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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)July 14, 2010

While we were property hunting in a nearby county the other day, I accidentally left my purse hanging from the back of a bar stool in the Main Street bar/grill of a small town when we stopped for lunch. I didn't figure it out until the next day, but relaxed immediately when I realized where I'd left it because I expected I'd be able to get it back (even though I couldn't remember the name of the town OR the bar). Sure enough, they opened my checkbook and called the number on my checkblanks. I made the 1.5 hour drive and when I walked in, the 5:00 infrequently-shaving and slightly unwashed beer crowd greeted me in unison with a friendly "You must be the purse lady!"

I thanked them profusely, took out the (untouched) cash from my wallet, tried to give it to the bartender as a thank you, but was refused. (I was suddenly glad we'd tipped well the day before.)

One of the patrons shared my relief that I'd been able to get it back and asked me if I was surprised. I was sort of baffled, because it hadn't even occur to me that it wouldn't turn out that way. I've found my fair share of purses, wallets and fancy phones and have always acted pretty much the same as the people in the bar, and have lost my purse/wallet probably six times in my life, but only had it stolen once.

If you were to lose your purse or wallet, and you were pretty sure you knew where you'd left it, would you expect to see it again? Or would it be a total shock to you if you did?

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Even in the big city, it doesn't surprise me when LF's wallet turns up again. He's lost all of the money once, but only once. I never ever lose my wallet... because I don't carry one! The purse stays in the car with nothing more than the medical insurance cards and some pictures. I do carry my money, driver's license, and bank card on my person. More than once the bank card has been left in the ATM. Every time, someone in the medical center calls me to come get it; I've never had to replace it. Except the one time the machine "ate" my card.

I'm very pleased you have confidence about it; no point in not trusting them. Moreover, I'm pleased they were such a delight to encounter.

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I don't believe I've ever lost a wallet with id in it, away from home, so don't know what to expect from the people around here.

But it's a daily search each morning at home from the wallet, keys, ipod, etc. Usually it don't take but a few minutes to find them.

Dont' know if it's gremlins, faeries, or sprites.

Oo la....

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Neil was forever leaving his wallet in a grocery cart
at Food Lion. It was always returned to him.
I left my purse in a McDonald's in Ohio once while on a trip.
Talk about nearly having a heart attack.
One of the ladies on the trip saw it and returned it to me.

Once, I could say that, of course it would be returned, but
our town isn't like it used to be so I don't know. I try to think the best of everyone.

Michelle you are so positive I don't think anyone dare disappoint you. :0)

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Glad you got your purse back. Re your Q about what do I expect? In my immediate neighborhood I expect to get my stuff back. If I lost my stuff a few miles away in certain cities, I would not expect to get my stuff back.

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Whenever I see a belonging left behind or dropped I try my best return or do whats right. What I would appreciate if it was me who lost something. Karma, the golden rule etc. What goes around really does come around good and bad.

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Lost my wallet once on a plane from Memphis to L.A. Was wearing dress blues and it was in my breast pocket and slept most of the way home. Got the wallet back in the mail minus the $300 a week later. The cleaner found it between the seats.

There are diverse areas around here that have a variety of denizens with various awareness levels. I would hope that if I left an identifiable possession some where it would be found by a conscientious individual and returned intact. There are those that are needy at this time or those that do not understand karma who may choose to temporarily benefit from a find. Money is not the big worry even thou it would hurt my expectations of those around me, identity would be my main concern.

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I live on the edge of "the hood" and do most of my shopping in "the hood"....im grateful my car is still where i park it let alone a misplaced purse.

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On vacation last year I left a credit card in Michigan and didn't discover it until I got to Wisconsin. Fortunately I still had my debit card and the account had plenty of money :)

The restaurant kept my card, but we decided it was just easier for them to shred it and for me to request a new one. Their security precautions required I pick the card up in person and I wasn't going to be back there.

I would (mostly) expect to get back my wallet and everything in it in Oklahoma.


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I would expect to get it back. I'm sort of careless about my belongings--not when I'm alone, but when I'm engaged with another person or communal situation--and can't even count the number of times I've recovered a handbag or a wallet from places where I didn't think that could happen.

I guess it's because most people are basically honest that I might panic in the first moments when something is lost or misplaced but then really do think I'll get what I left back in my possession.

But then there was the time......, but that was the odd case.

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pamven, I spent years working in the hood and I can say I know what you are talking about.

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