Idyll #385 School's Out For Summer!

saucydog(z5MA)June 17, 2008

...and if it's not yet, it will be soon!

Looking forward to the return of Mary and Babs!

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*POOF!* And how did that happen that I would return upon Saucy's beckoning? lolol. Hi Saucy! Hi everybody!!

Last night I emailed those involved with IU5 to confirm that it wouldn't work for me to attend this year and it was really nice to get some emails back saying I have been missed here....don't worry,I've been missing this place/my peeps too!

School let out Jun 4th, and Jun 5th we embarked on yet another trip to Hocking Hills-I always thought I'd be a beachside retiree but there's something about woodsy wilderness that agrees with both Chris and I these days....

We returned home almost a week ago but between taming my wild yard and wringing laundry items by hand(my washer stopped spinning almost a month ago!)I've had no time to stop to idyll even with school/work being over for summer. The new washer is coming on Thurs so of course I had to clean the entire basement lol.

It's so hard to get back into idylling! I end up feeling like a heel because I have no clue what's been happening here and so I'll need to read at least the last four or five threads. Then I understand how others say it feels overwhelming as far as responding to as many as possible...not an easy task. I will try but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up.

I'm really astounded that it's after 6pm. You see,I pruned-trimmed-chopped every stinking hedge I own today and I got lost in time. I missed lunchtime and didn't feed my kids till 2:00 then when I finally finished the last garden task I was blown away that it could even be dinner-time I was sure it was only 4pm. I guess I gotta feed the kids again! Doesn't gardening do that-you have so much 'fun' that time just flies : )

Is everybody freezing today? It's only 63F right now!

So Mary,where are you??


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Well what a lovely treat to see news from you, "blabs", though I wish you were living up to that syllabic slur these days. ;) I don't thing there's a one of us who hasn't felt overwhelmed by the tidal surge of daily commentary at one time or another. The important thing is that you check in and just figure it out from there. It's so nice to see something from you; you have to fill in more gaps, though. What's goin' on with you and all that jazz? I really hope to actually "meet" you at one of these Idyll get-togethers (ditto too many of the usual cast of characters) :)

Rex has arthritis in the right leg, thus the problematic recovery from the surgery. Glucosamine, fish oil, and 4 more weeks of leash time. BUT, he's cleared for up to one mile and we may increase it as we see fit if he shows no signs of discomfort. No manipulation of the joint, just EXERCISE on leash. Looks like I have my walkin' buddy back.

The tree frogs are going totally mental tonight. I don't know if the chainsaw kicked them into high gear, but they're wicked LOUD. Hard to believe something under 2" long can produce this much noise. WOW.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Chelone - I thought you were talking about me for a moment there .... :-) I take glucosamine and fish oil and have leash time (with Misty...) LOL I'm glad you have your walking buddy back. The walking should be good for him I think - I'm better to walk than not walk....

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Hi Babs! It's so good to hear from you. Now stick around (please)! I miss you.

It's freezing here too. They say we may break a record (43F) for cold tonight. I'm a fair weather gardener so no gardening for me today. I did do a lot of potting yesterday though.

Deanne, thank you so much for sharing the pictures of Monique's gardens. Now could you go visit Sue and get some pictures there for us to see :) You and I are two of a kind...I brought home 4 new brugs on Saturday. I've loved seeing the pictures of your gardens lately too! Beautiful as always. Can't wait to see the new fountain set up in the container garden.

Monique, lovely, lovely! Your gardens are one of the ones I can never see enough of!

Michelle, I'm so sorry that you and Kenzie are going to be so apart. You'll find a way to stay close though I know. Once my parents moved away my kids would always spend every July with them. Once Kenzie is a little older she can come spend part of the summer with you too and you can garden together in her Secret Garden.

Marie, Happy Birthday to Reed. Hard to believe it's been a year since he was born. I know you miss him so much too!

Chelone, I'm always in awe of 'mechanical' people who can figure out sewing machines and such. My mom's like that too! Not one of my strengths though. Sounds like the compound is really getting a nice spiffing up!

Cynthia, got a good laugh reading your spiel on all things spiraling! Your sense of humor is one of the special things I love about you!

Saucy, I too am enjoying the bee education you're giving us. Thanks for taking the time to explain it all.

Denise, I am now the proud owner of a yellow hesperaloe after seeing yours!

Kathy, I don't believe I've ever seen All About Eve. I will add it to the queue. I have always liked Rear Window. Anyone familiar with Laura? My dad named me Laura because he loved the theme song from the movie. Anyone else have a story of why their parents chose their name?

Today Bella was introduced to some of the other children she'll be going to preschool with in the fall. They had a playtime at the park. I can't believe she's already old enough for school though it's only 2 mornings a week. She's so excited, she doesn't get to interact with other children often enough. Mostly just at church and storytime at the library now. Megan said Bella seemed more mature than most of the other 3 year olds but that's probably because she's always with adults? I just hope she behaves...

We've been in Beauty and the Beast mode here since we saw the play Saturday. Listening to the soundtrack and reading the story over and over. I ordered the 1976 Hallmark Hall of Fame version with George C. Scott as the beast today. Does anyone else remember it? It's always been my favorite version.

I've got to go fold one last load of laundry and then I'm caught up from the no power episode of last week. Have a good evening everyone!


Here is a link that might be useful: theme from Laura

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Will Deannes new Brug go in the container garden area? And does this mean you need to purchase another large pot?

Marine layer: Typical coastal California weather pattern that occurs usually starting in early summer in Socal, and later into summer as you progress north. You wake up, its June , and itÂs overcast , maybe even foggy if you are really close to the ocean. Overcast stays till 10am, noon, maybe even 2pm, or so in Socal , burns off, sun comes out breeze kicks up , a beautiful day! In the evening, the overcast moves in from the sea and it starts over. In some places you can see the clouds lying in wait off the coast. Back in my youth my friends and I would rant and rave against the marine layer; when school got out our goal was to spend all day at the beach, and predicting when the layer would burn off was a daily topic. I grew up about 4 miles from the ocean. Sunny at my house did not mean sunny at the beach. My friend George and I used to argue with his cousin who lived in Orange county---did the marine layer burn off earlier at OC beaches (Huntington, Newport etc) or at our LA County beaches(Manhatten, Redondo, Venice ) ? The jury is still out! George and I were convinced that our beaches were better. Here in Northern Cal the marine layer seems to extend further inland , and burns off later in the day, and when you get up to places like the coasts of Sonoma, Mendocino and Humbolt counties, the marine layer can be an all day affair till fall, when the sun emerges at last .

Back later to comment-

Kathy in Napa

Purple Rain,taken Sunday

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Today was one of those gorgeous days that remind you what summertime is all about. Blue skies, moderate temps, no humidity and a great breeze. And gosh darn it, I had to go to the Morton Arboretum and look at plants. ;) Guess I'll keep my job for another week or so.

Those of you who went to the Morton for IU3 would be surprised to see how much has changed there in the last couple of years. Lots more perennials in the various beds, and overall it's just really looking good.

Kathy, you said you were coming to Chicago in August - are you coming for the large show at Navy Pier? I'll be working some part of that show, so perhaps we can coordinate schedules.

gb, Reed had grown tremendously and appears to be well on his way to becoming the TWMPT.

Chelone, you have it right - Babs is back but not Blabs. B, my dear, don't worry about catching up. Just jump in with both feet!


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Got the cool laptop cranked up, watching some baseball. It is really warm this evening (no sign of the marine layer, Chelone) and my dreams of going to bed early are being dashed against the too-hot-upstairs shores.

Eden, "Laura" is one of my all time faves , with the
wonderful Gene Tierney. I actually Netflixed it last winter because it had been so long since I'd seen it. The book was great too, (Vera Caspary the author) but try finding it anywhere. I have collected her books since I was in my 20's. Sounds like you have some weather challenges going on. 43 ? Yikes ! As I recall, my name was selected from a song "I'll take you Home Again Kathleen'.
I remember a Beauty and the Beast from the "Shirley Temple Theater" as my favorite. I think this show was on in the late 50's and only ran for one season.

V, the Ind GC Show ?? It starts about one day after the show I'm going to ends I think..a large hardlines wholesaler whos weakest catagory is L&G. McCormick Place.We should compare notes at IU5.

BABS!! We only want tidbits if that is all we can get lol! Grab yourself a glass (or two) of wine and read the last few threads, literary masterpieces all, but don't even try to comment.Pay close attention to the pics. Stop by frequently if only to post a few no doubt well-chosen words.And I second---where is Mary ?

Time to call it a night..

Kathy in Napa

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Hi Chelone-it's funny what people miss-I always thought my blabbing was overkill so I know now I end up saying too much generic stuff-if you want blabbing I can do that lol.You may be sorry! ; )
Forgive me,but I am laughing because when you mention the consequences for spilling stain to your painters I picture you sounding like Kathy Bates in that movie Misery when she starts getting creepy...but why it makes me laugh I don't know!(LOLOL) Hey next time they spill ask them if in fact they have seen that movie...then say,nevermind and smile!

HI Eden-you made me smile about fairweather gardeners...I normally would have been one of those today but I have to admit today was perfect for yard work-it was so cold I didn't sweat! it's 61F here now-can't imagine 43F! How have you been doing? Our little Bella is going to preschool? I can only imagine how big she is now. I bet she'll behave fine-they do learn quickly when a school routine is in place. I think that's perfect that it's just two mornings a week.

Deanne-those were a nice selection of shots of Monique and Les' gardenscape. I love the way they include decorative elements within the gorgeous plantings. Thanks for putting that together to share. How's Doug?

Saucy-I think that's wonderful that you are learning how to bee keep! I appreciate that you share your encounters with us, so keep on! I like the sage green box(I did read that you painted this and got stung?).
What are your kids up to these days?

Hi Kathy! Hearing about the cloud layer burning off reminds me of when I stayed at my brother's in Portland,OR. I had never experienced that before and sure enough each day by early afternoon clear blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. I thought that was an intriguing phenomenon: )
OOoooh I like Purple Rain!

Hi V!! I had been thinking of you as well as Michelle these last couple weeks whenever I heard of the stormy weather out your direction-since you are posting I gather you are alive and well? lol.
How's the progress of your prairie?

Ok so what have I been up to? Hmm it seems like tons but my mind is blank-can that be?....
Nope: ) I'm telling you the school year zipped by and all I know is I now have a 7th grader and a 2nd grader-yes both kids passed! I can't believe that next school year for Andrew means investigating what high school he'll go to! Ryan will be making his First Communion so I'll be sewing a suit this year. I will be continuing as the school Health Aide as well. I'm thinking I need to go with the Nurse Ratchett costume this Halloween-it seems right.

I finished that mother-of-the-bride's gown for my friend and the wedding went nicely-it was on Fri the 13th! I heard many nice compliments on the dress-people raved about her dress but they didn't know I made it and I wasn't telling lol. It was a black silk shangtung full-length,v-neck sheath styled dress with a flared skirt that really looked nice on her because she's barely 5ft tall with a very short waist. Now I'm getting requests for all kinds of alterations-it's funny how one job can lead to many but I decided I deserve a summer break so I'm sticking to that plan...except there's the wallpaper to do and a zillion other things.

We are till planning to put our house up for sale hopefully within the next year so the summer will actually involve a bit of cosmetic improvements around here. It's so odd that my biggest worry is not the interior of the house which needs real spiffing up,but I'm going nuts figuring out how I round up what plants I want to take with me : ) My biggest nightmare involves saving seeds that don't germinate or plants that I pot up and kill from neglect and being in a pot too long-these are the stupid things I think about-wild.
I have melancholy about the fact that next year our house turns 100 and I've loved the old character of this place,I will miss our big front porch and all the family things/milestones we did here. I need to detache myself, I know. Well I guess we can honestly list it as a century home,right?

