Full_Bloom(z5 IL)June 21, 2006

The delphiniums may be a bust this year, but the roses are really looking nice and *no* JB's (hope I'm not jinxing myself)! Thought I would share a few pictures of the ones I call "the workhorses". There are really a lot of disease resistant, winter hardy, unfussy roses out there if you look for them:

This old world that we're livin' in

Is mighty hard to beat.

You get a thorn with every rose

But - ain't the roses sweet?

- Frank Stanton

William Baffin:

William Baffin may be my favorite hardy and disease resistant and I *love* the color:

Carefree Delight & William Baffin:

The flowers on 'Carefree Delight' are only single and not huge....but its so floriferous that it stands out in the garden anyway and probably the most disease resistant of all my roses:

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

- Abraham Lincoln

New Dawn is still looking good, though not flowering as much as she might have if hubby had gone out there and pruned her *before* she was full of buds. She is a sentimental favorite and almost as old as my son:

Awakenings is a sport of New Dawn). I think IÂm going to like this one. The color is paler than my New Dawn, but it may be more floriferous and sure is a fast grower. It's only two years old and almost reaching the other side of the arbor:

Ruby Meidland I really like the color of this one...a rich ruby color, it does seem to be a bit of a slow grower though:

'The Fairy' being next to the compost heap has nothing to do with what I think of her...LOL! What a hardy....totally "no work" rose:

'Knockout' has been great, though I do think it suffered from the drought last summer. Still, totally winter hardy, disease resistant and repeat blooming. In the background you can see my only delphinium that looks good.

They are not long, the days of wine and roses:

Out of a misty dream

Our path emerges for a while, then closes

Within a dream.

- Ernest Dowson, 1867 Â 1900

Wish they would be blooming when you all come...I would love for you to see them. Can't wait to meet you all though! :-)


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Ei, Wow, your roses are spectacular! You really take advantage of the full sun exposure. Just beautiful. I can't wait to see your gardens!


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Ei, thank you so much for sharing these photos. I love roses, especially the climbing ones and I will make note of these that you've had such great luck with.

T. :o)

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Oh my Eileen, what beautiful roses. I especially love the way your pictures don't show just your roses but all of the other plants you've combined them with. And I love all of your arches, trellises and statuary. It all just goes together so well and shows what a wonderful garden you've created. The quotes just add the finishing touch too. I especially like the last one. Thanks so much for putting this together. I'll be looking at it again and again.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, the reason you see close-up shots of MY roses is because the bushes look terrible while individual blooms look OK. You never guessed, right? LOL

Ei, eager to get in this beautiful garden soon! One month to go!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eileen.....beautiful, beautiful! My close-ups of 'all' my flowers is for the very reason Marie said. Pics ( of my yard/flowerbeds) are only pretty if they are far enough away that people can't see all the weeds, the tacky plants, etc. :-)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Ei!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! These are just absolutely fabulous. What gorgeous roses and what gorgeous settings for them. I love all your arbors, trellises and companion plantings. Incredible. I think I'm going to have to rethink some of my gardens to include some of these gorgeous rosese especially that William Baffin.

Thanks so much for putting this together for us..


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Absolutely breathtaking Ei. I do love roses. Your garden just has such a romantic feel to it. I can't wait to see it in person.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ei -- I can hardly wait -- but it's wonderful to see all of the roses at their peak -- I love William Baffin too & have one going strong -- but I just love your combos of plants & ornaments!!! Nothing like "wetting our whistle" in anticipation! Im anxious to meet you as well.


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Ei - you are a Master rose grower!! I have a William Baffin too and just love it. Your gardens are simply delightful - what talent you have. I too can't wait to be there in person.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thanks are so's wonderful to see your garden through someone else's eyes. Michelle, I *like* that description, though I never really thought of my garden that way! :-) Of course now I'm really nervous about you guys visiting, you know? The roses probably won't be blooming when you get here and they really are my summer show. But *still* can't wait to see you all! :-) BTW Mary, I'm not really a master with roses, it's these roses that are the masters. Believe me I have plenty of other roses that are perfect "close up shot" subjects...LOL! Anyway...I better get moving or I'll be late for mom! Thanks again everyone you sure know how to make a girl's morning! :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And this from Lynn who will be visiting with me:

" The garden looks personal and fun..the best

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Ei, your roses are fabulous! Your garden looks cheerful and bright. I love the way you blend the red and blue together, it is so welcoming. I have a couple of the same roses you do, the Fairy and New Dawn. They are wonderful roses, and yours are wonderful examples.


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Ei!! What a beautiful mulch, I-I mean garden!!! You're a fibber-everything looks magnificent! I adore that arbor of roses(W. Baffin)and clem-it's like an entry to a fairyland. The whole place looks like a fairytale garden! I can't wait to see this in person,I really can't. You have that knack for color too I see-I like your colors and attention to texture. I keep noticing that I tend to pick spikey plants-it's like a compulsion or something...Freudian? Anyway what makes your garden interesting to look at is the variety in forms-I see dots and lines and waves and clumps-I wish I could do that more-you can teach me at IU3. Does the yard smell heavenly with all the roses??


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What a beautiful garden you have! I love your roses and clematis combos. Its like you've created your own little paradise! How I wish we were neighbors!

