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west_gardenerJuly 8, 2012

A few years ago a new scan code started to show up here in Silicon Valley. (See the link below). I did not pay much attention because it did not seem to affect me. However, more and more of these codes are appearing, so I've decided to find out more.

It seems that this scan can only be done with a "smart phone", I have a cell/photo phone. It looks like I have to buy a

smart phone to use this scan.

What brought this to mind is when I received a coupon in the mail (snail mail), saying that this is not a store coupon, it could only be used with a scan.

If it seems that I'm rambling, I am.

Does anyone use this scan and how it is used?

Here is a link that might be useful: Scanner Code

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I was waiting for an answer too. I used to live in the techie world, but have little interest for it anymore, aside from knowing enough to program my mobile phone and actually use it and keeping up with computer advances enough to be functional. Losing our power for a week this month, made me appreciate how basic life can be and we came through it relatively unscathed and aside from the heat it was pretty pleasant. I think humans are turning into droids faster than they realise.

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I found out that it is called:

"QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code)"

It is used mostly by men, ages 18-34.

You do need a device such as an iphone or ipad with the capability to scan the code.

I suspect that our address is in a test market for the QR code because I received another packet of coupons and every coupon had the code.

This is slow going, but I'll try to figure out how it actually works.

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I googled QR code, went to videos and found that there are tons of videos on youtube that explains about the code.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Those codes are all over the place around here, even my bank sent a card saying I could track my accounts by using one (WTH?!). Possibly it's unfortunate, but those codes give me the same feeling as joining a 'social site' ~ mental red flags shrieking "who is doing what with the info you give them?" I know: I'm out-of-date and atavistic, but I didn't invest in the dot-com companies when they were doing this same sort of everybody-does-it push, I don't open e-mails from unknowns, and I don't give strangers private/personal info ~ and I'm not sorry.

BTW, I understand that one thing done whenever you scan, is tracking who is interested in what, so they can "personalize" offers. They know the who (M or F, age range, residence area, etc) from when you sign up.

Frankly, I prefer to be an anonymous elderly F paying cash for what I want when I want it without having more ads pitched at me.

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I also use cash for most purchases and it must drive my bank nuts because they keep sending me notices to invite me to use my debit card, credit card, giving me incentive cards etc....To me cash is king.

I think calliope got it right when she said:

"I think humans are turning into droids faster than they realise."

Especially when it comes to males ages 18-34. BTW, those are not my stats.

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