow cards and finally a red in overtime clinched it for me. I am grateful for refs who work hard to keep things calm and controlled in such a significant game, but that chest kick, wow!

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I didn't see the game. Had more important things to do, such as making a road trip to Gulf Shores to see the free Jimmy Buffett concert.

I have seen the highlights, though, and don't know what to think of the Dutch play. It' was uncharacteristic of them. They had been the happy-go-lucky team in the tournament. Pressure of the being in the final, I guess.

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