Was it Jerri(HI Jerri!) who posted the sand art? I bought Aj a sandArt(Mandala)kit as a bday gift and we got that out two days ago-Oh it's so fun! The way this kit works is that it has precut mandala sticker designs from which you remove segments of the design to expose the sticky paper to which you apply the colored sand. We spent a whole afternoon working on our designs and they look really neat-I will try to post a pic. The idea is that your work from the outer edge of the circle toward the inner circle(of yourself)to find calm,peace and harmony as a form of meditation-very cool!

Oh I DO think BLABS is back...! Now,who's got a straw for me? Wine? Margarita?


It is now 57F!!

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If I could stand the smell of cigars I'd definitely touch one off for departed Red Auerbach, legendary coach and GM of the Boston Celtics. It was he who said strong defense is what wins championships (add the movie "Hoosiers" to the queue!). It was he would INSISTED on strong team play, setting up shots (the dreaded "pick and roll", "the give and go", and the "ally-oop"), and mastering the basic shots, esp. free throws. If you want to beat Phil Jackson and the Lakers you have to smother the offense, read: Kobe Bryant. I'd say the nearly 40 pt. victory adds credence to that theory. Last year, the Celtics had to worst record in the league, they'd been "dogs" for years in spite of Paul Pierce's efforts. Adding Kevin Garnet to the line up was a stroke of brilliance and the key. The Celtics are back.

And I'm too tired. And I don't feel like working. Can't wait to read when I get home today.

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Congrats to your Celtics, Chelone! 40 point victory makes it all the sweeter :)

Babs is BACK, LOL! I did not paint the bee hive with bees in it, LOL, I got stung when I tried to remove a piece to paint it in the garage....just wanted to clarify in case any budding beekeepers might be taking pointers, LOL!

Good to have you back.

A Windy City rendevous is in the making! I want to come! I missed Navy Pier in my Navy days....avoided it like the plague, actually! I don't remember why....

Deanne, I saw the group shot right away! Everyone looks so, well, um....orb-ish :)

My bees settled back into the hive and I spent another night reading book after book trying to figure out what this dance is that they were doing. A virgin queen was mating, hopefully!

I need an opinion: My neighbor (wonderful garden/bee woman) is having surgery on her shoulder. I would like to do something nice for her. I have known her for 4 years now, sometimes in her employ. I think I have a handle on what she likes, garden-wise, but don't have a clue about diet or what goes on in the house, LOL! Think I could weed her garden for her? She's been unable since the shoulder injury, but everytime I try, she tries to help. I thought I'd bang it out while she's in the hospital....

Would I be overstepping?

TTYL....I've got field day duties today! Both kids, different locales.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

What a beauty of a morning it is too. Its luring me outside in the garden even though Ive got a pile of work to do today I think Im going to nip out and do just a bit in the garden.

Hey Babs!!!!! How great to hear from you. Youve been missed. How long have you been in your house? I cant imagine having to leave an established garden. Hows your MIL doing? Do you have any new pics of the boys? ~~ Doug is doing great, thanks for asking!

Saucy, ROTFLOL!!!! "Orb-ish" Good one! So do you know if you have a queen bee yet? ~~ RE the neighbor, if youve weeded with her before and shes comfortable with you working in her garden Id say go for it.

Chelone, yea Celtics! ~~ How great that Rex has been cleared to be your walking buddy again. You must be so happy about that.

Kathy, Purple Rain is delicious! What a gorgeous color. If you ever dig that one could I have a fan? Its right in my favorite colors group. LOL ~~ But I already have another very large pot because I bought a couple HUGE ones in the spring so I have a couple large pots looking for tenants.

Eden, DD was also very mature for her age when she was Bellas age. I do think that only children who spend most time with adults tend to act more mature. ~~ I cant wait to see the fountain set up either! We are still looking for a finial for it and havent yet found what we want. ~~ LOL about visiting and photographing Sues. I already asked her but she said I have to wait a couple weeks.

All righty. Time to motivate here. Have a great day everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy, I suspect she trusts you in the garden, so it would be a lovely gesture. I would not trust many to weed my gardens. Don't even try to do the entire thing. Work on a few special areas. She'll notice! The exercises for Mom had to do those after surgery. Not hard, but they must be done.

Today will be a "sit & wait" day. Expecting a workman and a guy from the insurance company. Then Phoebe's fourth evening class tonight.

I'm wiped out. All the crazy weather and events here are wearing....and I have no wheels.


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The weather is cooperating for my day off. I have a little vaca time that I need to use by 7-1. High of 80 and a slight breeze. The calm is interrupted by semi trucks coming on and off the yard hauling corn to the elevator.

I had hoped to paint the playhouse once again, but rain is predicted for early tomorrow a.m. so I will wait. Maybe Sat.


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Saucy-oops thanks for the clarification on that there were no bees in the hive and that you were just painting a piece AWAY from the bees-[budding beekeepers do not listen to me I know nothing] lolol(blushing)
Hey have you ever heard that honey works to heal skin burns?? You'd apply it just like you would aloe directly to the skin.I still have to Google that; )
As for your friend having surgery,I certainly would weed while she's away if it were me.

This last time we went to Hocking Hills we stayed in a cabin we've rented before which has a stocked pond and a really cute garden with a patio. The garden is pretty & small with German & Siberian irises,a couple red rose bushes,sedum,yarrow,creeping Phlox and marigolds. As you all empathize,to be among garden plants and not tend them is just not possible for a gardener, so one of my relaxing activites was to deadhead the plants and weed a little. The attraction is probably that I don't *have* to do it but because I can, I did: ) The owner was so appreciative that he invited me to take a clump of two kinds of Siberian iris since they were invading the path to the hot tub. I have to find out what the one iris was-it had crinkled leaves. The guy has been recovering from a heart attack and their DD just had twins so it felt good to help in such a small way. I also cleaned up & propped the peonies with strategically placed twigs(two days before we arrived they had a massive storm that flattened them).

Deanne we've lived here for 14 yrs and I pretty much started gardening the first year. I'm attached but yet a part of me does look forward to a clean slate because I can take what I know now and hopefully create even nicer gardens. I'll even get to plant my choice of trees because my mom has removed all but two remaining trees-an oak and a sugar maple. I like already knowing the soil conditions of where we're relocating to(I grew up there: )...the backyard is moist clay and the front yard is dry clay-you can bet I'll be composting/amending!
As for my MIL well she trudges along being her stubborn self and she's now considered legally blind and I see mental decline too. She won't even consider assisted living so it's really frustrating to observe. Same old,same old.
It's ironic to see my own mom busy,active and independent. But then she exercises three times/week,attends continually to her health,volunteers,and is very social...but a few years older than my MIL-it just pays to plan & take care of yourself.

I don't want to get my info wrong but what's this with Sue needing a boot? What did you do Sue? I was also wondering how life in general is going for you with the adjustments of the last several months. I'm assuming it's a good change and all. Anything you didn't expect?

Forgot to mention earlier to GB Happy Bday to Reed. Time flies!

Better finish cleaning up the basement for the washer delivery. I can't wait to wash clothes-I never say that.

Yes-I will find newer pics of the boys(who are arguing right now-ah summer vacation-when does school start!)

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Thanks to Deanne for taking great photos-what an eye she has-makes everything look better. Also, thanks to everyone for your kind words about my garden. We had just finished mulching-so this is the time of year it looks at its best with minimal weeds- although I like the garden best later in the season. I always feel so rushed to get it mulched-and 20 cubic yards takes forever....Now I can relax a bit (with garden chores not dog stuff), try to keep up with deadheading, some planting, and the areas that were neglected in the back of some of the beds.

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H-B to Reed!! Have been thinking about the Kenzie and Bella girls, too. Changes in their lives and those of grandmas ....

Wish all Idyllkids could've been here yesterday. Somehow we ended up with seven chillen's ("we're too cool to be children, Mrs. Martie!!") hanging out with us, talking and laughing and eating iced cream and generally feeling very content with life. Best Medicine!!

I probably missed it, Saucy, but how did Nick's checkup/tests work out? Your bees have been fascinating. Go for the weeding, along with copious amounts of minted iced tea :-)

Monique and Les' garden is breathtaking, and it's fun to see the changes from year to year. Saw the fish and thought "they are the same as Sue's from her tour!!" and realized they were on loan. You Both need them.

And while Deanne is clicking at Sues, perhaps you could stop 20 miles north and click here, too?

Good to see you Babs. Get working on that costume.

Enjoy the time off, Michelle! Nothing like forced vaca. Saw an entire garden -- as in at least 10x30 -- all in yellow and purple and wished I had a camera to take a pic for Kenzie.

Probably more to say, but Rich is recuperating from a day procedure and is sound asleep, and I want to use the opportunity to do a seek and destroy mission on some weeds. Also want to get some pics up on a separate thread. This place needs a name!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I'm behind again! Hi, all! Babs, good to see ya-it's been ages!

I cannot believe Reed is a year old already-that went by fast. And, Bella is ready for preschool already? Time flies!

Saucy..Speaking as someong who has a bum shoulder..if someone as well versed in plant life as you weeded for me while I was in the hospital, I'd cry like a baby and give ya a BIG OL' HUG :)

I've got my back pretty well mended now. Yoga works, now if I can just stay consistent with it. My shoulder is still a little goofy. It gets kinda sore from steering the tractor for hours on end, and from leaning on my elbow in the tractor. I can only weed a little at a time, but I'm making some progress. What's killing me is that we've got beautiful weather-cooler temps and low humidity. I settle for a little weeding, then a lot of puttering. Perhaps one more trip to the chiropractor will do it.

Chelone, I said, "WOO HOO!" for you when I heard the Celtics won :)

I'm going to check out pics, etc. on the last thread. Thought I'd post before I catch up reading. It never fails, I either get lost in reading and looking at pics and never post, or get interrupted during the post, so I'm gonna try it backwards this time.
HOWDY to everyone I missed!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Babs that cabin/cottage, with the garden to play in, sounds like an ideal place to stay! Weve just booked a B&B for a 2-night mini-vacation later this month; the B&B has a nice-looking garden but I dont think we get to play in it :- ) I gather from your comments that you are taking over/buying(?) your mothers place? I must have missed that in my skimming That could be interesting, especially if you get to start with a clean slate too familiar territory but waiting for your own unique stamp on is as an adult too. When we bought here 9 years ago I thought Im miss our other garden. But I havent. I now consider that one was practice and this one is the real one!

This picture is a belated Happy Birthday to Reed (is it OK to send roses to little boys? Angel roses seem appropriate:- ) But its also for Martie because this is where the seeds I sent her a couple of years ago came from. The Angel roses seem to have turned into a hedge in the herb bed! These little guys have serious thorns; believe me, I dont stick my hands in there to weed!

Saucy I agree that weeding would be a nice gesture. Is there a spouse or family member there that you could check with/inform just so no one thinks that you are doing something suspicious?

Deanne and other brug growers here I need some advice (I blame Deanne for the fact that I have brugs at all:- ) One of the ones I cut back and put in the basement last fall has a flower now I dont like the color much (The bud it had last fall that opened in a vase in the house was a much nicer pale pink than the peachy tone this flower has Im not sure why the color change; maybe the cold temperatures now?) But the other one has sprouted new growth all along the main stems. I assume I should leave some of the stronger ones to form those Ys you need for bloom but should clear off the rest? Is that what I should do? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Here is the flowering one

And the one with the leafy stems

Deanne - I think it was you who was interested in the Vyvan Pennell clematis? The first layer of tepals is open now but the center bits that make it a double flower are being slow to open. Heres what it looks like today:

Brenda Im glad to hear your back is feeling better! What do you do to keep from being bored while driving back end forth up end down the fields listen to music? books on tape? I would think your hind end must get pretty numb?! Do you use/need a pressure cushion of some sort?

