When to fertilize new sod?

jjonasSeptember 1, 2008


We bought a home this year and I installed sod in late June. I did the job myself and paid careful attention to soil preparation before I put down the turf. I tilled and raked in a starter fertilizer. The sod was been growing like crazy although over the last two weeks or so I have noticed some brown patches on one side of the lawn. The roots have weaved into the soil but I still think I let up on watering everyday too soon because the areas with brown patches is the area that gets the most sunlight through out the day.

We have gone from a very wet July/early August to a very dry last two weeks of August. Since the lawn in that area appears to be stressed I continued to water daily. I have since notices some new green growth.

My question is this:

Since this is new sod, about 2 months old and some of the sod appears to by drying out, when should I put down fertilizer? Also, what kind of fertilizer should I put down? I've read in several places it's a good idea to wait until after Labor Day to fertilize.

It's a fescue blend. I live in New Hampshire. I'm a big time novice but determined to make this lawn look nice and last a long time. Most of my neighbors yards are disgusting clumps of weeds. Any helps or tips are appreciated but my fertilizer question is the most important at this point. Thanks.

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Pick up some Bay State fertilizer, it's organic, sewage sludge based, and is perfect for your sod. Give it a feeding now, and then give it a big-first-number fertilizer end of September.

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Your situation sounds like mine. Lots of helpful discussion here. the milorganite really helped green things up, as did somewhat more aggressive watering.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread I started

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egghead2004(5/Central MA)

Yup, what those guys said, hit it with Milorganite or Bay State fertilizer, and back off the watering slowly. You need to train the roots to look for the water deep.

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