Lets see if they still work

gandle(4 NE)July 22, 2010

Well, kinda. Got the darn elastic band off my chest and now my left arm and hand are usuable again. Dr. said don't lift, push or sleep on that side and just let the collarbone heal. Splint came off my thumb but there is still a wide band of tape around it. Going to take a lot of editing when if ever I get done with this post, hand still remembers what to do just doesn't do it .

DIL stopped in yesterday aternoon she had been to an aunts funeral about 100 miles south of here and was on her way home. She stayed for a couple of hours and we got caught up on the news from the farm. Got 2 new wells drilled for irrigation where the diversion dams washed out. State Dept of Irrigation made them sign a contract that when the diversion dams were completed they would cap the wells and no longer use ground water. Even though we are right on top of the biggest aquifer in the world it too is a finite source and we should be conserving where we can.

She and a another woman bought the local weekly newspaper 4 or 5 years ago, they don't print it there but put it together and have it printed in a larger town. We have been getting a copy every Thursday since she started. Know many of the names from going to all the school activities for many years. Real folksy news likw who visited what family last Friday and had cherry pie. Runs quite a few ads but she said the biggest money maker are the legal advertisings from the school board, and the 2 little town boards plus the county commissioners meetings.

Also, she and another woman took a lease on a hundred year old house and turned it into what she calls an inn. She says it is a bed and no breakfast inn. There is no motel within 60 miles of the little town and she says the house and rooms are booked regularly with complete bookings during the fall months during hunting season. Her partners husband is being transfered so DIL is buying her partners share and now she wants to buy the house. 5 bedrooms with just 2 baths. She said the only thing they stock in the kitchen is a can of coffee, peanut butter several kinds of jellys and jams but it is up to the renters to use the toaster, coffee maker and microwave. Dishes and tableware are furnished. There is a sign in the kitchen asking everyone that uses it to please clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes. Claims that they always have. Problem, the state demands that she install a sprinkling system for each room or provide an out door access to every bedroom. Apparently it will cost her quite a bit less to have fire escapes built over installing the sprinklers.

Certainly hadn't intended to post this much, just wanted to see if the hands still worked. Now I'll go back and correct all the goofs.


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Never enough George! I could read you all night.

Glad to hear the latest at the farm. Yes, our aquifer here is rather large but it's been strained in the last decade or so with the Northeast corridor bedroom communities expanding. Certain levels have shifted and there is even more iron in the water.

I can imagine that it would be cheaper to build the fire escapes, considering old houses and running the piping for the sprinklers and such. It sounds like a nice place and I wish her the best in working out these new kinks.

Our newspaper used to be like that. I miss those days. It went more regional and now in the past six months it folded completely. Sad to see it go.

I'm glad you decided to see if your posting prowess was still available. It is. Thanks.

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What a nice surprise this morning. Great to have you back on the board.
Love your stories and could read them all the time. Our local newspaper has a neighborhood section with announcements and reports about meetings, etc. and on Sunday articles by people from the small communities with who went where on vaction, has birthday, is sick or in the hospital and had visitors.
Hope your DIL's venture succeeds.
Now be careful, follow doctor's orders and get well.

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It is always such a pleasure to see you posting, George! I am glad that you are mending - set-backs are frustrating.
It feels good to be able to do anything independently, but my "babysitters" decided I am not to be left to my own devices yet, still wedded to that walker - hope it passes soon.
Love your stories, please don't quite telling them.

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What a pleasure to see you back and to read all this. Small town newspapers were the greatest things. When my parents lived in a little town in the Ozarks, my son made the front page of their newspaper with a large photo and story when he was 3 years old. What did he do to warrant this? He was visiting them. LOL I still have that picture.

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What a treat to read your post, George! It's great that you have the use of your left arm and hand, again, even if they're still a little shaky! (You must have edited your post very carefully, b/c I didn't see even one error!) LOL

Take care and stay cool -- and pray for snow--or at least, cooler weather!!

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Hi George, glad to see you post again. Love to read your posts.

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George, you certainly have made my day by being able to post again.

The newspaper in my hometown in Virginia is like the one you
described. It is always fun to read and catch up on what the
relatives are doing.

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Good to see you posting George. Can't keep a good man down.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

That sounds like the sort of newspaper I might actually bother reading.

Also, the Inn sounds lovely. I wish there was more of that type of thing around here.

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