Becoming an Octogenarian. . .

mawheelJuly 24, 2012

can be fun. I celebrated that birthday, last week, and DD surprised me with a card shower.At last count, I've received 90n cards. I've heard from folks near and far, old friends, new friends, and some I didn't know at all. If I can attach it, here's a picture of most of them taped to our fireplace. I told DD if I live to be 100, she'll have to do it, again. She replied, "I don't know, Mom, b/c by then, I'll be 80, myself!" :>)

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gandle(4 NE)

And we missed it. Sorry. I'll bet it was a great one and don't worry, being an octogenarian doesn't hurt too badly.

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Happy belated birthdday!There was a time when I thought eighty was really old, but now that I'm seventy it's not old at all.

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Heck, I am in the upper eighties and it is fine, happy Birthday, mwheel, it is funny when your oldest collects
Social Security,

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Happy belated birthday and thanks for joining the club.

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Happy Birthday, Mwheel!
That is a passle of cards you have taped up there!
I hope you have many, many more Happy Birthdays and your buddy on your lap can celebrate with you!

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Happy birthday, sounds like it was a lot of fun. Many more to come.

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I don't care what everyone says about octegenaryism I shall continue to eat red meat.

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Steve, thanks for the laugh, keep on eating red meat!

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Best wishes on this happy milestone. That's the joy of this forum.....there is no preconception where age is concerned, because other than a little bit of wisdom popping out from a lifetime of experience. You're truely as old as your ideas and you've been blessed there. Many more!

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So glad to see that you and your daughter is celebrating your BD together.

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O.K., the cards are all down from the mantel, the birthday cake is all eaten, and life is getting back to normal. But I had to share something that the man who does our taxes and was kind enough to send me a card, wrote in his note to my thank you note to him. (Did I make that complicated enough??) Anyway, he said:

"I am glad it was a great celebration. My neighbor just celebrated his 100th birthday--he's only 94, but decided not to wait."

I going to remember that, and maybe use it myself, one of these days!

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We were in our sixties and invited to a party. I was helping our hostess in the kitchen. My husband had greeted our fellow guests and settled down on an unoccupied couch. Miss "Looking for mister right" arrived a bit late and missed the introductions. She sat down next to my DH and started the conversation with "And what do you do for a living". He replied that he was an Octogenarian. "Oh, she said, that sounds so interesting. Do you get good benefits". "Oh yes, he said, longevity." Her vocabulary didn't stretch that far and she scurried over to hit on that substantial looking gentleman across the room.

Congratulations on joining our club. Each year brings the ability to appreciate all the beauty around us so much more.

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