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gandle(4 NE)July 13, 2014

Apparently that is all I'm going to get out of these alien goggles. I can't read the posts anymore. I can still post but typos will have just be there. Not much fun posting when you can't even read what you just posted or the replies. I can ask Leone to read for me but that isn't the same. So, if I don't reply to a post I am not trying to be rude, I just can't see them.

Really not that much of a typist so there may be some strange messages in the future. We found out that with the large print books from the library and under a strrong light I can still read.

Really not sitting here feeling sorry for myself, every morning I just celebrate a new day.

I can't wish macular degeneration anyone. I truly hope I just check out before I lose my sight

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George, your post makes me sad for you, and Leone, too, and also for us GP-ers. I look forward to reading any post with "Gandle"as the poster, whether it be you or Leone.

Please don't worry about typos; we all make them from time to time. Would it be at all helpful, if we typed our responses in capital letters?

Please know that you and Leone are in my thoughts and prayers.

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George, any message from you is welcome and don't worry about typos. Yours are the posts I first go to if there is one. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this cruel disease. My prayers are with you and Leone.
(((Hugs))) and a field of sunflowers for both of you.

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TYPO away, cause anything from you is grand! My best hopes and wishes for eyesight to last you a very very long time. And add my hugs and sunflowers too.

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George, I am so sorry you suffer this cruel condition, and so little is done to research this. I had a friend who had it and I know how he had a hard time dealing with it.
Typos are the least of the problem, typo away, we love to hear from you in any shape or form.Sending hugs and sunflowers to you and Leone, always looking forward to hear from you.

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Sorry you are having these problems.
As far as "Really not that much of a typist so there may be some strange messages in the future."
Don't worry about it, I'm sure I have made some or a lot of strange messages in my time, but somehow the posters in GP can figure out what we are trying to say.
I enjoy your posts, keep on posting.

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Another GP friend chiming in here, to encourage you to keep participating on whatever level you're able. We need your presence, your humor, your wonderful stories. And Leone ain't exactly chopped liver. Together, you two are integral and much loved elements of the party. Please stay around in some capacity.

Hugs to you both,


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gmatx zone 6

Oh George, I totally agree with all the posts above. Please know that I think you and Leone are such special people. I makes me sad to know that you, Leone and the rest of your family are having to deal with this horrible disease.

Please type away! There is not a one of us who will have a problem with typos......we all make them.....and to hear from you is far more important that any typo. I wonder if Garden Web administration would revamp the posting area where we could enlarge the size of the type. I don't believe that all capitals would help - to me that makes it harder to read. I think I will send an email to Tamara and see if she can help us on this one.

George and Leone - many hugs and prayers to you two. You are loved so very much.


Had to fix a typo. See there George!

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If enlarging is the problem... you might be able to press CTRL and the + sign until it's large enough (my computer goes to 400%, dont' know if that is the standard)? Maybe it can help?

Conversely, press control and the - sign and it'll get smaller. All computers do this. Good luck!

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George, you are a gifted story teller and I can remember some of the posts you have shared with us.

I'm sorry about your vision problem and suffer from the same. I have just been diagnosed recently. The only hint that I have of this disease is seeing a blip in telephone poles and wires.Really hard to get used to.I know in time it will worsen but take all the supplements my doctor thinks may help and hope it is helping.

Please continue to contribute.

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All windows systems have a magnifier under accessories / ease of access, win 7 has the easiest to use that I have seen. The link below is for a free magnifier that is superior to all the windows magnifiers. I have had it on all of my computers. It can be used with other magnifiers to compound the strength. It can magnify up to 32 times. You can also type while using it.

Any thing I can do to make it easy for you to stick around.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.6

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Mr. George, I am sorry that you are having this difficulty. I hope that some way can be found to help you to continue posting here. This place would not be the same without your stories.

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George, losing his sight bothered Neil the most.
We wanted to get him all the latest gadgets for the computer, etc.
With his dementia it wouldn't have done any good.

He did enjoy the talking books he got through the national program for the blind. He had ear phones that plugged into the device so he could listen without disturbing anyone. Veterans get top priority on the list. They are sent to you free of charge and when you are finished you just turn the address card over and put it in the mailbox. They really have a god selection and they make it easy for you.

Keep on keeping on George, we love you.

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I had an appointment with optometry today to check if the diabetes is messing with my vision. The optometrist said to get Lutien, an herbal supplement, that will help control macular degeneration and can sometimes reverse the problem a bit.

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