Will Global Warming Kill My Fish?

catfishsamJuly 30, 2006

I was sitting on the swing this morning reading the newspaper. There were a couple of articles about Global Warming. One was Point, which means the person, a local educator, believes in Global Warming. The other article was Counterpoint, which means that the person, a meteorologist, doesnÂt believe in Global Warming.

Well I read the Point first. It was full of doomsday scenarios such as rising sea levels, hotter summers, droughts, etc. It seems that Al Gore, the guy that invented the Internet, was quoted a lot since he is a big one for Global Warming. I glanced over at my beloved pond and saw the koi and other fish watching me. Having a sickening feeling in my stomach, I wondered how my poor little fish would fair under Global Warming?

I ran inside and picked up the thermonitor and pitched it into the pond. We have been having the hottest summer ever here in Colorado so the water must be getting really hot? Hot water means less oxygen so the fish could die really quick.

After an anxious 5 minutes I pulled the thermonitor out and looked at it. 75 degrees!

Surely that couldnÂt be right? We have been having temperatures in the 90Âs all week so the pond should be really heating up. If those oceans are heating up, my dinky little 1200-gallon pond should be really getting hot? But it wasnÂt or maybe my thermonitor was broken?.

So I read some more of the article which said that a good part of Florida and other low-lying areas of the country will be under water. I can see some poor guy from Florida asking the question "What do I do for my pond that is under 20 ft of salt water. I havenÂt seen my koi for a week. Do you think they are all right?"

Well, I had enough of that doom and gloom so I read the Counterpoint, which only took a short time since it was only one fourth as long as the other article. The Meteorologist who has had a lifetime of experience said that global temperatures are cyclical and we just happened to be in a hot cycle. He said we would be having a downswing in temperature in a few years.

Unfortunately neither one of the experts said anything about ponds, which I considered an oversight on their part and even a slap in the face to those of us, that care about their fish.

Even Al Gore was silent on Global Warming and the impact on fish ponds, which made me, question whether I would vote for him if he runs for President again.

So after spending all that time reading those articles with completely different points of view about Global Warming, I still donÂt know if I need to worry about my fish?

So are you concerned about Global Warming and whether it will affect your fish?

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Nope,I'm worried that the weather "experts" will ever be able to predict the weather with any accuracy. How can they say they know all about global warming etc... when they can't tell the day before if it rains or not? I predict they are just trying to look like they know what they are talking about when really they're guessing like the rest of us! PJ

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pjtexgirl, I think you may just be right!

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I'm with PJ and the Counterpoint person. And if I say any more about it, I could get booted outta here. :)


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