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PidgeJuly 17, 2010

Having a granddaughter visiting for two weeks means I saw Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. TS3 was the best of that series! And DM was good if not on that level.

Today, dealing with an adult daughter, saw Inception. I had read some of the reviews and some of them were not awed by the film. So I entered the theater with middling expectations. I love Leo DiCaprio and expected him to be good whatever else happened in the film. And I had read that the less you know about this film before seeing is to your advantage.

Whoa! I loved this film! Plot? It's all dreams, and what dream has a plot? It's about dreams that bleed into other dreams and then blend into other people's dreams and they mixed together. One moves from city streets to snow-covered mountains to snug interiors to city lofts furnished with deck chairs--you know, like in a dream where nothing is logical--and yet there really is a narrative that ties all this into a scheme. No spoilers, but one does leave the film asking if what one wants and what one dreams have anything to do with each other.

I don't know if anyone will think this a "great" film, but I do like the philosophical, psychological, sociological, and relationship questions. And it's also about love.

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Glad to see that you liked TS3 because DS#1 recommended that movie to us.
I have to check out "Inception." It sounds like my kind of movie but I don't know about DH.
We don't go to movie theaters any longer, we buy or rent movies.
Then there is the compatibility question with our hardware/software and the new movies. I'll have to figure that one out.

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Pidge, it is so good to see you back at the movies.

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Two things, Janis: I've been away from GP and I have not seen as many films because DD2 was moving and that swallowed a lot of time.
I do love films as much as I love novels!

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