Appendectomy at Almost 82??? YES!!

mawheelJuly 12, 2012

Late Monday afternoon, DH said he was having severe abdominal pain. We waited a couple of hours to see if it would go away. It didn't, so we went to the ER where he was diagnosed with an enlarged, inflamed appendix. By this time, it was Midnight, so he was admitted and surgery scheduled for 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning. I got home around two a.m., fell into bed for four hours, and was back at the hospital by seven, just before he was "taken away".

The surgeon did laparascopic (sp.?) surgery, b/c he said it was less invasive, would heal faster, and shouldn't be as painful as one larger incision. We learned that most times, now, appendectomies are "in and out" operations, but the surgeon decided to have him stay another night--probably b/c of his age. Anyway, I brought him home on Wed., and he's doing well. The surgeon also said that over the last few years, he's done several surgeries of this type--once on a person 100 years old! No matter one's age, if it needs to come out--it does! At least,this is one thing we won't have to worry about in the future!

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So many new things in medicine, glad it was a successful procedure.

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All the best for a fast recovery of your DH. I did not think that this was something we might still have to look forward to at our age, oh well.

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So happy it turned out well and best wishes to your DH for a fast recovery. The new surgical techniques are a marvel!
As I still have my appendix, I find it re-assuring that it's not a major operation any more, though I hope I don't need the new sort either.

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gmatx zone 6

Lilo - I agree with you about not needing (wanting) the surgery! My mother was 65 (or there about) when she had her appendix out. Her doctor told her that "appendicitis was a YOUNG persons disease"! So, maybe that will make all of us who might happen to have appendicitis at what we consider a mature age really "young".......LOL

Glad your DH is recovering nicely.

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Glad to see that everything seems to go ok. Yes, it's wonderful how far laparascopic (sp.?) surgery has come.
When we went to the open house of our new state of the art hospital and visited the surgery center, the head surgeon explained that they could remove a prostate with laparascopic surgery in 45 minutes and that most patients could go home the same day.

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mwheel----glad it was a successful visit to the hospital!
Hope he is mending well and up to his old tricks again!
Life can be so good...

(--hope YOU'RE doing OK!)

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