Clutter, I'm in a cleaning mode..............

west_gardenerJuly 8, 2014

But what is clutter? I'm guessing that clutter is what I think is clutter at this moment. What do you think?

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Clutter can be current stuff (mail). Or old junk that piles up. It's stuff that is not put away, and I have a houseful. No big deal.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

Clutter belongs to the missus - all else is mine! (It's a guy thing!)

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West Gardener, you are right; whatever you think is clutter probably is.

I'm in a throwaway/declutter mood, too. I feel as if I'm drowning in paper, esp. Most of it can be tossed, after I've taken off our name and address and shredded them , which is probably not necessary, b/c there really is no privacy, anymore. Anyway, I'm trying to do it a little at a time. Wish me luck, please! West Gardener, I'll do the same for you.

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clutter? That's like defining a weed. Unwanted plant? Unwanted "stuff"=clutter? Maybe. Not wanted at the moment is a good qualifier.

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gmatx zone 6

I'm not even going to try to define clutter! I just know there is more "stuff" in this house/shop/storage barns/greenhouse storage trailer than we will EVER need or use or that the kids/grands will ever want/need/use. Some of it has to leave......just when that may be, well, I'm not setting a date but it's soon, hopefully. I feel a mood coming on. Won't tell you what the kids use to call that mood though.....LOL!


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Paper, a lot of it.
The other day the US Post Office delivered 7 pieces of mail, all ads, one of them was a huge package of (about 17-19 lb) from a decorating store. That went into the recycling bin.
Then there is the spam from all kinds of businesses, It creates work for me. mwheel, I do the same thing you do.
Then there is the "stuff" I have saved for what ever reason. Lol, stuff is such a great word.
Anyway, I'm making inroads, we get 3 free pick-ups per year from out city, and we made use of one the other day.
Now the question is, what's the difference between having a collection of something or having stuff?

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gmatx zone 6

West_gardener, one begins with a C and the other begins with a S? Don't look at me 'cause I haven't a clue (or at least I won't admit it)!


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There is Good Stuff and Stuff.
I have two warehouse rooms full of stuff.
I pay $100.00 dollars a month and have for seven years.
Do the math. Lord Luv a Duck!! I could've, should've cleaned
that stuff out years ago.

Back up a truck, WG,

I have an attic full of Good stuff, you know Grandma's dishes, vintage table linens, containers full of flags and buntings, all the stuff one needs to throw a wing-ding of a 4th. of July party. ETC.

I would love to get in a cleaning mode, lord knows this house needs it. But I can't think about that today, I'll think about it tomorrow.

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So here's what you do. Take all the stuff, and put it in storage. Keep only what you absolutely need to live. Then, go get it in about five years. I have done this, by the way. Ed made me put all MY stuff in storage and then wouldn't let me move it in. But no worries, I have it all back now and it didn't get flooded in the flood, so cool!

There were things I really really wanted and missed. But the majority of it? Got recycled, shredded, donated, and tossed. I'm down to four or five boxes TOTAL of storage. Year books, plaques, knick-knacks, that I just had to to have. I did save a small notebook of notes, letters, etc. that are paper. And a small notebook of pictures my boy has drawn, painted, etc. over the years. Good point Janice. How much of it do you think about all the time? Not much? Then sell it, donate it, toss it!

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Janis, I had to chuckle when I read your comment: "but I can't think about that, today; I'll think about it, tomorrow" . I say that all the time, but I call it "my Scarlett syndrome". At the end of " Gone With The Wind", that's what Scarlett O'Hara says, when she doesn't want to face her problems. It's allowed me to go to sleep many a night, when otherwise, I would have tossed and turned.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one here who finds it hard to get rid of stuff! Misery loves company, I guess. :-)

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Oh the good stuff can be difficult because there can be so many memories attached to it. I'm not there yet and I may just pull a Scarlett when I get there.
In the meanwhile I have plenty of just stuff to deal with.
Start of round two.

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