ph swing 9.0! New girl here :0)

lilhuminbrd1July 20, 2006

Please help me understand my quick chemistry lesson. I understand that op ph level is 7.5 and that koi can handle the ph level if it is 8.2 if it stays steady. My ph swings as high as 9.0 after the heat of day. It tests 8.0ish later in the day like around 6:00ish. I read a lot of sites that were over my head but the basics I understood.

I have hardwater (well water) so treating the ph is going to be a problem because the water can swing again after 24 hours. From what I understood hardwater has buffering issues.

Heat can cause ph swings as well as plants during the day due to photosynthesis (hope the spelling is right). I have a new pond so my lilies are just starting to grow. I have lots of anacharis, pennywart, parrot feather, water lettuce, hyachinths.

The pond gets full sun all day so I can't do much about the temp till the lilies get big. I created flower circles in the pond with tubing and a submerged weight. I stuffed the circle full of water lettuce and hyacinths.

I will include a picture took today to give you an idea of the plant to pond ratio I have.

The reason for all the panic is my fish are jumping in the water today. I read on websites that is an indication that they are experiencing poor water quality. I have never seen them do this so it was definately a change in behavior.

I added a pump to the middle of the pond that so that the water circulates better around the edges that draws water fromt he deep part.

The nitrites and amonia tested perfect.

Any input would be appeciated. So much info out there but I thought I would check with you guys.

Thanks so much!


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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

I'm not going to be much help with your problem but you might try the "Discussion" forum. You are in the "Conversation" forum which is off-topic posts. You will get more help in the other forum.


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I appreciate it Scott.


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