Help with canine flea protection

grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)July 19, 2006

Recently our vet switched Tippy from Advantage flea protection (said they no longer carried it) to

Sentinel Once a Month Flavor Tabs.

Under the impression that it would kill ADULT fleas, I had no problem with the switch, since they explained it also prevents heartworm, and controls round, hook and whipworm.

Within a week or so, I noticed Tippy scratching like never before, so I read the brochure included in the box of medicine and discovered to my dismay that it controls flea populations only by making the eggs sterile, not by killing the adult flea. It indicates to use other means of flea prevention.

The problem is that Tippy is a house dog, even sleeps with us and I don't want to use messy/stinky pesticides all over her body.

I give her a weekly bath with flea shampoo and our yard is treated also. She picks up fleas mostly from the neighbor dogs, who come to "sniff n visit" everyday.

Can anyone suggest something that I can use for flea prevention that is not messy and I wouldn't have to use everyday?

I think I may be able to order our previous heartworm/flea meds from the vet or online, but am unsure about the cost.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Advantage will kill the adult fleas when they jump on Tippy. They do not need to bite her for the Advantage to work. That's REALLY nice for the doggies with flea bite allergies.

I'd get the Advantage and it is safe to use with the Sentinel. You can get it through pet supplies stores like PetsMart or just phone another vet in your area and ask them if they'd sell you some. Your RDVM could call the other vet and tell them it's OK to give it to you if they question it.

Kindest regards,


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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Thanks Chicka with the 3 DDD's.

I would have never thought of using both.
Great idea! :)

Poo with the flea flea fleas

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Hey, for a serious cost savings, I've bought my kitty's Advantage from Australia for years. Even with shipping (I think it might actually be free), it's cheaper than ANY place I can find in the U.S. And the place is VERY reliable. The box always arrives within 10 days.

The only difference is that the box shows weight in kilograms, rather than pounds. :D


Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Shed

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Is the generic form of heartguard any good? It IS a lot cheaper then my vet! WOW!


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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Brenda, thanks for the link.

I want to try the Revolution heartworm/flea but it's topical and I wonder how well it kills heartworm, being a topical application?

What a savings it would be! My vet was not much help, seems they have everything, but for cats! lol

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I'm not sure about the generic stuff, since the only thing I've ever bought there was the Advantage for my over-4kg kitty (purple box). :D

I can totally understand why vets in the U.S. have to charge so much, since they probably pay a whopping good amount for it, too. But I just can't see paying that much here when I can get the same product cheaper across the pond.

And I just want to make clear that I would never recommend this place if I hadn't been dealing with them for such a long time. These days, you never can tell if certain products are what they claim, especially online. That's my disclaimer for the day. :D


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I get my Revolution from Pet Shed too, for de doggie and me kitties. They have been very reliable and great priced. My vet (actually a new one assisting my regular Vet)tried to tell me the stuff from there wasn't up to U.S. standard...that's crap! It's exactly the same She said by the time you pay shipping and handling, you might as well buy it from me....huh uh, it is much cheaper getting it from Pet Shed and I will continue.

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We have a dog along with up to 4 cats who spend a good part of their days inside and nights in our bedroom!
As we are in a rural area that has gone through a long drought, fleas and ticks have been bad; now with rains, we have a huge mozzie problem. Even the chickens have been suffering from fleas on their combs!

We use Frontline Plus on all our cats and dogs 12 months of the year due to our mild winters.
There will be a greasy looking spot for a couple of days but that is well worth the protection they receive.

As we don't have a credit card [and don't want one thank you!], we buy online from who are far cheaper than any local vet office or companies such as Tractor Supply that now sells it.

There is a shipping charge but if you order over $100 worth, it's free.

The difference between the US and imported Frontline is the US marketed packaged do not have an expiry date. If you have any query re the product, you can call the manufacturer at their 1-800 number.

Sprinkle a borox product such as Twenty Mule Team on your carpets to kill flea lavea etc.

As for heartworm product, we use one from our vets which is only available by prescription. They are now only selling Interceptor.

As it is a prescription product, any purchase from online sources would require them to telephone your vet for a prescription. If you import it, you could find it being confiscated upon arrival by Customs!

Do NOT stop heartworm preventative treatment during the winter months. Irrespective of your climate, it needs to be given 12 months of the year.

Be aware that animals still can contract tapeworm. We buy Droncit for the cats via healthypets though Tractor Supply are now stocking it at a competitive price - in both cases far cheaper for the same product than we can buy from any vet; the dog tabs we obtain via the vet at this stage but will be switching over to online buying in the near future.

Be careful with one particular brand of tapeworm treatment in dogs - read the label carefully as the one I looked at in a store today, but cannot remember the name of, requires no-food for approx 12 hrs before and X number of hours after the drug being administered; also can cause vomiting and diarohea. There's safer alternatives!

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Oh, that greasy spot once a month is SO FUN! LOL

DH comes home from work. "Well, hello, you kitty!" as he bends down to....

"Don't touch! Flea treatment!" :D


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I just rescued a greyhound. He'd been given interceptor. And the rescue kennel highly recommended Advantage over Frontline to prevent flea infestations. Frontline, according to the kennel owner is great for fleas and ticks. But not as effective as Advantage is for fleas. Her kennel rescues greyhounds and boards other dogs when their families travel.

I'm considering a more cost effective plan of Advantage Multi. I haven't yet received a reply from the kennel owner in asking for her advice. But will post it when I do!

Advantage Multi is both the Advantage flea med with 4 heartworm preventors. That's actually one more kind of heartworm that interceptor does not prevent. It sounds fantastic to me.

Has anyone else used this product? I'd love to hear your experience and recommendation.


Here is a link that might be useful: Info on Advantage Multi for dogs

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