And if Im blaming plants on people, gb has to take responsibility for the clematises here! (The only flowering vine I had in the garden at our previous house was wisteria.) Here are some of the clematises blooming today:

Against the garage wall:

And on the back fence:

It was good weather for picture-taking so, sorry to load this down with pictures but I'm so pleased with the roses this year! Generally I avoid roses but have added some tough types over the past few years. The Blanc Double de Coubert is fabulous this year (scenting half the neighbourhood!) and is looking good with the Therese Bugnot I planted last summer and the peonies in the driveway border:

Chilly and cold again today here. Time to venture out for Mistys suppertime walkies.

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Woody, I laughed and laughed at your comment about the glucosamine, fish oil, and walking "on leash". Rex and I went for a nice, leisurely walkie (not a mile) and he was STOKED. Many pee-mails were sent... . Your garden is lovely, I'm envious of your clematis since mine have either been dug out or affected by the painting.

Martie, I liked the name of your property, too! For the same reasons as Woody. It sound important and prestigeous. Hey, Edith Wharton called her property "The Mount"... how are we supposed to take that one? ;) Everything looks so lush and full. I love that you look upon combinations in your gardens and think of Idyll friends. I think I will now forever look on purple and yellow as "a Kenzie". Is there a date for your deliverance from feminine "uncertainty" or are you keeping that private?

Saucy, I cast my lot for the weeding, too. You are certainly no stoop in the garden and I think a general clean up would be a lovely boost and aesthetic treat for your friend. It's a lovely though and gesture. I am loving the bee diary, too. One of the things I've admired about you from the start is the easy, thoughtful way you observe the natural world and your family; makes navigating the world a lot easier and more fun.

Eden, I'm with you with respect to "fair weather gardening". I'd rather plug away on an overly warm day that be uncomfortable in chilly, wet conditions. Maybe we were cats in former lives? :) I do so hope you will regale us with tales of the week without power. My own experience has been that you quickly learn to discern necessities and it doesn't take very long to rearrange your priorities. And it's also a sobering reality when you "automatically" flip on a switch or open the 'frig.. I think water is the hardest for us, as we're on a well and require electricity to deliver it to the faucet. I was the youngest in my family, too. I spent a lot of time with "grown ups" and all of them required a certain code of behavior. It was natural for me to be "polite" and navigating their world was pretty easy for me. I was always able to "amuse myself" when it was clear that it was time for me to do so. But it was tiring and confusing for me to play at the homes of friends who had multiple siblings, lol. School was tiring, too. Mum recalled that I would come home from school and immediately take a nap! My friends would come over and want me to play with them, but I would be upstairs "sawing logs". Very strange.

Thank you muchly for the "explication" of the "marine layer", Kathy. What struck me almost immediately was how dependent your "marine layer" and our "sea tuHn" are on the prevailing weather patterns. I had never given the prevailing pattern much though with the left coast, which you know I'm not quite sure actually even EXISTS. :) What a big, wide world we live in, huh? My co-worker is going to see the Red Sox play the Cardinals (inter league stuff is weird unless it's the World Series) on Friday and she is really excited even though David Ortiz won't be suited up.

Do you guys know that whenever I see "hesperaloe" I automatically hum, "Desperado"... thanks a heap, Denise. I couldn't pick hesperaloe out in line up... but it will forever be linked with you and the Eagles. Scarey!

I'm runnin' out of gas, but wanted to say hello to Brenda. How about a shot of you behind the wheel of a combine?! I thought of your explanation last year of the how one deals with nature calls. And those great shots of the equipment and the guys. I would like to hear more about your farm, if you have time.

Where's our Marian. Long time to "see", m'dear. Wishing you well.

Time to eat so, I'll leave you with this thought: Tiger Woods has the same injury as Wrecks!

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Saucy, I would welcome you or any of the other Idylls to weed my garden, also a couple of my trusted gardening friends. My best friend, who considers herself a gardener, and is pretty familiar with my garden, NO. My husband, NO. My children, maybe ( they're afraid of me so would be very careful). I'd worry mostly about people trampling my plants but also them knowing what seedling I would want to leave. Or that they'd pull or step on some rare little thing that I've been babying along for years. Since you've previously worked in you neighbor's garden I think she'd welcome your help. What a kind, thoughtful thing for you to do for her BTW!

Woody, your garden is looking really wonderful. On my brugs, I strip the leaves the sprout on the main stem up until where it first branches out.

Marie, my clematis are all looking really good this year. I've got around 2 dozen different varieties now. Just wanted to say thank you my friend for introducing me to them too. I think I had just one or two very common ones before knowing you. Just think how many gardens you've influenced and beautified by sharing your love of clematis!

Great to see blabs from Babs today and a check in from Brenda too!

All I have time to say right now. Though lots more in my head! I have to go fix Bella some dinner.


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A late start for me this morning, due to lack of organization on someone else's part. I have foam to steam out downstairs so the time won't be completely lost, but things like this irritate me because it's automatically assumed I will add the missing morning hours to the end of the day and stay until 4-5 to "make up the hours". Um, maybe I have something else scheduled for the afternoon?

My friend was able to get his work done here yesterday. He was a bit surprised by the "lab.", remarking that it was very "finished" and rather "full". That's an understatement. He was also very impressed with how quiet the Servo motor on the machine is, there is no continual whir and rumble as there is with a regualar clutch motor.

Time to hit the "rain locker" and get about using my couple of hours profitably. Enjoy your days, everyone.

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Jake's class is being let loose at Six Flags today :) I've never seen a child so organized with his "list" all checked off....just goes to prove that he's learned something, even if it was through osmosis.....

He and I hunted all over the kitchen to find "what smells?"....we discovered it was his shoes! Ack! How long do boys stay stinky? Until they get a girlfriend, I suspect.....

You lab is very impressive as I recall, Chelone. I'm sure someone in your trade would be very impressed. We haven't seen a picture lately...hint! I'll fill that camera card yet :)

Thank you all for your advice. I've heard her say several times how hard it will be to let others do things for her (she owns/runs 3 business, and because she's a big volunteer, lots have volunteered to help her). She has lamented over the state of her garden outloud. I've just decided to wear a thick skin if she's not happy....but I suspect she really will be, and will enjoy healing on her favorite bench. LOL, Eden....she used to get on me all the time about how I was doing it "wrong." She has me trained well....I garden one way at her house, and another at mine :) To answer, she lives in the house with her college attending son....he's terrible in the garden, but can push a wheelbarrow when needed :)

I'm still playing with my camera (the more I do, the more DH says that I need a "nice" one, and that'd he'd use mine for work!) so I'll show more pix....feel free to cry UNCLE!

Even the 'tufa needs weeding :)

And all my fish are gone, but I am still enjoying the puddle:

Pictures of the revamped shade garden are coming soon!

I am having one big issue: Nick and I are discussing him taking over the home finances. I have been doing this since we've been married....sometimes juggling our way through rough times. I am so scared to give up control! How do others do this? Share or one takes the reins? Insight is appreciated....

I'm just full of problems this month :)

TTYL...I'm going to mulch the bees, Babs, with them IN the box :) Yesterday the drones all came out to fly (big dumb buzzy things) and I wonder if there is a Virgin Queen mating and that is what is causing all the commotion? Research turns up nada.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Saucy - where are the weeds in the 'tufa'? There is no way I would give up complete control of family finances - is that actually what he wants or does he just want more input/more information? Family financial management is a joint thing here but I do the main coordination and monitoring. I am the accountant afterall.... We are lucky that we both have similar attitudes towards money (although I'm a little less conservative than Randy most times) so money has never been a contentious issue. I worked in the financial planning business for a few years in the 1980s and my conclusion is it is that both parties in the relationship need to understand the finances. Why does he want to 'take over' the finances? Does he perhaps feel that he doesn't understand where things are at the moment? Perhaps what's needed is a thorough discussion and perhaps a monthly financial management update meeting. I'm not sure how you run your personal finances but we have a month-by-month yearly cashflow and balance sheet projection that is updated to actuals each month. We each update our own numbers so both of us are aware of where things stand. While I maintain the spreadsheets, we both participate in the process so both feel 'in control'. Once a year we also update a retirement projection spreadsheet which also has an estate position element - i.e. gives the financial position if either of us died (shows the impact of life insurance). It's probably a more elaborate process than most people would do but it works for us and is based on the process we used with the clients of the company I did financial planning for. It's important to work out a process that works for both parties. Good luck... (Sorry for the long commentary but my background as an accountant and former financial planner makes me very interested in the finacial planning processes people use.)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy, the issue of home finances is a dicey one at our house. DH and I have some similar thoughts on the topic, but not many. At one point he wanted me to do them but couldn't let go. I bear a grudge on this topic and am EXTREMELY nervous about handling finances should he pre-decease me or have health/dementia issues. His records are good (I think) but almost everything is on his computer and I don't even have a password for that. If he should get hit by a bus tomorrow, the finances would kill me too. I only have a vague idea of what the University's plan is, the pension, etc. Fortunately (I guess) there is a woman who does our complex taxes each year and she could be a major help. Of course she works in Toronto which is 2 hours away from here...and I have no car. The investments could be figured out through our bank...eventually. I handled all my mother's finances and still invest some of her money. I'm not a total money moron. But the tension for me on this topic is ugly. I'll be most interested in how you work this out. Yes, it is a major control issue.

Today is DD's birthday. It is odd having her out of phone's reach for these important June events. DS is going to be passing through here on July 2nd with a friend which will be a nice treat. He'll be driving on through Edmonton to see his sister and then hopefully the car will reach Vancouver. I don't know, his car is really weak...He always rides his bike in Boston and uses the ancient vehicle for long distances.

It's been a while since we've had an interesting dinner. Between me being more careful about what I eat, the weather either being scorching hot or in the low 40sF, and my focus being work on the garden, I've been less than creative. I should actually put some thought into food tonight...or maybe tomorrow night . (She said procrastinating...)

It's a cloudy day with highs not expected to even reach 65F. I need to go search for color in my garden! I should work on a major cleanup of the refrigerator!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

A quick good morning. Love all the lush garden pictures. Cool, damp weather has revived my garden as well. Now if I could only get some time to spend in it...

Welcome back to Babs and wishing Martie a speedy recovery.

If you have a chance and haven't done so already, go over to and watch some or all of the clips of various people speaking at Tim Russert's memorial service. I watched some of it live yesterday afternoon and spent last night and this morning catching up on the speakers I missed. For me, a longtime NBC news fan, it's been both sad and entertaining. Many of the speakers have touching and LOL funny stories to tell. Gives you a sense of the great man Tim was.

OK, carry on.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well Im finally making progress at getting all areas of these gardens under control, a major feat since I do all the weeding, deadheading, edging, planting etc. etc. etc by myself. Doug loves to help with the move the big things stuff but Im on my own for the garden work.

Every year at this time I realize that Ive got a big lull in bloom this time after the allium and May Night salvia are done their thing. I think I need more clematis! About the only thing Ive got making a splash is a gorgeous clump of Campanula Sarastro. Its gorgeous this year but I need something else. The early astilbe are about to pop and my Clematis Polish Spirit is also getting ready to do its thing but other than that its mostly foliage in the borders.

