Spreading fescue

dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)September 12, 2006

Have any of you looked at "Combat Extreme" spreading fescue?

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I'm getting ready to overseed some existing fescue with it this weekend. I've done a couple tests seeding it into small areas in the soil and in a pot. I saw germination in about 5-7 days and in just a couple weeks the leaves and stems were getting pretty robust.

80lbs ready to go over 12,000sf.

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theyardbird(z7 OK, TTTF)

I would be interested in trying it out. It would be wonderful to have TTTF that could repair itself. I wish there were better reviews of Watersaver TTTF.

I just wrote the OutsidePride asking if they have any distributors in Oklahoma.

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Take it from me, spreading grass is not all it's cracked up to be. For the moment, I'd rather control where it spreads by seed than spend an hour a week spraying roundup in planting beds and edging. If someone is putting that much wear on their lawn, they need to consider concrete.

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I'm not expecting much spreading. It's an appealing feature that they market, but judging by the research I have read, the spreading/rhizome behavior is not prevalent in all of the plants. I'm just hoping it may help reduce the frequency with which I need to overseed. Much of my turf doesn't get enough light to sustain KBG.

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I just overseeded with Defiance XRE. I first experimented with Defiance and Combat Extreme. Both germinated well and looked excellant. I chose the Defiance XRE simply because it was cheaper. Combat Extreme for 75lbs was $144.98 + $50.77 shipping. Defiance for 80lbs came to $120.00 + $14.40 shipping. Wasn't a hard decision. Time will tell if it was the correct one.

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Here are a couple pictures of my 'test tray' Combat Extreme. This was planted about 6 weeks ago. It's looking like it needs some fertilizer, color has gone a little more yellow.

Overseeding this weekend, hope the yard comes in 1/2 as nice as the tray!

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Nice pics! Amazing how thin Tall fescue can get these days

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Great pictures-- sharp, saturated colors, better than most. What camera was used?


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Billl(z7 nc)

I planted a blend that contained Grande last year - another spreading fescue. It is a nice looking, thin bladed grass taht seemed to stand up to the summer heat well even in its first year. I can't say I notice much of a difference from any other of the newer fescues though. I'm just hoping it spreads enough to keep the fescue from thinning too much over time.

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Looks like Outside Pride changed the cultivars in Combat Extreme. I have bags of the Grande, Watchdog, Tulsa II - on the website they show a new spec now.

I am a part-time photographer - those were taken with a Canon 1D Mark II and 35mm 1.4L lens.

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I've used Tulsa II and was disappointed with the result, or maybe better said, the lack of a result.

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Progress update - Six days post-seeding I am seeing a lot of chutes emerging in the warmer/sunnier parts of the yard. I think in the shadier areas the germination is going to happen more slowly. Yay!

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Two and a half weeks - The seedlings are growing pretty well and late last week it looked like another batch of seedlings were starting to emerge, possibly deeper-planted seeds or maybe just differences in germination between the different cultivars in the mix.

At 8 weeks age, the plants in my test tray are very robust looking now, thicker stems and deeper green color - I hope the lawn looks this good in mid-Nov.

I shouldn't have waited as long as I did, but I dropped some additional seed into areas that looked thin. Even if they don't germinate as successfully as the first batch, any little bit helps.

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Not much happening with most of the extra seed I dropped. In the past week, my test tray plants are getting more mature and are showing a broader leaf growth, not as thin as seen in the earlier pictures. I'll post some more pictures.

I've eased up on the watering, just every other day now. The grass is actually growing the best in the shadier areas and in the areas that were getting less irrigation.

I did my first 3.5" mowing with no problems other than the grass being rather 'floppy'. They stand up again over time, but show wheel marks quite a bit right now. I may go down to 3" next.

This weekend will mark 4 weeks post-seeding and I plan to put down some cockadoodle doo organic fertilizer to pick up where the starter fertilizer is leaving off.

