Unwanted Music!!!

mawheelJuly 8, 2013

Is anyone else getting weird music when they click on a post on the GP? It started on Sat., and won't go away! Maybe for 30 seconds, when I switch to a different post, but it always comes back. I can't find anything to account for it--or way to make it stop, but I sure don't like it!!

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No music here but have no idea why you would get it.

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I always surf the web with my sound muted so I don't hear anything unless I want to listen to something.(like Don's music links).
I enabled my music and clicked on several GP posts, but I did not hear any music.
Could you post a post where you hear music?

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Mute your sound before clicking on the page below, because it has auto music. Enable your sound if you want to hear the music.
I wrote the auto music code on purpose, (before I knew any better).
Perhaps GW needs to look at their code.

Here is a link that might be useful: Auto music

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Anneliese and west gardener, thanks for responding. Right now, I think I'm crazy or imagining things, b/c I'm not hearing any music! Earlier, it happened even when I went to Hot Topics. (And believe me, there are enough odd things there without my hearing music, too! ) :>)

West gardener, you may have given a clue by your link. When I went to it, a message appeared saying I needed to add something with/from QuickTime. I remembered I had done something like that a few days ago--then, the music started. I'll definitely see if the music and QuickTime are connected.

To be honest, I may feel too foolish to tell you, if it starts, again. Then--I may not! I keep saying that one of the benefits of getting REALLY older is that I've lost my inhibition of being a "meek little mouse"! LOL

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Guess what? On the Kitchen Table, there's a thread with several posts about hearing music. A few thought it was some kind of ad, but others said no, it was connected with a virus--that's not the right word, but it's in that area!

Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not completely crazy!!

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Glad I could help in some way.
I'm having a battle with" Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player".
Lol, if you find out any info, please post it here.

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