Woody, your gardens are just fabulous! You really have a beautiful June showing. Id love more roses but they are such a chore for me regardless of how easy they are supposed to be they arent. Always with the bugs and the black spot regardless of the variety so I just dont want any more than what I have. That Vyvyan Pennell is incredible! What a beauty. Mine only has a few flowers on it but it is planted in a container and I didnt expect it to live through the winter. ~~ I dont generally prune off the side growth on my brugmansias. The photo of yours looks fine as is. Id let all those side shoots grow as each one will be a branch with flowers on it. The only plants I ever had to prune were my variegated ones that made just leaves and no stems on those growths.

Martie, Ill have to see if we can stop at your place the next time were in CT.

Babs, sorry your MIL isnt doing well. Taking care of ones health is so important for quality of life as we age. Its become Doug and my first priority. ~~ So you are moving to clay? Compost,. Compost,. Compost!!!!!

Michelle, did you get a lot accomplished on your vacation day?

Eden, would love some photos of your clematis that are blooming right now? I need some suggestions for my borders.

Saucy, share! Dont give up control, it should be a shared responsibility. ~~ Great pics! Keep them coming.

OK must be off, Ive got about eighteen hours of work to accomplish today. Off to the gym to do my penance on the stairs.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Waa, cant see Woody's pics - that's what I get for being too tired and not looking at home last nite - well, now I know I have a treat in front of me tonite to be sure to look.

Great to see Babs and Monique checking in - life is so full these days it is hard to keep up with all isnt it?

Eden, I shudder to think what it was like for an entire week without power in a heat wave -- you must have felt like pioneers.

I think Chelone pretty much caught all my thoughts and expressed them - thanks, Chelone, LOL... (I'll just say "ditto")

Glad your back is really on the mend, Brenda - take care of it.

Kathy, that daylily is another wow - you made me order too many last year (no new photos please, LOL)... seriously, I dont know where you put them all -- I overdid it w/ orders and was frantic when it came time this spring to plant (they hovered in pots all winter due to the variety of houseguest/losing garden enthusiasm woes).... that sure is gorgeous.

'bug, it is strange to have children out of touch -- my DD celebrated her birthday on Monday in a hotel room at a convention she had to work and hated it - it was the first time no one had celebrated it with her -- I told her by phone "welcome to adulthood" -- last year her husband had taken her to St. Johns so I told her she had to remember what a glorious one it was last year. But I always feel odd when I cant be there to assist in celebrating.

This is Clematis Emilia Plater with Jackmanii superba; I like the combo:

The weird phenomenon of Dahlia TE overwintering (this is now the 3rd summer for it - I guess I better figure it's staying there and I should think of some combos for it):

And this is the first wee attempt at the water garden - not as cool as Denise's or Saucy's, but still it's a start:

Sue -- being in DC I thought it was probably a local preoccupation re Tim Russert as I've been following along rabidly -- Im glad to hear you were as affected by his untimely death as I was -- he was one terrific human being from all accounts and his obvious love of living - he got a thrill each day it seems just from living -- if only we could all be shadows of how he apparently lived, the world would be a better place.

Well, it's time to turn to woik.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - thanks for the advice re the brug - I'll leave the leafy one to grow and see what develops. Re roses - I hate blackspot etc. and have no tolerance for any rose that can't thrive and look pretty good with minimal attention. The angel roses are the best (want any seeds...?). The Blanc Double de Coubert is also tough as nails - the only issue is clearing off browning petals as the flowers fade. I can walk completely around it in the bed it's in so deadheading is easy. Queen Elizabeth is also a great carefree rose for me. New Dawn on the arbour (and now swag) is also problem free. Hot Cocoa is marginal - I don't like the color (it's part of the 'chocolate' garden for Randy) and it does get bs on the bottom. I give it no winter protection - if it doesn't make it through some winter, I won't mourn too much :- ) Therese Bugnot was just planted last summer so the jury is still out on it but so far, so good...

Cindy - I forgot to say (I think) how much I enjoyed the lush pictures of your garden when you posted them on an earlier thread. I like the clematis combo from today too. It's hard to believe that I never had any in my previous garden and didn't even know what they were! Under the bad(?!) influence of you guys, I'm losing track of how many I have!

I also like all these little water gardens, like Cindy's. But I'm afraid to add one here. This area is a West Nile Virus hot spot and I don't like standing water. I have enough mosquitoes because of the woodland garden and have to do all my gardening in the woodland areas wearing a bug jacket with hood. I don't have enough confidence that a few fish would take care of the problem.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Anyone else care that Tasha Tudor has died?

And here a bit of info that is of interest to me. (In case you were wondering about why people were acting strange!)
Yesterdays June full moon is the 4th of 4 full moons to fall between the March 20th equinox and the June 20th solstice. Normally, there are only 3 full moons in one season, and the 3rd of 4 full moons to fall in one season is sometimes called a blue moon. More popularly, the blue moon refers to the 2nd of 2 full moons to occur in the same calendar month.
The June full moon goes by the name of Rose Moon, Flower Moon or Strawberry Moon.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Mornin' all!

Michelle, I just had to laugh about the semi trucks. People always comment on how peaceful it is on the farm....they never seem to be around when the tooth-rattling stuff is going on. If the guys are feeling especially jaunty, they honk at me when they go by-especially if I happen to be bent over.

Monique, I second your opinion about Deanne's eye. I've often thought that if she came over and took pictures for me, you'd all get a much better idea of what I'm attempting to do around here. I tend to take pictures, then delete them because they just don't do justice. Your garden is stunning, BTW!

Babs, how fun you had a little garden to play in! Today is new washer day, eh? A year or so ago, I got a new front loader. It's a massive beast that I can throw bed pillows in, or a king size comforter. For the first couple of weeks, I washed EVERYTHING...just for fun. Lol, the new has worn off, and I'd be willing to wager that there are at LEAST 5 loads of laundry waiting to be done.

Woody-I spent years working in a factory before I married DH and became a farmer, so I'm pretty good at wandering off somewhere in my head while I work to alleviate boredom. During harvest, I make my Christmas shopping list, in the spring I plan the gardens. I almost always have music on, and since I'm all alone in the tractor, I sing like I can ;) I couldn't carry a tune in a bushel basket, as the saying goes, but I don't mind. I tried books on tape, but they tend to be hard to hear, and the dust is pretty hard on a walkman and I'm afraid to take my Ipod with me. There is almost always something pretty to look at, though. Lots of woods, people's gardens, wildlife, etc. The gardener in me loves looking across a field I'm working and seeing all that beautifully worked dirt, just waiting to be planted. In short, I'm easily amused! I'm not sure what a pressure cushion is..but I probably need one, lol! The tractor I drive is pretty old. It's got an air cushion seat that the guys robbed from an old semi truck. It helps a little. I'm holding out for one of the new tractors that automatically adjusts the seat a zillion times a second so you don't feel the bumps!
My back is pretty much my own fault. If I do the yoga like I should, I really don't have trouble with it much. I opted for getting an extra half hour of sleep this spring, and now I'm paying for it. SO not worth it. Gosh, don't be sorry for the pics, they're beautiful! I especially love the clems.

Marty, I kinda like "the park" too. Might be hard to change the name. Our place is still called "The Bittings Farm" even though DH bought it 25 years ago. We also farm a place called "the 60", but it's grown and has been 75 acres for ages.

I'm a fair weather gardener, too. I would by far rather be sweating than be cold and damp. DH is the direct opposite.

Chelone, lol @ hesperole/desperado. I shall try again this year to get my chucklehead DH to snap a shot of me and the combine. For some reason, he thinks he has better things to do at harvest than take pictures of me....HMPH! That's true love for ya, ain't it?? The farmers we work with updated combines for this fall, and I'm pretty excited about driving it. Lots of bells and whistles...backup cameras and all kinds of techno stuff that I LOVE and the guys are all terrified of. That's okay, keeps me in the driver's seat.

Saucy, re boys DS is 22 years old now, and I still don't trust his shoes ;) I've done the finances since we got married, but DH always knows what's been paid, where I've tucked money away, etc. He doesn't like doing it, and before we were married, he never balanced the checkbook with the bank statement. He "eyeballed" it and figured he was close enough. Yikes! Besides, I don't like for him to write in the check register. I'm weirdly anal and controlling about certain things..I don't like both blue and black ink in the check register -stuff like that. Of course, if you could see the wreck my kitchen is in right now, you would say, "Oh, YEAH, I can see you're really organized. NOT!" Lol, just certain things. Besides, his 4's and 9's are impossible for me to tell apart. So, we discuss, but I execute.

Marie, best wishes to your DD for her birthday. I had kind of a hard time the first time DS had plans on his birthday and I couldn't give him a birthday call.

Sue, Tom Brokaw brought me to tears with his plastic mug and Rolling Rock. I've always been an NBC news person, and I can't imagine getting through this election without ol' Timmy. You could always see how much he loved his job, and I was crushed when I heard about his death. What a trooper his son is-he stayed so composed listening to the tributes. On the Monday night Daily Show, Jon Stewart played a clip of Tim on the show for the Moment of Zen. Tim was on the show when his book came out, and he said, "My son has read it and my father has read it. My life is complete." RIP Timmy, you will be missed!!

Deanne, I've wondered many times how you get SO much done! The containers alone would give me fits. I was so proud to see you in the FG container mag, you deserve the accolades, my friend!

Cindy, Dahlias overwinter for you?? How cool! TE is my hubby's fav and I have to admit, I've lost a few of them. We get started with harvest, and I completely space out that they need to be dug.

Bug-I had not heard about Tasha Tudor's passing, so sorry to hear it.
AHA! I KNEW something was askew in the universe-DH emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher last night. Thank you for explaining it, and now I know it probably won't be an everyday event, lol. Musta been the moon.

Okay, I'm off to do my yoga, then out to play for the day. I know the cool weather and low humitidy aren't going to last forever. I've still got a ton of Bluestone plants on the porch, and some stuff I ordered from Lazy S's. The Bluestone stuff either needs to get into the ground or into bigger pots. Last year, at Michelle's advice, I stuck them in the ground rather than pot them up and they did just great. Problem is, there seem to be weeds in every spot I want to put things-go figure!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Yahoo Idylls!!

I'm peeking in but school is not out for us till next Tuesday - boo hoo!

However the end is in sight, Annie's finals almost over and work is very close to being wrapped up for me. There are a gazillion and a half end of year activities, celebrations, graduations, etc. that are keeping us busy. On top of it all I decided to redo our downstairs powder room as a surprise Fathers Day present for DH who left town at the beginning of June and doesn't return till well after the chaos is over. Should I feel sorry for him? LOL!

I am learning all sorts of new DIY skills (via the internet) as the powder room is turning out to be a real bear to fix up. I've ripped out all the old fixtures and sink, will re-tile the floor, put up wainscoating on the walls and replace one of the world's ugliest vanities with a simple white pedestal sink. A friend's DH has offered to come over to weld for me so things are progressing at a steady if snail-like pace. I picked out a lovely carmel color for the upper walls and the thought of how the end result will look is keeping me going through all the grunt work.

My garden is in full June bloom and getting lusher and lusher with the plentiful rain we have been having (though nothing like the mid-west flooding). I'm even getting mushrooms in the lawn. This time of year is always a race to plant out things out and a couple of days ago I put in 4 dozen sunflowers I'd started in cell packs (specially ordered seed of Lemon Eclair, Italian White, Cherry Rose and Something or other Bear). This morning I discovered deer had trampled through the beds and chomped just about every one to the base. So much for my vision of late summer glory. Combined with the fact that rabbits (or maybe teh same deer) have eaten every single bud and stem of my beloved shirly poppies I'm feeling rather anti wild-life at the moment. At least they haven't found a way to undo my work in the powder room.

I've been continuing my sewing fling making bags as teacher gifts. Here is one I rather liked in linen with felt appliqued and embroidered leaves, lined with a pretty brown and cream fabric.

Like my linen pants it could probably do with an iron but perhaps wrinkles are part of the charm.

