What Should We Call This Place?

ctlavluvrJune 18, 2008

Coming from a long line of named estates -- some large, some teeny but always named -- I've decided that the generic "The Park" needs to be kicked up a notch. Neighborhood kids are on it, but suggestions from here would be welcome, too.

A few shots from this week:

When storms collide:

The stoop of the patio

It took me two years to find "Seafoam" but it's a must have in my mind :-)

I now call this my "Kenzie combo"

The stone is a gift from my dad ..... the first in 50 years he every gave me with only his name on the card

Just caught the end of the first flush of R. chinensis with 'Rosanne' A happy accident!

Veggies for the first time here!

Except for a few containers along the way. This year cukes and zucchini

The filling-in herb border, the first garden "in" when we got here. Rose in front is "A Shropshire Lad" and is just turning into the promised rounded bush form

For Bella and others I promised strawberries. Never got them sent (life happens!) but can still share this way

There is some ongoing debate among my flower friends if this is 'Independence Day' or 'Fourth of July'. Your thoughts???? Bought it out of pity pile with no tag :-(

Our right-hand neighbor's view

Ideas, please!!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I quite liked 'The Park' all by itself a a name - sort of implies THE Park (i.e. the one and only or one you should know what is meant without needing any more details...) But it'll be interesting to see what the kids come up with. I think it's a great idea to let the kids come up with possible names.

I'm glad your little roses are doing well - Rozanne looks like a good companion - I should try that. Did your seedlings turn out to be scented? Some are and some aren't for me. This spring I've noticed that all the scented things, including the little roses, seem to be more powerfully scented than usual.

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I will think on this one, but since you're such a lavendar fan, I'm going to keep that in my head while I ponder!

Whatever you call it, call it great! Everything looks fantastic.

Woody, I've noted alot more scents this year...I wonder if it's been the presence of cool humidity?


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Martie, I'm afraid I'll always think of your gardens as 'The Park'. It'll be interesting to hear suggestions from here and the neighborhood kids though and to hear what you finally decide on. Everything is looking so nice. It's really coming together this year. Nice work and thanks for the tour!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I like to name things for what they actually are, so our place is Carroll Creek Farm. If that name had been already used nearby, it might have been named WillowBridge Farm or Carroll Creek Crossing. Creekside Farm is across the road from us. A friend's place is named Vesy Ridge for the nearby geographical feature. You have cedars I believe and could use them in your name. (The Cedars, Cedar Ridge,etc). You also enjoy herbs & veggies, so could use that in your name (Harvest Home). A friend with many purple sand cherries owns Sandcherry Farm.

It annoys us that places are named for what has been destroyed. Cherry Hill Plaza (not a cherry or hill in sight any more), Addington Hills Riding Stables (No Addington, no hills), Laurel Creek Estates (the creek is in underground culverts), and so on.

Also some names are just too cute and are tiresome over time. But having the kids name it could be very cool indeed.

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Martie, great tour of The Park To Be Named Later.. how great it must feel to see all the work youÂve been doing start to gel into a real garden. What I wouldnÂt give for a nice raised bed veggie garden like that ! IÂm pretty confident you have Fourth of July there. I think Independence Day is orange.

Thanks for sharing Martie.

I think the new name shouldnÂt be too long-The Compound, Manderly, and Hidcote are already taken Â

Kathy in Napa

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Awww, the "Kenzie combo"

Everything looks just lovely. As for name ideas, I'm terrible with that kind of thing. Neither my garden or our farm have a name. Although, I've often thought I should come up with something.

I'm sure the kids will supply you with some interesting ideas.


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So I'm with GB on this one. I think you have to take cues from the land....I live on Hovey Pond (lots of turtles) and am at a train station (luckily it's the end of the line), hence Terrapin Station (though I don't think my turtles are actually terrapins....I'm sure I could find one if I hunted hard enough, and Nick is a dead head so all is well :)

Anywhoo....I came up with some words to mull over, maybe they'll spark someone else's imagination :)

abode, address, apartment, asylum, birthplace, bungalow, castle, condominium, den, domestic, domicile, dwelling, estate, family, farm, habitat, habitation, haunt, headquarters, hearthstone, house, ingleside, neighborhood, nest, orphanage, residence, village
arbor, bed, conservatory, cultivate, eden, enclosure, field, greenhouse, lawn, nursery, park, parterre, patch, plot, terrace, tract, yard

I think we can all agree that "asylum" is probably not the right word, LOL....it was the thesaurus, not me :)

I guess I need to visit Martie....that might help!

I agree that it is Fourth of July - I left one at my old house :)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Everything is looking superb Martie!!! What a difference you've made in only a few years. I'll give the name some thought as nothing pops into my mind at the moment. I'm quite used to 'The Park' and am having difficulties getting my brain off that path.

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I would settle for "lovely", "gracious", or simply "home".


I'll stew on it, though, and see if something doesn't pop to mind.

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Martie, your storm picture is awesome, and I really like your selection of pots on the stoop. Everthing is looking good.

What Should We Call This Place? The Park/ Park Place. Do not pass Go. LOL You could do a giant Monoply board with stepping stones and the neighbor kids woud have a ball. Norma

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Nice call there Norma ! Park Place..take the Monopoly theme a step further, Marvin Gardens with Marties name superimposed 'Martian Gardens' ..sounds kinda spacy !

Park Haven ? Remember from the old Shirley Temple flick-Stand Up and Cheer , 'Heavens Gate', or maybe Marie can give us some cool names in French !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Really comforting photo of the sky, Martie. Just love that! Everything is looking really good. Not a weed in sight. Nice neat vegetable bed, now if we would get some heat, we might see some growth on the tomatoes. Whoever is taking care of the grass must know what they are doing, it looks so thick and healthy. Haven't an idea for a new name for your garden. Park Place was a fun idea. Or naming the park, like 'Central Park' or 'Yellowstone Park'...maybe you have a special name for yours? Perhaps a name that starts with the letter 'P' in front of 'Park'. French for Park is 'garer'. Maybe your ancestry would suggest a different language? Or a word that is an acronym using letters from all your family members? Or how the garden makes you feel? What about it gives you the most pleasure?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"garer" is for parking a car. "Parc" is for the pretty spot to walk in. Yet I don't quite see any point to Frenchifying the name you select....

I'm pretty much in lurking mode these days, but reading along.

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All the suggestions are awesome and the naming, or not, will be a topic of discussion at our ice cream social tonight. So far a common kid theme has been Rabbits and Joy. Kinda seems an oxymoron to put them together but we'll see.

I Love the idea of a Monopoly board, Norma.

Our lot is in the middle of an old cornfield and the street name mirrors that. It's a wedged shaped lot that abuts conservation land in a 75' wide band. On the other side is the seventh fairway of a golf course.

One of the neighborhood moms suggested Seventh Heaven but I think that's taking it too far :-)

Anyway, with all the great suggestions and a funny tugging at my heart thinking of it being something other than The Park (where did That come from, LOL) it'll be fun to decide.

Thanks for all the compliments and constant encouragement. Rich takes care of the lawn and treats it like plants rather than the sum of the parts. Thus, a lush expanse on top of clay, done entirely without chemicals. Kudos to him, believe me!!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Did anyone mention "My Palette" ? That is what I compare my yard to. And it is constantly changing. Or maybe

Your gardens are getting lovelier day by day. :-)

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