aeration and overseeding after scott winterguard

crazyjuttSeptember 12, 2010


because i did not water my lawn this year, my lawn has bald spots. there is lots of weed.

i used scotts winterguard 3 weeks ago. i wanted to do aeration and over seeding this year but i was told by lawn company that i can not do over seeding after applying winterguard.

what are my alternates ? should i wait for next year and then seed lawn in the beginning of spring ? why can not i overseed now ?

i like to see nice lawn next year and i am hopeless now.

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You are not supposed to seed after applying weed control. Wintergaurd (based on what I read) is mostly fertilizer. So I think it's ok to seed now (if the temp where you are does not dip below 50 degress F).

Here is what Scotts recommends:

Here is a snippet from that page:

Feeding in the Fall

Wait a minute. Isn't fall when lawns start to shut down? Why fertilize then? Fall conditions are great for lawns. Grass roots start to store nutrients the grass will need when it wakes up again in the spring. So you want to help those roots grow by fertilizing. Your best bet is to feed once in early fall (if you are overseeding, your starter fertilizer counts) and once more about 6 to 8 weeks later, around Thanksgiving. Scotts® WinterGuard® Lawn Fertilizer is formulated to deliver the nutrients grass needs to get through the winter and come up strong the following year.

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What is in Scott's Winterguard besides fertilizer? If it contains a preemergent then yes, seeding now will be a waste of time and money and you will have to wait till spring. If it's just fertilizer then seeding now is fine.

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dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ)

You can seed
Winterguard is just a fall fertilizer.

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I was looking at fertilizer on the Lowes web site I saw the following.

1- Scotts 15000 Sq. Ft. Turf Builder® WinterGuard with Plus 2 Weed Control

2- Scotts 5000 Sq. Ft. Turf Builder® WinterGuard Fall Fertilizer

I think one flavor of "Winterguard" contains preemergents (#1).
The other "Winterguard" is just fertilizer (#2).

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thanks all
i used Scotts 15000 Sq. Ft. Turf Builder® WinterGuard with Plus 2 Weed Control.

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If you used the one with Weed Control, you should check the package to see how long you need to wait before seeding. It's likely that you'll need to wait before seeding.

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I am a representative for Scotts-Miracle Gro and wanted to clarify some information about seeding and the use of TurfBuilder Winterguard and Turf Builder Winterguard with Plus 2 weed control.
Since you used the Turf Builder Winterguard with Plus 2 weed Control , you will not be able to seed for 4 weeks which will then be too late to seed. The weed control in this product is a post emergent not a pre emergent but the rule still applies not to use a weed control when seeding.
In the future please stick with a regular fertilizer like the Turf Builder Winterguard or even the Turf Builder Starter Fertilizer which would be better as it has the needed phosphorous for starting out new seedlings.
What state are you in? If further South may still be able to seed in 4 weeks if you live in the Northeast to midwest it will be too late.

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