Still hopelessly behind on reading but thinking of you all.
Roll on Wednesday the 26th!!


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Hi Mary! Cute I want to be a teacher :) Those are perfect for a couple of books and "permanent records", LOL!

Well, guess who's bees are gonna be on t.v.? That's right! They're doing a piece on new beekeepers and I am next on the list to be inspected by the bee inspector, so he asked if he could bring the news crew. It's on the local channel 3 station, so it's not widely viewed, and my children will likely roll their eyes....but hey, I'm excited.

As to the finances. This obviosly needs alot more discussion, but I think the idea/intention is to take some of the burden from me. You see, this is not my strong suit (I'm rather flighty and unorganized if you hadn't noticed....and have the same quirks as Brenda, LOL) and now that I'm keeping books for the house and company, it seems like a lot of stuff I don't like to do. We already share the books on quickbooks software, but I need someone to remember to send the check.

Does that make sense? What if neither of us is good at it? Hire someone? If so, who do you look for?

Jake's home from 6 flags....gotta go hear all about it :)


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It's probably because of my trade, but maybe it's part of my DNA. I am dialled into details. I have always balanced my personal checkbook to the PENNY. I count my change. Just like Mum and Dad, and very UNLIKE the helpmeet.

It goes deeper than simply number crunching, methinks. As a 'teen I never had a job (there were no "job"s in my very rural town), save the occasional baby-sitting gig. As a consequence I always had to ask for pocket money. Without realizing it, Dad made an already humiliating circumstance worse by asking, "how much?". Umm... the movie is $3.50; "here you go"... but popcorn is .25. "Do you really need to have popcorn, Chelone?". It was excrutiating to have to explain every penny requested. And I've never forgotten how that felt, nor do I think I ever will! I made a promise to myself at that time that NO ONE WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO CONTROL ME WITH MONEY EVER AGAIN. And no one ever has. "Money is a wonderful slave but a terrible master".

I learned many positive things with respect to finances from the 'rents. They taught my brother and me how to discern between "need" and "want" and how to set our financial priorities accordingly. We live below our means because that's the way we were raised. And we grew up in an environment that valued honesty, forethought, and discipline. But I have always carried a deeply rooted fear of "not having enough", which is really pretty foolish given all the above. I am a fearful master of money, even though I'm good at it.

The helpmeet is fearless. He never frets about "enough". But he's more given to cavalier stewardship of his hard-earned proceeds.

Sooo... I make sure the bills are paid in a timely manner, "ride herd" on IRA contributions, and employer matches on company plans, and tax payments. He balances the checkbook, I sometimes remind him to do it. We have an agreement to ALWAYS discuss extra expenditures. Whenever we've had a "pet" project and presented at the "board meeting" there has usually been a way to get it paid for without undo hardship or we've found a way to pay for it with some tightening of the purse strings.

I have a pretty good, if not exact, "read" on the household financial "pulse". I am comfortable with the dreaded "what if" that would follow the helpmeet's untimely demise. One of the nicest compliments the helpmeet ever paid me was to say to others that all we now have is directly attributable to my MY focussed efforts and willingness to opt to go without in the short term. And my highest compliment to him is that, FINALLY, I am beginning to shed the paralyzing mantle of worry... worry that there isn't enough!

Saucy, think of yourselves as a yoke of oxen. Together you are incredibly strong, alone, or not working as a TEAM (yoke) you will be only partially as effective. The money thing is a team sport.

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I keep meaning to say that I am a Tim Russert fan...always found him entertaining and "real." I was shocked when I saw he'd passed away and saddened for his young family.

AND...I used to want to live like Tasha Tudor. I care, GB :) She was very interesting (to say the least!).

Thank you all for the wonderful words of wisdom. Your thoughts are always weighed in my mind as I make decisions. You know, Jake didn't get into trade school, but his grades are better and we don't fight as much. You guys were right about that one, too.

I pulled out some scrub from the tree line. Things are shaping up around here if I do say so myself.


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Hope it was happy Martie!


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Here are some pics of the cabin(it's really more cottagey though). These first two are actually from a couple years ago(in July) since I never got a pic of the garden from this most recent time. Will making these pics clickable be better or worse for dial up folks?

This is a little closer and you can see the little garden-ah yes,the cottage garden; )

Here is the dynamic duo. They and their father caught 41 fish in two days!(catch & release blue gill)-Oh and AJ caught one big arse snappin' turtle. It was the one that got away; )

Is this kind of like torturing family & friends with a vacation slideshow? Remember those?


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Just a hello...will try to catch up with what's going on around here tomorrow.

Moonlight bathes Incahuasi Island, an outcropping of cacti and fossilized algae in the Uyuni salt flat. A great lake covered this area 16,000 years ago. When it dried up, it left a 4,000-square-mile basin of salt, the world's largest such deposit.

Photography by George Steinmetz
'The Altiplanno' NG July 2008

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So I'm slowly catching up-need to do more bday wishes...there's a long list of past ones I haven't been able to do!

Woody-I hope you will enjoy your B&B stay-I bet you will at least for a moment examine the B&B garden and think about deadheading too!? lol.Don't forget to bring your pruners; )
The pics I posted don't even show the pond or the grassy hill the kids played on but I will sneak them here for you to see. It was great because each night we would build a campfire and just gawk at the night sky-such brilliant stars.
Yes,we are planning to buy my mom's home hopefully in the next year or two-not sure how easy it will be for us to sell our house due to the market so that will dictate when it happens. Lol I AM nervous about changing things my mom has done over the years(her house is 44 years old-I was 5 mos. old when we moved in!)
You're right-I don't think we think of our early gardens as practice but they kind of are when it's time to move on and you've grown in experience. I keep thinking of David having to leave his garden-he had some stunning plantings to leave behind...I've only just begun but I do know what I want.

Hi Brenda-good to see you! Yep,you know I've been washing clothes since 8:30am. I did a queen size comforter! and a super duper load of anything I could find,then a twin comforter with a queen bedspread...I bet I can do ALL our pillows too! I wonder if the neighbors need anything washed... What I can't get over is how quiet this machine is. I keep telling the kids to listen carefully and tell me what they hear. They look at me like I'm NUTS and say 'nothing!' Then I smile and say, 'kids,that's the sound of our new washer-don't you LOVE it?' I am a lunatic. This will probably get old just as you said. lol.

Hi Mary! I can't believe your kids and Saucy's still have school this late! I do know that we start back Aug 21-that's just wrong.
What fun teacher gifts! You are always so industrious.

Saucy-I do the bills and I never signed up for that job! While my brain isn't always screwed in tight I am more freakish about the horrors of late payments so I took on the bills and I know every due date. Chris will be the poster child for collection agencies everywhere if I die first but I think he'd learn because he'd have to. There's nothing wrong with sharing but I'd be specific about who pays/keeps track of which bills. Believe me,if Chris ASKED to be in charge of bills I'd let him(and I'd keep checking up on him-just habit).
You are a bee celebrity! Good luck on TV-you know you will be the bees' knees. Not the same as a Bee movie,OK? Any luck on finding out what that virgin queen has been up to?

I'm just blabbing again-time to get Ryan to bed-I think it might be best if I do this in short bursts.

Oh-I loved Tim Russert too-a weird thing happened though to us; one of our friends died the SAME way just a couple days before Tim did. Our friend was 59 and had two kids about the same ages as AJ & Ryan. No previous heart trouble though a little overweight-he had the best laugh and twinkling eyes. It really makes you think when it can happen that suddenly.


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PM - What serendipity. I just finished practicing with David. He is learning a new guitar piece - the Danza del Altiplano by Leo Brouwer. I couldn't believe the concidence of opening up the Idylls and seeing your picture of the Antiplano. How wild is that! Before this week I'd never heard of it and now you share a photo. Idyll telepathy perhaps:0) I've linked a performance of the music.

Babs - LOVE the photo of the boys!!

Happy Birthday Martie.

Saucy - can't wait to hear about your bee appearance on TV.

On the home finances question DH takes responsibility for bill paying - one task I have no desire to take over. He is methodical and meticulous. I do however have an email in my inbox titled "What to Do If I Croak" containing all the info I need.

Productive day in the bathroom (decorating wise that is). However, I'm now second guessing whether I like the wall color. Darn:0( Guess I'll sleep on it and look afresh in the AM.

Nite all


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just getting ready to head off to bed but thought I'd pop in here and post the link to a gallery. I did a walk about this evening with my camera and thought you'd enjoy taking the evening stroll with me.


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Plans to write a nice long post tonight have gone awry, I'm pooped !The brain power is just not happening. But will at least say Hi ,and enjoying reading all the long newsy posts from our Babs and Brenda.

See you all on the morrow

Kathy in Napa

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Happy Solstice! To celebrate end of school (next week but who's counting?) and Summer, the entire neighborhood is going out to our local ice cream farm for dinner. We've warned them of our imminent arrival :-)

Finances here are shared. We both know what's going on all the time but Rich does the actual bill paying so things don't get done twice. Because we're a merged family, what was really important to us was a lawyer-prepped will so Jen and Kyle wouldn't have any issues to face. The arrangement works for us.

Though a Morning stroll for me, Deanne, thanks for taking us along! Your lament about not a lot of color goes by the wayside looking at the great foliage combos you've put together.

I couldn't watch the Tim Russert memorial but many of us from work will be gathering this afternoon at the office to watch a downloaded feed. I'm sure Kleenex will be present.

Bopping this morning .... everyone have a sparkling day!


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What a gorgeous stroll through the gardens....I am always happy when I see Wendy :) I always forget she's there...she surprises me everytime. I'll second the opinion that you are not lacking in color! The foliage makes it's own show :)

Mary, I enjoyed listening to the piece. I wondered if David watching other's play on YouTube is helpful? I think it would be nice to hear other's play and be able to hear all the nuiances of a song.

PM, that picture looks unreal in the moonlight...very nice pick :)

Babs, my MIL would be over the moon if someone tended her garden in Maine. Isn't it nice when you can do something that is fun for you and enjoyed by the recipient.

What to do if I croak totally cracked me up. I hope the color is more pleasing to this morning's eye :) If not, maybe a color wash/glaze to change the color subtly?

Well, last full day of school is here, and it's time to get on the bus and get this day started :)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Happy Solstice!

What to do if I Should I be sending someone an e-mail like that? When I tried to change my beneficiaries on the retirement accounts to my three brothers, two of them wouldn't give me their social security numbers. Charles Scwaab required it so guess what? Only one of my brothers gets all that cashola. The other two smoke so I'll probably outlive them anyway.

I've always handled all the finances and would not want to not know what was going on in that department. Tom had no interest. He isn't particularly good with credit cards so it will be interesting to see how he deals with that now that I'm not around to make sure they get paid off in full every month. On second thought maybe it won't be so interesting since I probably won't know. Just as well.

Martie, get ready to laugh at some of the Tim Russert memorials. Mike Barnicle, Mario Cuomo, Al Hunt...all had funny stories to tell. Even Brian Williams had the crowd chuckling. I'll leave you with an excerpt from Maria Shriver's memorial. Hers were the words I remembered most.

"My heart led me here today as I know is the same for all of you. You see, I lost my heart to Timmy Russert the day I met him. And the entire time I knew him he took care of it. He protected my heart when it needed protection. He nurtured it when it needed care and he helped it grow. And he never, ever broke it. A rare man indeed."

Yes, a rare man indeed.

Get out and enjoy the day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And Sue once said she was not sentimental or emotional. HA! Now here is evidence to the contrary and her Zack is another bit of proof.
We love our Sue anyway, not just on Fridays.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning!

