thank you, guys!

kathyjane(z6VA)July 5, 2012

YOU GUYS!!!!!!

You make me feel so GOOD!


(Jan----you have no idea how much that Happy Birthday Post means! Thank you---hugannakiss on the cheek!!!)

----We have been to Hades and back-----no, wait---it still feels like Hades--heat indices of over 103* many days-but now almost everybody has AC --or at least lights and fans again!

It has been a horrible week----some folks are still waiting for electicity to come on again....

Those poor electric guys have worked themselves silly---esp. in the more rural areas, where whole roads are piled with downed trees!

My daughters' house next door has 1/3 of a HUGE Oak resting on her roof, after it decided to split the rest of the way----and there are two more huge, old trees at the bottom of their lower driveway where they ended up 3 SECONDS after she raced through there from the store the night it all broke loose----my neighbour was out walking his dog and saw/HEARD it all happen as her headlights went flying up the driveway. The wind just started literally screaming like some monsterous living creature tearing at everything in its' way!---it just came from out of nowhere!

I have spent days cleaning up 7 acres of debris and bugging the tree guy from Highland Co. who is cutting and selling off the timber for my DSIL.

He even cut up a huge downed Oak limb up where I have all my big brush piles lined up so I can get in and out of there again no matter which angle I come in from----makes a big difference in my temperment with this heat!!!!!

Brother Don----you would really like this guy Fred, also---real low-key and a very efficent worker.

I can always spot a good worker---it's in my bones and the beauty of their work speaks directly to my being kindred spirits....

OK---so we're safe and sound and I found out I'm 67 years old----now, this is AFTER thinking all year long that I was going to turn 68!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY! I LIKE the #67---I DON'T like the #68---because I'm not crazy about 6's and I abhor 8's----don't know why, just DO......they give me the willies.

(Mind you, when I really turn 68 NEXT year----I WILL take it and tell God "Thank YOU!" :o)

---And remember the garden book I was going on about sometime back?---Beth Chatto's "Woodland Garden"?----well, the kids gave me a copy of my own----


I am happy all OVER again!

I want to tell you guys you've really made my day---my whole year!

Happy Birthday to all of you---right now; this minute---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

We only have RIGHT NOW!

I love you guys with all my crazy heartbeats--each one of you tickle me and make me think and laugh and cry and sometimes even piss me off ---and that's good, too----it's ALL good and I thank you for sharing yourselves and the craziness of your lives here, so others can peek in now and again and enjoy you, also.

---No---I'm not hitting the bottle----it's probably just heat stroke, that's all! GUFFAWWWWW!

Thanks again!

----There is a little spot that is sheltered and safe

and it has a tall hedge, but also has a gate.

If one would stop and listen,

they would hear from within,

the sound of happy laughter

and the tales of high adventure.

If one was of a mind to, they could

open up that gate and kind of wander in.

They could find a garden seat,

a drink, and share a tale or two.

Some might have go upon their way,

but, they never will forget

that special day

when they discovered

the happiness behind

that little



With love from me to you, KJ

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KJ, sounds as if Mother Nature gave you quite a birthday present in last week's storm! Just a few days early, so you'd have it on your actual birthday. And look, you have an extra year as a gift, too. (Did you really think you were 67?) :>)

I think I'm "up" I-81 a few miles from you, and we never lost power, thank goodness, even though much of this area did, but I know exactly what you mean when you said it "feels like Hades". I can't wait for October!!

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I'm not sure where you live but everyone affected by the storms have my sympathy.I've only been without power for two days and a night and hope to never do it again. Just can't imagine several days!Good luck to you and your neighbors.

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KJ, do you still have the BIG tree that was growing so
close to your back door, or has it joined so many of the
other BIG beautiful trees that have fallen over the years?

My brother lives in Orange Virginia. He was without power
for 2 days but he has a generator so they were fine. He
talked about the noise of the storm also.

I spent the day today in the hospital with Katrina. She
was getting another blood transfusion. We had one of those
high wind no rain storms while we were there. It was so
strange. I kept waiting for the rain but no such luck.

I am sorry about the trees and damage, KJ. Seems like you
and your's just keep on having to clean up after storms.

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I am sorry about all the damage. Some people say it's just trees, but to me old trees seem to be members of the family.
The heat is develish and without A/C for so long must feel like eternity. I had enough after 2 days.
Love your poem and am sure I will often think of the garden gate.

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Hey Sis, Glad your daughter got out of the way in the nick of time. Hope the oak came down slowly on the roof and there is minimal to no damage. Your tree guy sounds like he could be a good buddy to have around, working with entities that are older and bigger than us does put a person in a respectful state of mind if they are tuned in.

Your poetry is showing, isn't it wonderful how the mind works? We used to make a rule when we were kids to talk in rhyme for an hour or even all day, bet you did too. must have come from one of those kids shows like Capt. Kangaroo or Andy Devine and Midnight. Makes you think about what you say before you put foot in mouth sometimes and primes you for making some nice verses later in life. 67 huh?, so many of my customers would respond to you as they do to me that you are just a kid. You just keep on keepin' on with your beautiful, intelligent, exuberant self and take a break when you need it.

I am working a bit here and there on cleaning up the Eucalyptus That broke off Saturday night, the one with the Banksia Roses 55 ft. up in it. It is 2 1/2 ft. in diameter where it broke 12 ft. off the ground. Think it was possibly talking on a secret frequency to your trees? We didn't even have a storm just hot weather and the trees and roses are pumping a lot of water so the weight became too much for it.
Going to make a restart on the Banksias as most of them will have to be cut off at 8 ft. They have multiple 6 in. dia. trunks and can almost be classified as trees.

Janis, hope all is OK with Katrina. Getting a shot of new blood is a good help with energy and outlook. For my friends on the east coast live well and be safe, it has been a bumpy ride for a while now in a number of ways. Looking forward to better weather for all of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jimmy Buffett-Pencil Thin Mustache

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Two deaths in my county. Electric is back for us after six days. Scariest part was no way to contact anyone short of getting there in person. No cell service on top of everything else. Thankful it wasn't worse. Property is a hard hat area, aside from the trees split in half, and one huge one pulled out of the ground and waiting to fall, many limbs are still up there dangling and now that the leaves are dying, you need to stay out from under them in case they let go. Tree services are overwhelmed, and power crews should be up for sainthood.

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