Ginger kitty and the cicada hatching

sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)July 20, 2008

The cicadas finally showed up here and Ginger is proving to be an excellent hunter. I have been finding them all over the house. I finally caught her as she was sitting in the hallway telling it to get up and move. Of course as soon as it moves, she pounces and tosses it into the air. This time she tossed it on me. It really did not want to let go of my slacks and Ginger thought it was a great game to tackle my leg. Getting out of the house was interesting with both a stuck on cicada and a pouncing cat. Sandy

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That would have made a great video for America's Funniest Home Videos!!


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Good Ginger girl! She would make a good hunting dog. :D

I agree, that would make a GREAT dragging your leg behind you, with cicada and kitty attachments. LOL!!!


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Who are you trying to kid. Ginger Kitty and the cicada are in "cahoots". She wasn't telling it to get up and move. She was telling it "Want to have some fun? As soon as I toss you in the air land on her slacks and cling like velcro". I hear cicadas laughing all the time in the trees around my house. They were just waiting for you to run out the door.


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sheepco(MN z4)

LOL at all of you! Thanks for my daily chuckle!

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I forgot to add that maybe some screaming would help "humor up" the video, Sandy. Clutching at door jams, people, chairs, anything and everything. Fear in the eyes while screaming is always good for a laugh, as well.

For some reason, you don't seem like a screamer to me, though. LOL


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Talk about screamers! Most of the cicadas have been found after enought chirps but Ginger brought one in today that was so loud in it's protest that even Ginger was alarmed. So much so that it was approached with great caution and was touched only with the gentlest of paws, following which, Ginger hid behind the trash container. My word! As soon as Ginger was repulsed, the cicada shut up except for a normal volume chirp of satisfaction. If Ginger approached again there was a warning burr but the real alarm bell only started if there was contact. After I put it outside, Ginger wrapped herself around my ankles and asked for a comforting head rub. Now she only brings in the quiet ones. LOL! Sandy

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