Grass for my sisters house in Arkansas

botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)September 13, 2013

She is in Zone 7b.

It seems that I can plant the cold season grasses and the warm season grasses here.

My question, for the zone, what is the best practice for planing here on clay soil. The hay farmers grow fescue, bahia, bermudia, and zoysia all mixed together. Can empire zoysia survive here? Is there a better varity of zoysia. I focus on the zoysia as they require much less fertilizer than bermuda and fescue and my sister will never fertilize her lawn.

Thanks for your time.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If you can help her get it started, then she could grow some of the wheatgrasses that will grow in AR. These are full sun, prairie type grasses which look great (see below) when sowed fairly dense and mowed once a month. They require very little water beyond rain and little to no fertilizer. There are many varieties of wheatgrass and some will not thrive in AR.

Here is a picture of bpgreen's lawn in Salt Lake City. It is a mix of wheatgrasses, blue grama, and strawberry clover.

He doesn't start watering until about June and then only waters about 4 times throughout the season. Mowing is monthly to keep the seed stalks down.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

Thanks. I will pass that to her as an option. A neighbor just cut hay and it has the seed stalks in it. It is a mix of fescue, bahia, and bermuda. We were thinking of putting an inch layer of this hay down and just let it self germinate next spring. If we were to mix wheat grass seed in this, would you put the seed ontop of the hay or under it?
She has no care of what type of grass she has, she just wants a lawn so the dogs do not track too much dust and mud into the house.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Underneath if it isn't too much trouble.

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