Window Farming and other adventures in Hydroponics

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)July 25, 2011

I have three column of bodged together bits and pieces of recycled items and re-tasked aquarium apparatus and am now ready to begin window farming. Watching the airlift move the water in packets up to the top of the column is rather fascinating; rather hypnotizing. I've started various herbs seeds and vegetable seeds. Some plants are known to do well grow in hydroponics, some aren't. Will try both types. Lettuce, mini tomatoes, peppers parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, ever bearing strawberries have proven to do well. I have seed of all these germinating. I did break down and buy an established rosemary plant. It resides in it's own 5 gallon bucket set up. I've also going to try marigolds, coleus and other flower in hydroponics.

Dog days of summer are here. One must find indoor activities if one doesn't want to run the risk of heat induced medical problems or be bored to death waiting for cooler weather.

Dog days of summer and soccer season starts back up in ~3 weeks. Mad dogs and Englishman and soccer bums.....

Now that this project is up and running it's now time to find the next project to move on to. Been dreaming of a green house. Bucky Fuller has provided the impetus. I'm drawing up plans for a geodesic green house. This is catnip for mathemagicians. A fellow in Britain has worked out a very easy method of construction, using wood and glazing. Will borrow his method.

Ear worm of the day and other such musin'. Dredges up memories of '68, '69, there abouts. Was a kid just become self aware and living half a block from the beach. How unique a place can be. How especially marvelous and unique a place and time can be.

Time to go run. Must get used to running in the heat. Will follow that with a Lynchburg lemonade and a cool bath.

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"Dog days of summer are here. One must find indoor activities if one doesn't want to run the risk of heat induced medical problems or be bored to death waiting for cooler weather".
Your project sounds very interesting. Congrats in finding hobbies that fit your lifestyle at this time.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I can't tell you how tickled I am that you are experimenting with this. Hope you post pics and give detailed accounts of your successes and failures. We have an incredible hydroponics store here. Actually, we have two awesome hydroponic supply stores. If you ever get up here for that ironman, it'd be worth a visit.

My tomatoes, which are now taller than I am, by about a foot, are LOVING this hot weather. They're loaded with green fruit, and ripening daily. The rest of the garden is going nuts too.

But my next project is an even bigger garden... and an orchard. We have an accepted offer on 53 mostly wooded acres in WI's Driftless Zone, and expect to close on the 19th of August. We'll be pulling the 10 acres currently under cultivation out of corn, and I want to get some fruit trees going. The wooded portion of the property is chock full of mulberries, raspberries, mature trees, deer and turkeys. I will spend the winter curled up with cabin plans and garden plans. I think we found the place we eventually want to retire to.

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Love the earworm, S&G have been favorites forever. Hope the hydroponics work well and produce a lot of food for you. Nothing better than your own food. Yes picture are a must.

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Now I traded one earworm for another. Oh well.
Looking forward to pictures and reports about the project. What really interests me is how the rosemary will do, since it is not exactly a waterloving plant.

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I'm using hydroton as a growing medium. It's supposed to be the best; it's in the goldilocks zone. It hold neither too much water or too little. The rosemary is dong well. I did prune the roots when I transfered it to hydro. It did suffer a little so I've used a 2 liter soda bottle as a cloche and it seems to be thriving. I've taken pictures but am not pleased with them just yet. The lighting is a bit tricky.

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I like experimenting with gardening and I like to read about other's who are experimenting.
I have a 3x4 raised bed,it's a first for me.
I have two tomato plants, an Early Girl and a Sweet 100, Oregano, Thyme, Chives, Marigolds and Rosemary.
Early Girl is showing stess, the oregano and thyme is bolting. the chives are doing great, the rosemary is growing like a weed and getting "leggy". The marigolds are in various stages. It is fun to experiment.
I'd luv to see pics of your experiments.

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A short video of my set up.

Two colums working.

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endorphinjunkie, I just luv your setup. It looks great and I'm sure it works great. Thanks for posting the video.
Lol, talking about catnip, your workings would be catnip to DH, the plants would be catnip to me.
Please continue posting udates.

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As I said, I do like to experiment with gardening.

Several years ago I decided to try to grow veggies in hanging pots, supported by automatic watering. It worked like a charm.

No inground planting, raised beds or hydrophonics.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Dog days indeed.......I am going to pull all of my tomato plants in the next few days, as they've stopped bearing and the green ones won't do much else but blush up. It's too hot to be outside after 9 am, and in the afternoon the voracious mosquitoes fly in formation. Not too much to do but empty the bucket from the AC and the shower into the garden. This year I've experimented with buried pot irrigation: take a 5 liter plastic water bottle, make holes near the neck, turn it over and mostly cut off the bottom so it's like a cap. Bury it halfway and pour the water in, and hold the top closed with a rock. Water goes directly to the roots, no evaporation, no water on leaves and no waste. (I have pics). It has worked wonderfully.
The okra is happy in this heat, so is the basil, and the local herbs (rosemary, wormwood, sage, rue, etc) are happy too. Everything else, including most flowers, have kicked the bucket. When I get back from vacation, I'll start seedlings for fall planting.
Bucky Fuller was a genius and can't wait to see your greenhouse!

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Thank you for your report. That sounds so wonderful! I loved what you wrote. But you teased me. Pictures? Then where are they? Do show!

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