Well, school's out here and the AM pace has slowed a bit. During school, DD had to be out the door at 7am and DS at 7:45. A little breathing room in the morning is a good thing.

The removal of two huge oak trees that flanked my driveway has changed the appearance of the garden in the front, but it is affecting the backyard as well. There is one area that was among the sunniest places, and I was in denial telling myself it was in full sun when it really wasnt. I decided in early spring to get rid of all the full sun stuff that was struggling, so I have a lot of empty spots. This year, it sure seemed sunny to me in that area, and I kept telling myself it was because the trees were not leafed out yet. Well, the leaves are out and it is still sunny! I couldnt figure it out until I looked up while standing in the middle of my backyard and saw a hole in the sky! The oak trees in the front were shading the backyard more than the house was apparently. Ive moved some perennials around and filled in with annuals, well have to see if it is really full sun all year long.

Mary, a productive day in the bathroom is always a plus, LOL! That is awesome that you are learning new skills doing your bathroom project, I'd never have the nerve to remove bathroom fixtures. I love hearing about your children's musical talents. Both of mine will be in the middle school band next year - DS is taking up the trombone and DD is still playing the drums. She actually played tympani in the spring concert, those drums fascinate with all the different tones. They are required to use a computer program called Smart Music next year, are you familiar with it? They actually hook a microphone to the computer and practice with an accompaniment. The program highlights their errors and they can click on the notes that they missed and find the proper fingering or slide position. My DS is a technology hound, Im sure this will encourage him to practice!

Deanne, thank you for the garden stroll. Your place looks spectacular even without tons of stuff blooming, but I know you love your flowers. Your containers look so great already, mine still need a few more weeks of heat. The new fountain looks awesome, and I think I see some new containers as well. Just lovely.

Saucy, I handle the bill paying at our house, but DH has a sense of where we are financially. Any major purchases we discuss ahead of time, no impulse spending on the big stuff. I dont have a specific "If I Croak" memo, but DH knows where I keep all the important stuff. I organize the bills by due date as they come in, and as long as I check that file once a week or so I can pretty much keep up on everything. I prefer the actual act of writing a check and mailing my payments, but have you considered automatic payments for some of the bills? Some companies offer them, or you can set it up with your bank. I am enjoying your bee tales, and the pictures are great keep em coming!

Brenda and Babs, nice to see you again!

Well, duty calls Happy Friday everyone!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a quick pop-in. I have a thought in my head, so must post before it gets away ;)
Saucy, does your local news station have a website? Our local news does, and you can usually watch a video of different segments. Maybe we could see a clip of your bee extravaganza??

Gotta go. We're dog sitting my nephew's golden retreiver for a week, and I need to do a yard patrol. Kinda like kid-proofing the house. Our dogs know what's what, but thought I'd ought to take a walk around and look at things with a fresh eye. Tucker has boundless energy and will bring you anything that isn't red-hot or nailed down. On a farm, it's not always a pleasant gift :(
Have a good day, all!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Geez...I haven't posted at all in this thread. Well, I've been very low in energy and I'm sure that accounts for it. Certainly not a lack of stimulating conversation here. :-)

Mary...isn't that strange...I had never heard of the Antiplano either. I listened to that performance that you linked to and I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks. I have a soft spot for guitar pieces and this was a particularly nice one. I usually like classical guitar too. I went looking in the library online to see if I could find a recording of it and I found two CDs. The first was called 'Die Gitarre = La guitare = The guitar'. One of the tracks is: Danza del Altiplano, from Musica Incidental Campesina / Leo Brouwer (John Draper, Robert Beer) , the other is called 'Cantos y danzas' with a track called Danza del altiplano/trad. with Manuel Barrueco on guitar. I was curious enough to look it up in Wikipedia and see that it is a place in South America that is a high plateau. There are a few articles with photos about it on the National Geographic website and the cactus photo along with the flamingo photo were both from The Altiplano series. I have a third photo from that series....

Vehicles seem to float on a shimmering salt flat flooded by summer rains.

Photograph by George Steinmetz from 'The Altiplano' NG July 2008

About your bathroom painting....I never think the paint on the wall looks like I was expecting it to from the chip. It always takes me a few days or longer to get used to it before I can decide whether I like it or not. See it at different times of day.

Deanne...some stunning containers developing at your house. You have so many of them Wow! Everything looks gorgeous and well tended and well loved. :-) That dark container with the yellow plants is still my favorite. Love the rock edging around the hostas on the corner of the house. There is one container that has a silvery heuchera in it that is almost iridescent. Glad the weather has settled down to allow you to enjoy your garden!

Hello to B&B! [Brenda and Babs] :-) Sounds like very busy days at your house Babs. Sorry you are going to have to move from your present home. The last time I moved was 30 years ago and I wasn't a gardener at that point. Moving was always so stressful, I just can't even imagine having to try to bring my garden with me. Hope you have help and support. Brenda...happy to hear your back is better. Our DS was not home for his BD for the first time this year too....I had a hard time with it, but I guess it was bound to happen.

Great news about Wrecks getting back to his walks.

Gardenbug....HBB to Reed...are they back from the camping trip yet?

For Reed...the Make Way For Ducklings at Boston Common....sorry the photo is not clearer.

Missing photos of Grandkids and Phoebe. What's the status of your wheels? Looking forward to more news from DS...great you are getting a visit.

Tasha Tudor....I had heard her name before, but I kept confusing her with the woman who wrote the book on Houseplants that was somehow connected to Logee's in CT. I can't remember her name. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was just reading about her and I love the account of her lifestyle. Quite an individiual. I can't imagine divorcing in 1938...such a stigma at that point. Interesting that she was born in Boston.

Kathy...really love your Purple Rain daylily. Such a nice dark color and the ruffle on the edge is a nice touch. I have a movie waiting to watch called Son of Fury with Gene Tierney and Tyrone Power. Made in 1942, I have not seen this one before.

Beauty and the Beast was a favorite of our DD, but her very favorite was The Little Mermaid. Both our DD and DS were crazy about The Lion King and sang all the songs for months.

Woody...Gorgeous Clematis VP and your roses are looking so healthy! I love your garden and I saw your post on Discussions about how you manage your soil...I like that approach.

Cindy...another gorgeous Clematis...and I like the two of them together.

Gee....I am finding this strange pull to buy more Clematis. [g] My one Duchess of Edinberg is already finished blooming. Instead of Clematis, we have Honeysuckle in bloom right now. The smell has been floating in the windows all week and although delicious, I can't post the fragrance, so just the Clematis...[g]

Well...I've lost my place in the thread...I thought I saw something about Saucy being on TV with Bees? [g] ...That's it from here...Hellos all around!


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Brenda, LOL my gift this morning on the lawn from Jaden is the hind quarter of a rabbit. Hopefully, it's the one thats been ravishing my veggie garden. Of course it could be the deer I saw run through the front yard the other day.

We do auto payments for most of the monthly bills. We each have our part in the financial work. DH pays all the large farm related bills as it is good for him to look them over. I pay the credit card bill where we charge most of the day to day expenditures.

Deanne, the stroll was extremely pleasurable. Everything is just to well groomed, well planned and interesting.

Sue, your brothers must be a little whacko.

Babs, expect our laundry by UPS tomorrow LOL

Great water gardens ladies. I think you should submit them to the Fine Gardening container contest which is water gardens this year.

I must get to work - have a great day!


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Babs, what a fantastic getaway, and it's easy to see on the boys' faces what they think of it. What a treat to find you and Brenda checking in. "Red-hot or nailed down" is my new fav expression.

From a completely sports-deaf household, I can offer unreserved congrats on the Celtics' win. Now everyone has to take down those silly Laker flags from their cars, or such should be the law.

How did 'bug put it, "money moron"? Not quite moronic, more like indifferent. Every 6 mos or so Marty begs me to take over "cookin' the books" as we call it, but I've so far resisted. We share info, strategies, and he handles the day-to-day stuff. The division of labor breaks down this way more because his job is active, I sit on my keister all day and then some, so I don't need any more chair time.

Way back, Chelone asked about the marine layer, which Kathy covered (ah, summer beach memories, eh, Kathy? I was mostly at Torrance Bch.) Warming air, still-cool ocean equals marine layer, our "June gloom," which is in full effect, even heavy fog the past two mornings. Then I'm thinking East Coast under influence of Gulf stream, "sea turn," what's that about? I really should have Marty on as a guest idyller, because he's all over this stuff, but briefly, on the West Coast we're influenced by the Japan current, cold water moving south to us, East Coast is influenced by the Gulf stream, warm water moving north, doing it's thing with warming Florida, then getting colder and saltier as it heads north, past Newfoundland, over and down to England, etc., where I'll leave the current for brevity's sake, since I can hear the collective idyll snores...

Tasha Tudor, yes, yes, I remember she was mad about peonies. Forgot about the corgies and will check out the books, anything with the word "corgieville" has gotta be worthwhile. Tim Russert was an adorable man, even tho I never made a habit of MTP like Marty & Dune. Frankly, I've got huge issues with the "mainstream media" but now's not the time or place...

Break over, so quick wave to all. Deanne, your photos were just the tonic I needed late last night. Aside from the gorgeous plants, I was struck by your rigorous maintenance standards, wow. And thanks for photos of Monique's too. Woody's clems are gorgeous. Saucy, one of my clem purchases was the New Zealander C. cartmanii 'Joe,' one I've had an eye on for some time, and I got one of the diversifolia too, a pinkish one. Meant to tell you I enjoyed the "stache" repartee with you and your son too!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I dont have much time,it's one of those freaking fridays - but I just wanted to say to Deanne -- how soothing and calming I found your photos of your stroll -- things look magnificent and a solace to my spirit -- just what I needed for a break here between frazzled deadlines. And it is so intimidating to see how immaculate and trimmed and neat (even the mulch!!) is around everything... I bet you are the same type of housekeeper, LOL. I just love to be able to wander thru your garden (via your camera lens if nothing else) - a virtual wonder. Thanks, Deanne for sharing w/ us!

I do also remember Tasha Tudor - she was a wonderful inspiration in the States.

Break's over - I told his majesty I couldnt stay late tonite because got plans to take DD & her spouse out for dinner for her belated birthday -- got one of those succulent topiary turtles for her patio but just couldnt figure out how to lug it in on the metro - would have been a conversation piece though parking him on a seat - his name is "Terence" - they name them just like Cabbage Patch dolls used to come - what a riot... will deliver him by car over the weekend instead - I guess he might have liked a tour of DC though, eh?


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P.S. I thought the altiplano was where the Nazca Plains/Nazca Lines were but I see it's north of Lake Titicaca.

Cindy, I'd welcome Terence the succulent turtle on the seat next to me compared to some metro companions I've had...have a great dinner!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Denise. I'd like to explain that "money moron" refers to bigger things: investing, checking up on the bank and the insurance etc...Forms terrify me. Math I am very uninterested in but can do it. Working with DH on balancing books can be a horror for me. I worry about the last penny, he reverses figures. But almost anyone is capable of looking at a calender, opening envelopes, writing a check, affixing a stamp. Yet, DH manages to be so sloppy about timing (he's a prof and plays it to the hilt) that I eventually got him to pay everything on line.

OK, I'll be honest and share that I've lived under a rock all my life. I have no idea who Tim Russert was and find it hard to wax eloquent about someone I never met. Then too, the entire media thing irritates me. Manufactured news with Sesame Street timing from my point of view. The world's events compressed between commercials. Everything seems to be of equal importance: famine, beauty contests, movie stars, wars, car sales, national debt, drought, crime of the week. Boggles me...

Amazing that someone actually lives where Cartmanii Joe can thrive!

Make Way for Ducklings! How very sweet! I love sculptures. Portland Oregon has fabulous ones too I recall. I remember some sea otters there as well as the characters from the Ramona children's books.

