'Green' cooking pans.

west_gardenerJuly 4, 2012

Umpteen years ago I bought a set of non stick cooking pans and I sure liked them but they started showing some wear and tear and I was ready to replace them. I've seen commercials/infomercials about the new "Green" pans and when I found a couple of sauce pans in an discount store (Marshalls) I bought them, and they are a dream.

I've cooked all kinds of sticky stuff but nothing sticks and they are easy to clean.

Does anyone know pro/con about these pans?

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The Yoshi Blue pans came out about the same time and I purchased the frying pan. Nothing sticks and a quick wipe cleans it out. You don't need any kind of oil for cooking if you so choose. I expect yours and mine are very similar and so far I'm impressed.

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I have old cast iron pans - the original no-stick IMHO, multipurpose, easily rinsed, if needed easily re-seasoned. I would not give them up for anything. For regular cooking I use stainless steel cook-ware.

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gandle(4 NE)

Agree with Lilo but cast iron seems to gain more pounds over the years. It sure seems heavier than it used to.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Also agree with Lilo, but as Gandle says, they're *heavy*; I had to give up all the ironware after the 3rd wrist break.

I've been using T-Fal Professional non-stick for skillets, replacement is about 10-12 years because DH will use metal utensils and they eventually scratch. Regalware non-stick lasts slightly longer, but once it begins to show scratches, it goes downhill quickly.

Wasn't it CU that gave a negative report on "green" pans? OTOH, I suspect you need to know which brand is good, and which isn't.

I'll be replacing the 7" and the 12" skillets pretty soon, so I'll check into Yoshi Blue ~ thanks.

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Stainless steel all the way. How else you gonna get that fantastic fond? Mmm.

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I'm also looking into replacing a couple of frying pans and I'll check out the blue pans.
Yes rob, sometimes stainless steel is the only way to go, as with my crepe pan.
I tried cooking crepes in a nonstick pan, but when the batter hit the pan it set up so quickly, that when I tried to spread it around the pan, the whole blob danced around the pan, so I ended up with a quarter size pancake.
My grandmother use to cook crepes to perfection in a cast iron skillet over a wood burning stove.
But I'll stick with my stainless pan.

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LOL Gandle! Yes, they seem to get heavier with age, must be all that seasoning accumulating LOL I cook mostly for one, so the medium size pan is just right most times - when I use larger ones, I have to use two hands now to lift it.
But they are worth the effort

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Lilo, I lift them with two hands. One firmly on the handle, one holding the bottom. When it's cool. I try to shove it gently to the back burner once it's hot. Nothing to do with age.


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My most used pan is a small WMF pan, enamel clad, in use for 51 years, just right for 2 people. If I need something larger, I use one of 3 cast iron pans but they get heavy.
We also have always a teflon pan because my husband likes to use them, but he manages to destroy them, he thinks there is just one setting on the stove - high. Now that he no longer can get to the kitchen, I bought myself a medium sized "aertenum" pan which was on sale. Liked it so much that for the first time I have a "Set" of something. If I am not around, they are in hiding. They also need practically no oil, wipe clean and they are white inside.

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Looked up aertenum pans at they look interesting. While at youtube I found som music by Aertenum, you can dance while you cook.
Westgardener, ducking. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Music by Aertenum

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I'm so glad to hear some of these new pans work well! I asked a very similar question on the cookware forum and was told you can't buy teflon anymore. This really blows. I've never scratched one but over time, even nylon utensils wear away the coating and I need some new non-stick pans. I have various other stainless and glass but the non-stick has specific jobs only it can do, compared to the others.

I bought a small set of cheap pans recently (teflon was always cheap) that said non-stick on the box but I think they are just painted black. The first time I fried eggs in one, I had to scrub it so hard to get the STUCK eggs off (with a nylon scrubber) that it damaged the finish. What the...? I had rubbed a little butter on the bottom first. A non-stick pan shouldn't need any scrubbing, as said above, just a rinse. Don't be fooled into buying something unknown just because it says non-stick. "They" know a lot of us don't know which "new non-stick" pans actually work yet.

From what they said on the cookware forum and what I see here, I'll have to go to a mall unless I want to buy online. There's no mall around here so I don't know when that will be but I know they don't have anything that looks like it is worth buying at WM... or do they? Maybe I need to go by brand (instead of what the pans look like) and check there again. I haven't looked since knowing there's no teflon and that's all I wanted when I last shopped. Ugh, I hate shopping... almost as much as washing dishes.

It's surprising the folks who made teflon didn't go for a last big hurrah and let people know. Since my pans have lasted over 20 years in most cases, I would have stocked up bigtime. Wasn't the problem with them the manufacturing process (not the using of them?)

I have arthritis in my hands, mostly thumbs, too badly to get a grip on cast iron or anything that heavy. I've never seen one and I'm surprised nobody makes cookware with fatter handles that sore old hands can grab more easily, or at least more pans with 2 handles. My biggest teflon fry pan has a little handle opposite the primary handle and if it's full, there's no way I could pick it up otherwise. I realize CI would have to have 2 long handles or the short one would be too hot to touch. That's fine, I'd find a place to keep it. I never get to do really high-heat cooking/searing with the 'ware I've had.

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I finally got my green frying pans, and what a pleasure it is to fry with these pans. They heat evenly at a low temps, use very little oil/butter and clean up with a swish of a sponge and some warm soapy water.
DH is also happy with the new pans, he does the dishes at the end of the day.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Just to update, I did buy a YoshiBlue, online, sale price $20 for middle-size skillet (10 or 11"). I do put in a tiny bit of canola oil (1/2 t) before each use because I always soap&water clean after use. Among the meals: cheese omelet; fritattas; garlicky potatos ~ this is one which can quickly stain most pans since I brown potatos then sprinkle heavily with garlic powder and brown again; once-over-easy eggs; bacon; sausages; re-heat frozen squash-and-cheese casserole pieces; and lots more. No sticking, no stains, no mess; I am extremely pleased with the product and now it just has to pass the test of time.

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