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Okay, here are the same plants at 70 days post-seeding. You can see some broader-leaf and some fine-leaf growth.

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I'd like to hear about your results from turf type tall fescues now that some time has elapsed. I'm considering Defiance XRE or Extreme Combat. I'm located in south central Michigan. My yard has sandy soil with no shade. I've tried Kentucky Blue Grass but it turns brown, usually in June, due to the heat. My understanding is that this is the grass going dormant. Will it help to overseed with the TTTF?

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My TTTF held up pretty well this summer. My pre existing turf was mostly fine fescues and p.rye. There was also a square area where the previous owner planted some bluegrass to fill in a garden area he removed. The TTF likes the filtered sunlight areas best, but stayed the most green in the brightest areas.

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A month ago I bought 100 lbs of Combat Extreme. I'm in the western NC area. I put down a small amount 10 days ago and it sprouted within 4 and is doing well. I'm doinga lawn renovation which has killed off most of the previous fescue. I'm anxious to see the outcome a year from now too! Thank you kelleynelson for posting this update, it has benefited me too!


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In the background you can see some mature TTTF. This is mostly combat extreme and Lesco Tri-Gold.

After having a reasonable amount of experience, I'd say that there is negligible spreading behavior. These seem to be a little less 'clumpy' than some Fescues, but these grasses don't knit themselves together and self-repair like KBG does.

I do like the sturdiness of TTTF though. It's still a very good choice of turf for many.

(Foreground is Supina bluegrass)

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Im in JAX Fla. I just spread 10 pds. of combat extreme into my st. aug yard, the part that froze in a late freeze in March. Im getting good feedback in this forum so I have high hopes. All last year I tried LaPrima, P77 and LaPrima XD to fill in spots..it was a bust that cost over $200 at $21 for a 1 pd. bag.

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Jacksonville, FL? Awesome! I always wanted somebody to try TTT Fescue in that part of the state!

Good deal, keep us posted of the progress and take some pictures if you can.

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well the combat extreme is shooting up already, just 5 days after seeding. off to a GREAT start . Its growing right in with the st. aug. conversly the patches that i seeded laprima xd is growing but thin and spotty.
oh i dont know how to post pix on this site

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I think the question we're waiting to see answered is, "does it spread?" If so is it more like KBG? And how about the overall color of the finished product?

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Combat Extreme is still doing pretty well in my lawn. I've also tried Lesco's Tri-Gold and Lesco's Teammates Plus.

Teammates Plus was just last fall, so it's too soon to tell much.

Tri-Gold has some very nice dark green. If doing a total renovation, the color would be really impressive. I overseeded, so I have some areas where the darkest varieties did better, so my color isn't all that even. (Doesn't bother me that much, but may bother you.)

Combat Extreme's cultivars had a narrower blade, more like KBG.

These blends all change cultivar year-to-year, or even during the season, so your mileage may vary.

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WHEW ! that Combat Extreme is AWESOME ! it sprouted in 4 days and continues to have new sprouts. the earlier sprouts are now looking mature enough to cut and certainly too long and dense to look good, looks like big green grass lumps in less than 2 weeks !
I dont know about th3e spreading characteristics yet. I have to see all of the cultivars grow then see if it invades or co-exist with the predominant SA

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Can you post some pictures, please?

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Combat Extreme and JAX turns out to be a non-compat. Those vigorous and pretty young sprouts just couldnt deal with the hot florida sun. they seem to have dried out and withered like straw. I watered 3 times weekly plus we had good rains. the stuff just couldnt hang on. I dont know about the other cultivars that were slower growing though. Im just soo tired of having to babysit SA..Im going back to interspersing LaPrima XD into it.

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How did these fescues do through last summer and through this spring?

I am specifically looking at both Defiance XRE and Scott's Gold Standard (Silverstar, Tarheel II, and Silverado II) for fall seeding.

Any updates?



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