Can't remember what bulb/flower this is..Think you could help? :)

Young.Gardener123(7b NC)May 8, 2014

Ok, so this plant has been growing in our garden for years. I am pretty sure it is a bulb, but I don't really remember. Every year it pops up and produces HUGE white flowers that become infested with ants who like the sweet, sticky sap. The buds of the flowers are large, circular, and have white baby petals at the top and green covering and sap at the bottom. I uploaded some pictures to help. Also, if you know what it is, do you know if the sap is edible? I know that this is definetly NOT what you are supposed to do but I was curious and I tried it. It tastes very sweet, and kind of flowery... :3
Here are some pictures:

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Young.Gardener123(7b NC)

Ohhhh, thanks! :D

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Not a bulb per se, but rather, a large, fleshy root system. Old-fashioned and absolutely indestructible plant.


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