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Your gardens are so beautiful.
The color combinations.........the rose covered arbors...
what an enchanting place!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

MOrning, I'm just stopping by to smell the roses before getting ready for work today. Eileen, these images are so beautiful! It must be my imagination but I can smell the roses sitting here in my dining room. LOL I'm trying to figure out how and where I could fit in a large arbor so I can grow roses like that. I agree your gardens are magical.

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Ei, as I worked outside yesterday I kept thinking of these photos. I brought out a pad of paper and sketched (very poorly sketched) out what I have so far around the house and what I'd like to add soon. Two rose arches/gates were put on the *I want this next* list. :o) I may need to pick your brain abit, if you are willing.

Thank you for the photos and descriptions. I snipped some bits off of some 'wild' roses that grow along the road out here, but couldn't get them started that way. I was very disappointed as that is how I got the one white rose bush started (where the bees swarmed to). I didn't know you could ever start roses by placing starts in water, but that one did and I had grand hopes I could do it with these. :o(


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Ooohh Eileen! Fantabulous pics! I've never been a rose person really, but haven't had the space or the sun, but now that we're moving and I will, you just might change my mind! The photos take my breath away and I can't wait to see your gardens in person! (Pinch me, am I dreaming or is Idyll-Union 3 really less than a month away???) The quotes are a special touch, my fav is the one by Lincoln.

Thanks so much for sharing these, and please don't take them down for a while!

Taryn :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eileen, there is no need to take them down at all, unless you need the space in your online albums.
I am afraid as much as I love roses, and your pics, I just cannot grow them well here. I will stick with what does well for me, and enjoy roses, fuchsias, lupines ( Yes they I was afraid they would), delphiniums, poppies, and on and on, vicariously.
I sure am having good success with coleus! :-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Ah, Ei, I finally have time to sit and study these pictures. Roses and Clematis...besides getting them to grow well you also need to know how to display them to perfection. You've certainly mastered both aspects. I'm hoping you'll share your secrets at IU3 next month.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thank you everyone...I really can't wait to meet you all! :-) Actually, now I can't wait to meet you all so you will no longer have this misleading notion about the garden or the gardener...LOL! I live on an average suburban lot, in a modest neighborhood, with no borrowed views, I'm afraid. I *am* just a person who loves gardening (just like the rest of you) and that's it! Of course I love gardening and I love my garden and it is special to me because it's *my garden* all the little babies that I've nurtured and so many with me since I first started gardening here. I do truly think my garden is beautiful some times during the growing season - in spring or when the roses are blooming :-) but their certainly are other times when I think only I (the mother) could love my garden...LOL! *But* more than seeing the garden, which I hope you like (but don't expect anyone to be blown away by and am secretly hoping you won't be disappointed with) I want you guys to just have fun here, want you to be glad you came. V has some wonderful plans for everyone and Sunday will be here for brunch and to the city and then *maybe* back here for dessert and drinks in the evening. I still have to firm up those plans with V though. Speaking of which...I can't wait to meet V either and can't wait to see her lovely property! It's *gorgeous* out that way, I know. DH and I have been looking at places out there and I hope the sandhill cranes will drop by for a visit while we are all there! :-) There, now I've got *that* off my chest.

As far as the roses Marian...Honestly, I really can't see anyone failing with The Fairy or William Baffin or New Dawn, for sure. I honestly don't do anything special for them. Okay if we haven't had rain for a few weeks, I'll water them, maybe, feed them well in the spring, but that's about the extent of it...east sun...I really do believe that's the secret! As to the other roses I grow. I grow them because I love their blooms (like the David Austins and just one or two hybrid teas and a handful of floribundas)but believe me, they never look as good as the roses I posted here. The roses I posted here and my one rugosa, which wasn't blooming when I took these pics are just naturally hardy, disease resistant and undemanding roses. BTW, I should tell you that, except for the rugosas, most of the really undemanding roses are not overwhelminly fragrant...sorry! :-( I love fragrance in roses, but for all the other exceptional qualities about these guys, I am not disappointed that they aren't fragrant. Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post these roses was because I think people are often under the *false* impression that all roses are hard...these are not. So sorry to hear your lupines failed. Well, guess what? I lost all but two of mine from last year too. I really do believe the drought was at fault. My delphiniums suffered too. That's the life of a gardener, I guess. Some years some things do great and some years some things do terribly. It's okay, we gardeners just keep plugging along; right? :-)

T - I'd be happy to give you any tips I can. I honestly do believe you will be happy with any of these roses. Do Elk eat roses too? That would be my only worry...LOL!

Thanks again everyone! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

sigh..."there", not "their".

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Ei, you would laugh if you saw my 4 New Dawn. I bought 2 several years ago for my arbor which is in part sun because they are supposed to be able to take some shade. Those 2 are very sad looking. I have 2 in full sun that died almost all the way back this year. It was a weird winter for the roses. I certainly agree about The Fairy. I have the light and dark pink and they are so easy. I grow a few others too that are so easy. I never spray and rarely remember to fertilze, but they do well anyway.

thanks again for the info and I can't wait to see your gardens but especially to meet everyone.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Ei, your roses are beautiful! My favorite is the Awakenings with the clematis.

Even your compost heap looks good. Well done.

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Ei, What lovely roses. Your gardens are so pretty. I can't believe your carefree are so diesease resistant. Mine still get black spot after their first flush of flowers. Even my Zephrine Douhrin loses most of her leaves. I think it is just the heat and humidity here. Only my Knockouts stay diease free. Thanks for the show. Norma

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