Here We Go, Again!!

mawheelJuly 18, 2012

Oh boy, more power outages for the Mid-Atlantic region! The rain is welcome, but the storms that brought it aren't, especially when accompanied by high winds. Downed trees which fall onto power lines are the main culprit(s); many of them were weakened by the bad storm of three weeks'ago and it didn't take much to bring more of them crashing down--onto cars and houses. Folks who thought their lives were getting back to normal may now have to be without electricity again--for who knows how long?

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Sorry about your situation, We were in your situation many times in the past, a light rain, some wind would put us in the dark for hours and sometimes days.
The solution was to put the wires under ground. The new housing developments put all the wires under ground around here.
Now, I may be accused of being political or have an agenda, but I'm thinking about how you can keep your lights/ac on.
Your power company, city, county etc... may say that they don't have the $$$ to put the lines under ground, suggest that they check with the Federal government and see what kinds of programs they have to solve your problem and unenployment at the same time.

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West Gardener, DH and I are fortunate that the power lines into our community are underground. In the 18 years we've lived here, our power has gone off only once or twice and then only for a short time. I was really referring to folks in the DC area, which is known for its old, very big trees. Every time there is a bad storm, trees come down, and the electric company catches you know what for not getting things fixed more quickly. I truly can understand the frustrations of those without electricity --more than just discomfort and expense, b/c the prolonged heat can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, putting lines underground in that whole area would take years and be exorbitantly expensive. But eventually, it would pay off.

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Listening to the radio in the car one day recently, someone said that the latest power outage in one single state had cost 9 billion....

Our local power company just invested in all new poles after 35 or more years...

I don't know why we don't have 8' diameter tunnels beneath the ground for every service... power, gas, water, sewer, a metal tube casing, with computerized monitors every few hundred feet, and skilled workers in small carts to provide service...

In just a couple of years nation wide we would pay for it, and in the meantime, its work and infrastructure we desperately need...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I have a friend who has worked for the power company for decades and I don't think people give the workers and the power companies enough credit for what they do. When a storm is predicted, even before anything is damaged, they start lining up crews to come in from as far away as necessary, other states. As soon as damage starts occurring, the workers are on their way there, wherever it may be.

When the workers get there, it's usually 16-hour days, with shifts running non-stop, day and night until everyone's back on. They face the risk of electrocution, falling from unbelievable heights, working outside in the rain, cold, heat, and then finding something to eat in an unknown city, going back to their motel (which is usually a 1- or 2-star and likely has no electricity, cold shower) and missing their family and whatever personal events they might have had scheduled back home.

shilty, no doubt! Imagine if electricity could be transmitted wirelessly, like phone calls!

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