WALATing on the garden tour

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)June 7, 2009

The local garden tour is split into two parts this year - 4 gardens today and another 5 in two weeks. Today's gardens were heavily rhododendron oriented in the old part of town where gardens are small but chock-a-block full of plants - and houses are outrageously expensive, even the tiny ones! Here are a few pictures:

Viburnums and rhododendrons were the most common showy events. One of the gardens belonged to a hybridizer... We had just been talking about needing to add another viburnum by the garage - now we NEED to add one! Marian - what is your favorite one?

Randy is a detail kind of guy and most of the pictures he took were close-ups of things like this pretty rhodo flower. I wanted more 'big picture' shots that allow me to remember particularly nice settings or combos. So I've told him his assignment for the next rainy day is to research the fancy camera he's been talking about getting so we can have separate cameras :-) He can get fancy detail shots with his while I point-and-shoot with the current one!

One garden has an interesting statue of a bighorn sheep! I thought of gb and her recent trip to Jasper.... The sheep was VERY male! :-)

This was a nice use of a birdbath:

And we liked the frog and kitty:

And this weathervane on a nearby house caught our eye (the houses are in sight of Lake Ontario.)

It was supposed to rain today but it didn't and was a very nice afternoon for walating.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, my favorite Viburnum is the doublefile (aka Japanese V.), like what is in the rhodie pic, but they may get too large for your situation. I like the Tea Viburnum also, and mine is not nearly as wide as the doublefile, but that may be because of it's too shaded location. I have one I started from a cutting, and I have planted it in a more open location. Time will tell how big it gets. I have another cutting that is very small, and still in a pot. My doublefiles have great crops of red berries following the blooms. The Tea V. has either red, orange, or yellow berries, depending on the variety.
The Onieda V., V dilatatum, by the front corner of our house, is large...bigger than the 8x5 that one book says. The V. Erie is smaller, so far. There are a lot more varieties in that species, but they have to be cross pollinated to set on a lot of berries, and the berries are red. V.carlesii and it's hybrids are lovely bushes,with fragrant flowers. I have the Burkwoodii hybrid. It is a large one.It has red berries. Arrowoods set on lots of blue berries, which to me aren't so noticeable, and the entire plant is not as attractive. Black Haws. V. prunifolium, are handsome bushes, but also have blue(edible) fruits. Ours died out , but we have lots of seedlings coming on.

I like all of the pics, but am envious of the rhodies. I cannot get mine to do good. Something keeps destroying the bloom buds. I have a lot better luck witn Azaleas.

The bighorn sheep statue is neat. I wonder if it would scare off the deer...LOL.
I am envious of the Rex Begonia also. Another of my failures.

I wouldn't mind having a cat and frog statue like those. :-)


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Interesting stuff Woody. I like the rhodies and viburnam. I have only tried one viburnum here and didn't have any luck. I lost it.
Sounds like you have the camera situation figured out. How nice for Randy to get something he has been wanting. He takes great photos. Is he still taking guitar lessons?

The kitty looking into the water reminds me of Jasmine. When she goes down to the pond to get a drink she almost always gets startled by a frog.

Looking forward to the next set of gardens. Thanks for sharing. Norma

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - hmmm... looks like I need to do some research on those - and maybe rearrange that part of my garden to get something to fit!

I can't grow rhodies here either. I tried for a while but gave up and traded the remaining pathetic survivors to my neighbour to the north the other year in exchange for some seedlings from her Japanese maple. Rhodies grow well for her but keel over for me!

Norma - yes, Randy is still enthusiastically playing guitar. His teacher - aging hippie type - did a midnight move out of his place a week or so ago (couldn't pay the rent....) Randy is waiting to see if he hears from him at some point soon... if not, he needs a new teacher! For the moment Randy's doing a lot of playing along with stuff on the Internet. I have no idea if he's any good or not :-)

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Woody I love that birdbath, it's very similar to one I have scoped out from one of our vendors to special order for myself. I've removed all of my Rhodies, they do Ok here, but not great. Much better to the NW of us. Thanks for sharing these-

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Beautiful images Woody! I just love the birdbath of Rex Begonias. Thanks for sharing

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Woody, that's a very pretty Viburnum, Rhodie and Evergreen combo. I have a Viburnum maresii, which is the horizontal branching form. It is supposed to get to be about 12x12. I've planned to use it for a screen There are quite a few hybrids that have the horizontal branching but are smaller. I linked to an article that lists a few. I also read that in a smaller space some people have removed the lower branches and grown it as a small tree. I've never seen that done. Very cute statuary and that Rex Begonia planting looks very happy. What happy news that Randy is going to get a new camera. Which one is he looking at? I can't wait to see double the photos, with two camera-persons. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Double File Viburnum in smaller sizes

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I have v. maresii, too (actually, I just yanked it out because it overgrew it space and I couldn't move it!) and I think Marian identified my Arrowood! The latter is a beautiful shrub for me, about 8' around and tall. It is planted along the tree line, which is the perfect spot for it.

The Maresii was a pain because it shot up suckers! I wasn't prepared for that. I do love viburnums, though, and think I had this one sited incorrectly.

Thanks for bringing us along....can't wait to see what's on the docket for next weekend's tour :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Here is the link to my Viburnums...I just updated them.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Wow Marian - I love them all! the Oneida was particularly apealing.... I have an assignment for you :-) I'll post it on the other thread....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I grew V.Burkwoodii in Toronto and loved the scent. It grew too large for our tiny lot so it had to go. Now I'd LOVE it here where there is more space!

Here I grow cranberry, both American and European, though I can't tell the difference. It seems nurseries can't either! They are beautiful and have red berries.

I also grow V.Shasta but it always has dieback. I'm sure it would NOT if I lived where you do!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shasta

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Now I HAVE to find a spot for another viburnum! I don't think they would fit where I was thinking about along the garage so I'll have to find a spot in the backyard. 'Oneida 'looks like a smaller plant so might fit in better somewhere than the 'Shasta'. It's times like this that I wish my lot was twice the size! I do have a couple of viburnums - nannyberry and one V. opulus clump at the front corner of the garage. That is blooming nicely this year - no blooms at all last year. I think the viburnum beetle is here - the year before last the opulus lost all its leaves to some little beetle that swarmed the plant - very gross! The nannyberry wasn't bothered though.

I think what I'll do at the back of the garage instead of the viburnum is use copper pipe and Lee Valley's cane tripod tops to make a couple of tripods in various heights and grow the clematises that are now largely draped over and through the hydrangeas and holly on the tripods instead. gb - your clematis addiction spreads..... :-)

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That rex is amazing and the viburnum and rhodie very cool. I can't help wondering like Marian if the big horn would keep the deer out of the garden.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

The garden that the sheep was in certainly didn't need to worry about deer - the nearest deer is probably a couple of mimes away at least. I suspect in a more rural environment that the deer wouldn't be the least put off by a statue of another grazing animal - if it was a statue of a carnivore, maybe they'd be a bit more intimidated :-)

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Nice tour Woody! Love the statuary, especially the kitty. No rhodies here, for viburnums I have mariesii, carlesii, and blue muffin. Wish I had room for more. I love them!


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