Brenda, my gift this morning was a dead chipmunk.... No, the gang has another full week away before everyone returns to work and Day Care.

Enjoying Cindy's and Woody's clematis. I am drowning in weeds here....and mosquitoes.

Shots from today.

Happy gardening!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'm hopelessly behind again. Oh well, I'll dive in anyway.
You guys have been busy with such a wonderful variety of things! Turtles, bees, kids, marine layers, moonlight walks, money managing, mourning Timmy R., bathroom refinishing... Jeesh, I'm tired just thinking about it all. I wish you guys hired out - I would hire you all in a heartbeat for my place. LOL
Today is my first day back from back issues. I have an RF nerve ablation on July 2nd. I can't wait! :-\

The only thing even remotely interesting I can contribute here is tonights activity. I am going to a Native American Summer Solstice Welcome. I have no idea what to expect but I think it's sounds pretty cool. I will report in tomorrow.

Happy Summer Solstice all. :)


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Hi Jerri! Looking forward to your report on the NASSW.

'bug's comment re C. cartmanii prompts me to indulge in another smallish story ;) re Oriental poppies which I've long lusted after but which need winter chill hours I can't accommodate here in zone 10. Sometime back in the '90s some intrepid breeder crossed a lot of species and came out with a poppy that could grow in So. Calif, called the "Minicap" poppy. Big fanfare, I bought one, killed it, and the hybrid poppies faded away, never to be heard of again. Periodic Googling brought up zilch. Until a yr ago, on GW, someone referenced a grower in England that grew "superpoppies." I corresponded with the grower, who now had developed many different varieties of these poppies, and whose stock came from the original Calif breeder, all now mine for the taking with a phytosanitary cert. But the cert process is laborious and darn pricey to boot. So I keep the paperwork on my desk, just in case the poppy hunger gets unbearable.

Two days ago Park Seed catalogue comes in, which usually gets tossed, but I absent-mindedly flip thru a few pages and see the word "superpoppy." The world switches to slow motion as I read the entry, and it is one of the English breeder's poppies finally on our shore! I order two and an astrantia and now anxiously await my poppies. Ain't life grand? The only downside is Park zones it only to 8, not down to 9 or 10, and nowhere is it mentioned these superpoppies don't require winter chill. Hopefully, they just don't know what it is they've really got...

I've been reading this nice blog Snapdragon after finding a write-up a few months back in the BBC's Gardens Illustrated, and Mary's sewing reminds me of some of her stuff. She seems to live an idyllic life in Scotland making handcrafts, is a florist, growing and arranging flwrs, raising a family. I thought the hosta trick would be something the idyllers with miles of hosta might be interested in.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Have another minute to try to catch up a little more....

Hope your weather will cooperate to get your playhouse painted, Michelle. Can't wait to see it...have you decided on a color yet?

Babs...thanks for the tip about honey for burns. I hadn't heard that one. We used to use Aloe Vera gel, but I haven't seen that sold in awhile.

Martie...sorry to hear Rich has had to have a procedure. He has had his share lately it seems. Hope he is feeling better. I am in agreement with Chelone...I do like the name 'The Park' as is. Wondering what has you considering changing it? Also wanted to mention your neighborhood sounds wonderful!

So many great Clematis growers here...what's the secret? I know you need to have sunny tops and shaded roots. Does anyone do anything special to keep theirs looking so marvelous. :-)

Woody....have you ever tried growing the Rosa BDdC from collected seed?

Also found the discussion of the Marine Layer interesting. I didn't realize you had that on the West Coast. It's been a long time since I lived anywhere close to the ocean, but I did spend a few summers on the North Shore of Massachusetts growing up and I distinctly remember there were lots of days that would start out foggy and clear up by late morning. I really enjoyed that. Not sure if I would have if it lasted into the afternoon and interfered with going to the beach, which I love.

Saucy...your mention of Jake's trip to Six Flags with his class brings back memories. Canoby Lake in NH was our field trip for graduating from sixth grade quite a long time ago. [g] We were SO excited! DH and I really enjoy amusement parks. Sometimes I think we enjoy it more than our kids Haven't been in quite awhile though, and never have been to Six Flags, although DH and kids have gone. I am always impressed with children who show any signs of 'organization'. Did he have a fun time yesterday?

Still loving the color of your siding behind your plants, Saucy. I have lived with beige siding for TOO long and crave more color. :-) That water garden in the galvanized tub looks really interesting. Would love to know what you have growing in it. Also see you enjoy the dark foliage plants...the ajuga and carex are something I would grow. Wondering if that is an ornamental pepper in front?

I used to want to live like Tasha Tudor too. [g]

I have to add similar sentiments to Gardenbug and Denise's about the way the media presents the news. I am not watching much of it anyway. I just can't tolerate being reminded multiple times a day of how many things are wrong in the world that I don't feel in a position to do anything about, and that I find upsetting. I also feel the way the Media presents it, just adds to everyone's apathy. I didn't always feel that way but it's been a few years since I watched the news with any regularity. We used to watch Walter Cronkite and we did enjoy Peter Jennings and Harry Reasoner, so I do remember what that felt like when they stopped presenting the news. Sorry Sue, about Tim Russert.

Cindy....that plant in your water garden on the left side...what is that called? Someone gave me that and I didn't realize it was a water plant. It didn't get watered well enough and it is looking pretty sad. I am wondering if I can cut it back to the ground and expect new growth? I suppose I should think about using it in a water garden too. Do I really want to start another project right now? [g]

Mary...lovely bags that I imagine teachers are very happy to get. Love the way you lined them.

Babs..your bosy are so big! Someone took a great photo, love the way they are framed with the tree branches.

DH told me the Solstice is here again. Now the days start getting shorter. He is the strangest person, he actually looks forward to when the days get shorter while I am so not wanting to see it start getting dark earlier. Did you ever hear of anyone who liked it getting dark early? [g]

Denise...LOL...'Red-hot or nailed down'?? Isn't that interesting that you seem to know so much about the 'marine layer'. It might be Marty that is up on all of it, but I think you have been assimilating some of it from him. :-)

Love that Lily Gardenbug....and envy you the clean foliage. Here we are dealing with the Red Lily Leaf Beetle that is making me think seriously of letting go of lilies all together.

Jerri...your evening's activities sound interesting. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Officially caught up...! :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh...I almost forgot. You may remember we don't have any pets at our house, but our son brought a dog home to his house from a shelter last year which he is just wild about. We got a call today that he now has brought home a cat to go with the dog and to his surprise, the cat had kittens. He just sent us photos of 4 very cute 4 week old kittens! He has always loved animals. We all had such a bad experience with a three year illness our last dog had, that we haven't had another pet since. Our two youngest were impacted the most, so I am just so happy that he is finally having animals in his life again. Plus, we never could have a cat since DH is quite allergic.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lol, well I'm glad to see I'm not hogging ALL the "special gifts"! Tucker is here, though not really settled in. He's very nervous, of course. I thought maybe if I played ball with him for a while it would tire him out and he could relax a little. No such luck. He got the ball, walked past me with it and put it under a bench on the porch...purposely. He walked all around my car, then sat down at the back hatch. I assume this means he decided that would be his entry point, and I should take him home, now. He's also brought me his leash and toy rope a couple of times. The leash, I can figure out. The toy rope, I don't have a clue, unless he's just abusing me ;) When he brings that, he swings his head and smacks me with the knotted end.

'Bug-Tim Russert did Meet The Press for years, and is one of the few people in the media I have an inkling of respect for. Tough, fair, and not overly dramatic, although it was plain to see that he loved his job. I share your view of the news in general. I often hear the Eagles song "Dirty Laundry" in my head during the news.

PM2-I saw a clip of and Elton John concert on t.v. once, and he apologized to the parents in the crowd as he was about to do "The Circle of Life". He said he figured they had probably heard it enough, but....
I'm planning a special surprise for my DS for his birthday this year. He's always wanted to go parachuting. Two of my nephews went on Father's Day, and said it was awesome. They did a tandem jump with an instructor, so I think this year, that's what the boy and I are going to do to celebrate our birthdays. They're only five days apart, and it's something I always thought I would get around to doing, so no time like the present.

I should probably get something started for sides for supper. DH is grilling pork chops. He grills most of the time in the summer, and since he's busy cultivating the corn, I figure I should contribute something :)
Later, all!
PS. Tucker had a run-in with a skunk a couple of days ago. DN was mortified to bring him over. He's been bathed a bunch of times, but y'all know how that goes. He's not repulsive, but you DO know what it right in the face, poor guy.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Parachuting?! Brenda...well I'll be! Quite adventurous. I can safely say I have never wanted to jump out of a plane at any time in my Your son must think you are the coolest Mom. :-) My BD is 5 days from DD and 9 days from our middle son.

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I always liked Tim Russert's manner, too. He was always polite and respectful to his guests but at the same time retained the ability to zero in and ask the tough questions, never allowing them to "wiggle off the hook". Another favorite interviewer of mine is Bill Moyers; I have NO time for puffed-up wannabes like Bill O'Reilly (cracked me up that Bill Moyers remarked, "he's not a journalist, he's a pugilist"). We on the Compound share the same concerns about "news" and the "importance" its given on the 3 major network broadcasts. We prefer PBS and NPR, but we also read and use the internet to search out comprehensive coverage. What struck me most about Tim Russerts early death is that he is the same age as my brother. I've been thinkin' about that the past week!

The weather has been unpredictable enough that it frightened away the painters for 3 days. ;) They were here yesterday and today and the completion date on the contract is TODAY. ;) I am irritated on one level (I want to be able to work on the gardens and get the awnings up!), but OTOH it is what it is and it won't be the end of the world. Not like the electrician who held up other contractors! Still unable to glean further information on piercings and "ink". (wink).

The helpmeet is a wicked spoHts fan. The Red Sox, the Celtics, and football (though he has a long standing love affair with the NY Giants). I loathe football, but baseball, basketball, and hockey are interesting to me. I also love horse racing and always have, though the present state of the sport sickens me. I believe in breeding quality, sound horses and racing them into maturity to PROVE their worthiness to be used as breeding stock. I caught a very quick snippet of a guy (Kendall Jackson winery?) who owns Curlin(g) speaking before the Congress. I nearly cried when I heard an owner of a quality racehorse espousing the very same sentiments I feel! No more cheap speed horses, let's herald the return of the mature handicapper who can carry weight and go 1 1/2-2 miles. It saddened me to learn he has to go to S. America or Europe to find the big, strong breeding stock he wants to cross with the leading sires in the USA. Perhaps Eight Belles and Barbaro will have a posthumus effect on the sport that created them...

Everyone's gardens look so great (have yet to "stroll" with you, Deanne), and I'm very intrigued by the container water gardens. I expect to see one of you among the winners in the FG competition. Here? 'bug your weeds have nothin' on mine. Things I want to do are on "hold" with painters tramping about, the elusive desire to wrap up the bahn project, and a general malaise about lack of progress on either. It'll pass. So keep entertaining me and strumming the guilt nerve, OK?

I remember a PBS Victory Garden episode that visited Tasha. And when I read your mention of her, 'bug, the first thing I thought of was CORGIS (Denise). I also recall that she wore a Juliet cap... she was definitely one who marched to her own drummer. I learned today that she dropped out of school in the 8th. grade. Hmmm... should we take that as a calculated, intelligent move or put her into the "lucky" category? 92 and able to die in her home is lucky, indeed. Maybe living a good, generous, creative life really does deliver "the goods". :)

Mary, I tip my hat to you for undertaking the bathroom renovation. I am a firm believer that with curiosty, good directions, and a plan one can accomplish just about anything. Give yourself time with the new paint color. I've always been pretty good at picking winners, but was burned badly by yellow about 25 yrs. ago. LOL, I've been frightened by yellows ever since. I have to go back and listen to the linked piece; doubly important after reading your side of the Altiplano.

