I just saved a bunch of money

Janis_G(z7GA)July 2, 2014

by not going to the emergency room.

I got a 3/4 of an inch splinter in my right arm a few minutes ago.

I showed it to Katrina and asked her to get the tweezers and remove it. She got a small portion of it but the rest could be seen under the skin. "You need to go to the emergency room and let them get it out, mom."

"Just let me sterilize a needle and you try again, Katrina, honestly if it were in my left arm I could do it myself." I took the tweezers in my left hand, had her hold the flashlight so I could see the darned thing. I found a small bit sticking out and latched on to it and pulled. Out it came. I drowned it with alcohol and slapped a band aid on it.

I wonder now if I've saved a few hundred or a few thousand

We never went to any emergency room when I was growing up.
Shoot ! We didn't go the doctor unless there was a bone sticking out somewhere. How did we ever live without spending half our lives in the doctor's office. I guess we're making up for lost time now.

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ER for a splinter? Not.

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Janis, glad you and Katrina were able to remove the splinter, and save some money.

I know you know to keep watch for redness or streaks. Please don't mind my 'preaching', but if you should, head for an Urgent Care Center. I've found them to be very good.

Take care.

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Way to go Janis! We never went to the emergency room either. If it was too bad we called the doc...and he answered and met us at his office. I guess a few of the broken bones ended up going to hospital to get xrays and casts but we were lucky in our family and had few.

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Good for you, Janis,
DH is the splinter remover in our family. He uses a needle, that he raids from my sewing basket, and tweezers, sterilized with alcohol.
He always stressed that they should always get the splinter out asp, so it would not start an infection.
Never had an infection.
Even when the kids moved out, and lived close by, they would come over to have dad remove a splinter.

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I heat my house with firewood, splinters happen a lot, I have a good pair of tweezers handy, sterilize the tweezers and treat the affected area with peroxide.
For the occasional burn I keep a potted Aloe Vera in the kitchen. break off a small piece and rub the juicy part over the burn before a blister develops. Done right away it works well.

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gmatx zone 6

I keep a tube of Ichthammol Ointment on hand for when I get a splinter that is either going in vertically and I cannot grab it with the tweezers, or if a small amount breaks off that I cannot get out. Takes a few days to pull the splinter to the surface where I can grab it, but sure works better than me continuing to dig with the needle and saying naughty words! Talk about making a sailor blush at those times...........oh yeah.

And as Lilo says, Aloe Vera for heat caused injuries to the skin.

Glad to see you posting, Janis. Hope you and Katrina are doing well.


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Never heard of http://www.amazon.com/Perrigo-Ichthammol-Ointment-20/dp/B005ZDD19Y
so I looked it up.I have no question that it works, but it seems so expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: -Ichthammol-Ointment

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gmatx zone 6

West_gardener - Whoever is selling it on Amazon for that amount of money is out of their ever-loving gourd!! And, whoever is buying it for that amount is also out of their mind. I think that I paid less than $4.00 at the local pharmacy for the same size tube.

I guess the old saying that "a fool and his money are soon parted" (or something to that effect) was proven true by the above. LOL

Many, many years ago, as in the Stone Age or maybe it was the Dirty Thirties, we use to use ichthammol on farm animals as well as us for things that needed to be drawn out or brought to a head, such as a boil, stickers, thorns, etc. Stinks but works really well.


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