The Laziest Person You Met Today Thread

goodkarma_(5b)July 8, 2010

Hi everyone. Who is the laziest person you had to deal with today?

For me it was the gentleman postal clerk at the post office. I spent $7.80 to send an insured priority box. I asked very nicely for him to place a little tape on the box. His reply? "It's good, it's not going anywhere." Grrrrrr!!!!!


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Well, it wasn't today, and I don't know if it was lazy, but your story reminded me of it: I was on the bus, and the bus was maybe 10 ft away from the bus stop. Because of traffic, it got stopped at that same light for three cycles, and I asked if he could just let me out, so I could get to work. He wouldn't let me out until he could pull up that last 10 ft. Other bus drivers have let people off before the stop before, when they are that close. He just wouldn't do it. I was late for work.

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

So far today it's me.... :)

:) MaryO

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Ugh, lazy people who are in the process of doing their jobs irritate me immensely!!

The last one I can remember was a cashier/bagger at Walmart. She found it just too stressful to ring us up AND bag the groceries at the same time. She held up one of our reusable grocery bags with one finger, dangled it at DH, and said, "You'll have to bag the stuff..." We just looked at each other in shock.

I was in too much of a good mood to do anything THAT time, but if it happens again...look out!


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hardin(7 SE OK)

Today when a co-worker threw the packaging wrapped around a ream of copy paper in the floor instead of the trash can. She didn't want to get up and walk 4 feet to the trash can. GRRRR! I am always picking up after her.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

This thread can open up a real can of worms.

1. Speaking of work:

Co-workers who can't clear the remaining time off of the microwave oven after their food is done and they don't need all the time they programmed into it. They also don't cover their food and when it splatters everywhere, and don't wipe up the mess.

Co-workers who use the sink as a garbage disposer. Just dump their leftovers and walk away leaving the person who needs to wash their dishes to clean out the drain.

Co-workers who eat out and put their leftovers in the fridge for ever and ever, Amen. Hello, who do you think is going to clean it out the magical refrigerator fairy. Even when the refrigerator smells ripe they act like it wasn't their food even though their name is on the container.

Even though I really don't want to go to the bathroom habits we have several people who use the stall (you can hear them) then exit the stall and the door. OMG, I am never touching anything you touch again. You just used the bathroom at least splash some water somewhere! One woman at work brings in homemade food all the time and then wonders why nobody eats it. I can go on and on about the laziness in ladies rooms, but it isn't worth my effort or your time. I can say that men should consider themselves lucky.

2. Driving

People who don't know what a turn signal is for. I see new cars just off the car lot (temporary tags) who must not have turn signals. Excuse me. Since when are turn signals optional on a car. Are they just on the steering column for decoration? Guess it takes too much effort to reach over and turn it on, or are you on the cell phone? I learned to drive during the "defensive driving campaign" where you were taught if you always let the driver in front of you and the driver behind you know what you are going to do before you do it chances are you won't be in an accident.

These are just a few. I could go on and on and on and on. But, I'll spare you all the pain............on second though I'm just too lazy to type anymore.


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hardin(7 SE OK)

Ditto, ditto, ditto, Jenny. I am on the same page, same paragraph. : )

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