Met a Garden Partier today

gandle(4 NE)July 31, 2012

MJMercer (Karen) stopped at the museum. Had a very nice chat with her and her cute little dog. She is going to California. Really glad she stopped.

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What a nice surprise! I'm sure you had a lot to talk about, both of you having been around the Party for many years.

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It is always so special to me to meet someone from the
garden party in person.

George, I wish you had been at the museum when Neil and I
were there. I would have loved to have met you.

So happy that Karen stopped by.

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I'm leaving for the States in a week (yay!), and am scheduled to meet at lest one if not two GW'ers, from the Hot Topics forum. A few years ago I got lucky with an afternoon with jazzmynsmom. It is the coolest thing ever to meet folks for the first time and have known them for years!

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How great is that.

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I was so hoping there'd be pictures! Of you and Leone and the person you'd met. So good to know it's Karen. She and my biggest brother may be crossing paths. He's headed from Nashville to South Dakota on a several day trip.

Batya, where you coming to visit? Who you gonna meet? Exciting! They'll also have been lucky to meet you.

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I just checked into a hotel with free wifi and had a chance to see this.

George, it was my privilege to meet you! I'm so glad you were available on literally a last-minute's notice.

And yes to those who wondered, I did get a photo of George standing in front of the museum. He wondered why I'd want to take a picture of an ugly old man. But I have no idea who he was talking about! The person in my photo (will post it when this long national nightmare of a road trip is over) is a strapping gentleman with a thatch of brown hair the color of my favorite chocolate bar. :o)

I was very excited to learn of George's upcoming adventure to a special boyhood location. I hope he will tell us about it when he returns.

And now I'm signing off until...I can find more free wifi. lolol


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gandle(4 NE)

The meeting almost didn't happen. I had the day off and was working in my shop. I had had the jointer on and was wearing ear protection and had just turned the machine off when I thought I heard the extension phone ring. tried answering but couldn't hear anything then I took the ear protection off and the woman who had the duty at the museum said a lady here would like to speak to you. . Had on a torn T-shirt a pair of shorts and had sawdust all over me. Quickly put on jeans, old skinny men shouldn't go out in public with shorts on, brushed most of the sawdust off and jumped in the old pickup and went over. Leone had the car. Putting faces and other personal things about a virtual friend are great.

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George and Karen, thanks for letting us share your meeting. Am looking forward to seeing pictures of you, George--and maybe some of your trip, too, Karen. :>)

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There are many here that I would like to meet. Thanks to both of you for sharing your meeting.

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