tale of the two headed giant

fairy_toadmotherAugust 18, 2006

giant greystripe that is! ever see such an occurence?

poo...notice my now brown cilantro!

with a hovering visitor:

apb on a sprite named jack. apparantly he can't stop at beanstalks! actually, the last rain we had did it in. this pic was actually taken a week after the fall adn it still clings to life. i tried to put it straight, but it only made matters worse.

adn since squirrel go hand and foot with sunflowers, though this isn't jack...squirrelly was still waiting for the magic beans to ripen while tasting peanuts. looks like groucho marx to me!

i am obviously disturbing breakfast...

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LOL!! Love the APB on Jack, FTM! And the Groucho comment! Hilarious!

You know, there's something so sad about seeing a fallen sunflower. He looks so bereft, like he lost his best friend.

Is that the borage the hummer is visiting? Can never have too many hummers, that's my philosophy. They're taking to visiting my Salvias even when I'm standing right next to the plants. I love it!!


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ah, well we all need a bit of humor,eh? thanks for appreciating it :)

good eye, brenda...yes it is the borage. it is now very sprawling. that is the only problem i have with it toward the end of the year. best to keep in the back of a bed.

the hummer even perched underneath the sunflower. i was so happy to even get that close for a pic. you can barely see it in either pics, espcially the one b/t the borage and sunflower. i seem to only get one- female or juvie, b/c i never see red throats. i have maltese cross and soem others that are supposed to attract them. but, it seems i didn't get any this year until the neighbor's blazing canas drew them in. my cardinal vine didn't even sprout until july! weird. i can't find my hummer feeder and haven't had an opportunity to buy one. i also got back to work tues and found they had taken the feeders down! i hope they were just going to fill them and got behind. it is too early!

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