Woody Star Pods; Mystery Tree

clariciaMay 24, 2014

I've got four of these babies on the property, all of them planted on the east side and with shelter from the westward winds from the open plains in that direction. They are relatively small trees, but I don't know when they were planted. They only just started leafing out during the last few weeks. The woody star pods were filled with seeds that had hair on one edge (if I remember correctly.) They seem to open and close with the morning/night and warmer/cooler temperatures. The star pods remind me of Crape Myrtle pods, but the leaves don't match...? And I have heard Crapes do not do well in our zones (central PA.)

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rose of sharon

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Carrie B

Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus, I think. And invasive weed tree in my part of PA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hibiscus syriacus

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Thank you! It has been driving me crazy. The people who own the land said they have never seen them bloom and had no idea what they were, apparently you need to cut the pods off! I wonder if it is too late now, I had no idea! D:

Edit: Thank you for the link! I like the four we have, but don't want a forest! I recognize from those pictures that we have some seedlings; I will dig them up and find something to do with them. :)

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No you don't need to cut the pods off, and if there are pods, then it bloomed.

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