WOW I missed you all....

okpondlady(7a Oklahoma/Mounds)July 21, 2006

For some reason I couldn't log in for like the last week. That was so wierd. I was having GW withdrawl. I searched for another "place" and was warmly welcomed, but I felt like I was cheating on my family.... hahahahaha.

Have fun.


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How dare you! Maybe if we all go to therapy we can learn to forgive you! LOL Welcome back! I know when stuff happens and I don't get here a million times a day, I get upset.

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hi there! i was wondering. i rechecked your post for your surgery date since i hadn't seen you around. :)

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okpondlady(7a Oklahoma/Mounds)

It was quite stressful for me..... I emailed IPillage several times, no response of course. I have no idea how I got back... but seems I am back. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: B-Cubed's Blog and Pictures...

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I've noticed some strange things with the look and format of some pages here lately, too. Then we had phone issues here at our house, so no dial-up yesterday.

Glad you made it back, Karen! Maybe we should all start using the buddy system. :D


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