Mums update.

west_gardenerJuly 13, 2014

Sometime ago, i posted about some mums I had planted and forgot about, and in the spring , to my surprise, they started sprouting.
Here they are, and they are doing their own thing about blooming.

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WG, they are very pretty, and they're not even in full bloom, yet. Evidently, Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot about them blooming in the Fall.

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I thought you meant your "mum". HA! I've been around people from Great Britain a LOT lately. Lovely people. Almost as nice as your blooms. Very lovely!


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Pretty, Your coastal climate prods them into bloom a bit earlier than here in the inland area, I hope I see mine in October/November, that is if I have spare water or the rains arrive in a timely manner.

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I think the plants may be stuck in their blooming period.They have looked the same for a couple of weeks.
I don't know what's going on,

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