I looked at your posted shot, PM2, and was reminded of some Pink Floyd album that included some pretty weird post cards... one of a guy doing a handstand in some sort of alkyline formation locale... . I've either burned those brain cells or it was a really LONG time ago. But what great shots. How fortunate are we to inhabit such a beautiful place, and have the technology, and human creativity to see it and share it? Wow!

Victor Firth (BSO percussionist) has a home in my community. He has shopped at our shop, too. And he's added peppermills to his line of drumsticks. It was the helpmeet who told me the Timpany is infinitely tuneable... who knew?! I know exactly diddle about music. But I know enough that I'm immediately irritated when my boss dismisses classical music as "boring". I love classical music. And I even like Opera, but in small, meaningful doses.

So much more to comment on, but not right now.

Takin' care of your bum leg, Sue?! I repeat: don't screw with this or you will regret it.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

MRI scheduled for Monday night, Chelone. Maybe that will shed some light on what is going on. I've been doing the calf stretches and band exercise prescribed by the physical therapist and icing once or twice a day. The orthopedic guy wanted me to ice four times a day for 20 minutes each time in addition to the stretches and exercises. My PT suggested I go in my hot tub twice a day. It all sounds wonderful but who the heck has a couple of hours a day to sit around and do all this stuff? I try to minimize activity but I have to go to work, maintain the house and garden and take care of the dogs. Being in a boot and on crutches just isn't realistic for me. Unfortunately the pain I have now is just annoying and doesn't prevent me from doing most things.

Weird weather here tonight. I was going to spread some mulch but it keeps raining off and on (it's currently pouring) so I decided to sit and watch the much maligned mainstream news Thunder is rumbling off in the distance and Nick just jumped into my chair. Time for a good bottle of wine.

Deanne, I passed your garden gallery link around again today to selected co-workers. As usual, it was a hit. If you don't mind I'm going to study your container combos. I'm at a point where I have empty containers and openings in half designed containers but all the plants I have left don't fit any of the open spots or combine well with any of the other "inventory" plants. Selection of annuals at the local nurseries has dwindled considerably. What to do? What to do?

The comforter set I ordered for my bed at the beginning of May finally arrived today and I'm giving it the thumbs up. The room needed some pattern and color. The only problem is the bed skirt is just a tad too long-maybe half an inch in some spots. I hate to bring it in to be shortened by that little amount. Any tips of the trade, Chelone?

Brenda, I did the parachuting thing in college. Go for it!

OK, guess I'll defrost a filet for dinner and go find some wine. I'm getting better at the grilling thing-only about half of what I cook comes out overdone. At least I haven't incinerated anything



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PM, Canobie Lake Park is the only amusement park I will take my kids to....I love the mature trees - they provide much needed shade that is neccessary for any summer enjoyment, IMO! I don't care for the concrete jungles....

Jake's at the Luau tonight - they let them hula until 10pm tonight, then all the fun's over for Middle School....

They filmed this morning and I was on the evening news. I didn't do too bad, having not expected to be hooked up to a microphone and asked questions...Brenda, it might show up on the website, since I see other clips there. I have to tape it somehow since family wants to see :) I'll see if I have the nerve to show my goofy interview here for all to giggle at :) I must've been 10 shades of red :)

I must say my bees interviewed veils or gloves were required today :) I have a swarm building up and have to make a decision how to handle. My old queen quit laying a couple of weeks back in preparation and therefore she has shrunk in size (abdomen not full of eggs to lay) and is hard to find (why I did not see her). She will fly off with about half my bees to start a new hive if I don't do something to prevent this. It's too late for some tactics, but I'm thinking of trying to do a "split". I'll let you know the procedure when I pick one :) Much reading is needed on the subject.....but I'm leaning toward the newspaper method :)

Thanks all for being patient with my new hobby.

I dabbled in my water garden today because my neighbor brought me surprises for it...a corkscrew rush and some wather hyacinth. It's looking pretty good now that it's getting warmer :)

Cindy, I meant to say how much I loved your water feature! There's just too many cool plants to dunk in the puddle, don't you think? Have you tried a .10 fish or two? You might get a pet heron, too :)

Martie, Nick had tests and now we have to see a specialist (Nick's request...just getting an educated opinion), though I think we're okay now. They found no gallstones, but "spots" on his liver. It was pretty stressful while we waited for a CT scan, but everything is looking like run of the mill hemangiomias....just get tested again in 6 months. I didn't want to say anything here until we knew better, and now we do and we're breathing easier.

I've gotta go wash the fun of today off of me :) I smell like I got sprayed by a skunk :)


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100 degrees when I got home from work today, and it has now cooled down to a brisk 99. Im staying in the house till the sun goes over the neighbors Magnolia. Doobie and Ted are just about comatose and the garden looks very unhappy. I watered on my lunch hour today (which I took at 10am, knowing this was predicted) but the succulents, zinnias and salvias are toughing it out like the troopers they are. No marine layer in sight this week Denise, but would welcome it with open arms about now.

Ill join bug in her ignorance of Tim Russert, since I rarely watch tv , and never watch tv news unless there is election coverage to be had . My friend George and I from about the age of 12 through high school were major NBC news groupies, worshiping at the shrine of Frank Mcgee, Sander Vanocher etc. I get all my news now from newspapers and radio, mostly NPR and in depth stuff from magazines like the Atlantic and the Economist. I like the Economist because it has journalists from all over the world and it gives me a more balanced view of things than one might get from reading just US sources. As much as I use/enjoy the internet, I havent gotten into it much as a news source yet. Some how I am soothed by printing on a page and a nice adult beverage .

Deanne, with the heat we have had here the last three days , your garden stroll was just a welcome respite. Is that the new fountain you got for half-off ? Love it ! To me seeing all your containers before they have filled-out and spilled-out really demonstrates the huge amount of labor and thought required to put together such a huge number of fabu-fabu combos. Have you actually ever counted how many containers you have ? I think we Idylls really need this information ! Maybe a Guess the Containers contest? Like the Jelly bean bowl at the fair.

Denise, when I moved up here to Norcal I was excited to find Oriental Poppies in the nurseries and bought a few post haste, all miserable failures. We do get decent chill here- we can grow cherries, apples, phlox, peonies (bad peonies, but peonies none the less) but my experiments with the OPs ended after about 3 years and I have not even attempted them again. Papaver somniferum however is a wild success !

And Chelone, Ms Tudor often had bare feet. I listen to horseracing sports-talk show on the radio on Sat am when I am driving around doing my shopping errands. The guy who anchors the show is an old timer and even though I have no clue what they are talking about most of the time I find I really enjoy listening to it. They continue to express concern about the state of the sport, roids etc. Jason Giambi on 4 legs.

Wonderful to have Babs and Brenda back in the fold again. Saucy will be a film at 11. Marys teacher bags are wonderful, and all the Clematis pics from Woody, Cindy, PM etc are being viewed with interest and envy !

And GB is that a martagon lily ?

A brief word on finances: my DH was an accountant by trade and did all the home bill stuff , although unilateral decisions were never made when it came to investments or large expenditures. After 25 years of basically having a live-in financial advisor it took me awhile to get in the groove after he died. I would encourage one and all to openly share and learn the family finances, because you never know the future and when the unexpected happens and you are suddenly left on your own that is one thing you dont want to have to worry about knowledge is power,right?

Ok Cindy, you may want to avert your eyes as I am posting another Daylily pic, lol .(I would advise you never under any circumstances to visit the daylily forum. )

This is Bela Lugosi, and very similar to Purple Rain, but the flowers are bigger .

Kathy in Napa

Greetings to all !

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

What a great couple days Ive had. The gardens are really taking shape and Ive finally gotten all the edging, trimming, deadheading, arranging, planting etc. etc done. Now Im ready to tackle some new projects! LOL Something else to take care of, its hopeless.. I tell you hopeless. Im in need of an intervention. The good news is that one of my neighbors daughters (just finished her freshman year in college) is going to be able to work for me one day a week. Woohoo!!!!!! She is studying to be a dentil hygienist so Im figuring even if she wanted to know what deadheading was shell be willing to pay attention to the details. Thank you so much all for the kind comments about the gallery!

So Cindy, good grief! Those clematis arches are fabu-fabu!!!!!!! Just incredible! I cant get over that youve got a dahlia that overwinters outside. Wow! Im jealous. ~~ where did you get those lovely floating balls for the mini water garden? I just love it.

Babs, what a lovely cabin and great pic of the boys, thanks for posting those.

Brenda, you are too kind! Thanks! ~~ Too cool, parachuting? Incredible, you are a braver woman than I. I have the same attitude as Doug. I have no intention of ever jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Mary, just love the bags! So beautiful. You are so clever. ~~ bathroom renovation pics? ~~ "What to Do If I Croak" You guys are too much. I told Doug and he said he needs to do the same thing.

Saucy, congratulations about the tv interview!!! Too neat! Id love to see that TV piece. Is there any way you can tape that so we can see it? Interesting about the swarm. If the queen leaves with the swarm will the hive make a new queen?

Wendy, Its incredible how much difference losing a tree makes. ~~ LOL you know me so well, yes indeed, I do love my flowers. So glad you noticed the new fountain! I cant wait to get it up and running.

PM so happy you like the yellow container. Ive got one with some yellow abutilon and a phygelius that are ready to bloom. Ill have to focus on that one when it gets going.

Sue, I agree with Michelle, your brothers are a bit cracked. Amazing that they wouldnt give you their SS #s. ~~ Im flattered you are interested in my containers! Ive spent many, many hours looking at photos of yours looking for inspiration!

Denise, lol can you tell Im a virgo?

Cindy, Ive got your guest room ready so you can come and stroll in person.

Gorgeous photos Bug. Whats the name of that lily?

Jerri, looking forward to hearing about the solstice celebrations.

PM Im thinking the trick to clematis is to plant thousands of them and then a few will make a splash! ROTFL

Kathy, OMG! Over 100F! I feel your pain! ~~ Yes indeed, that is the new fountain I bought for 50% off because it was missing the finial. Weve still not found what we want for the top. ~~ So OK we can have the "Guess the Containers" contest and Ill give you a clue, the number is well over 100. As youve said, I need an intervention but usually Eden has more than I do. ~~ Bela Lugosi is delicious.

OKie Dokie, Doug is snoring over in his recliner and Ive got to teach tomorrow so I guess Id better get some shut eye.

Nite all

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Good evening

I am feeling rather proud of myself as I was able to single handedly removed our old toilet. It took some perseverance as the screws had corroded and one had to be hacksawed off. But the mission is accomplished, wax seal cleaned out and tomorrow I shop for a new, water efficient model. Life is good!!

The wall color I'm back to loving now it has had two coats and I see the contrast with the white trim. Chelone - you are so right that with some research, a plan and rolling up your sleeves much can be achieved. I'm lacking in the brute strength department but the right tools make many tasks manageable. I still get rather annoyed when I go to Home Depot and ask for advice. Today when I had questions about installing a pedestal sink I was asked why my husband wouldn't be helping me.

Saucy - congratulations on your TV debut!!

Brenda- parachuting sounds way cool but something I would never have the nerve for.

Kathy - Bela Lugois is stunning.

Deanne - I wanted to tell you my little plants from you have taken off and are looking fabulous. Some of my combos are even looking rather Deanneish!! I'll try and get pictures that do them justice.

I used to want to be Tasha Tudor - she had a fantastic dollshouse and fabulous gardens. Not sure now I'd fancy wearing the 19th century garb she favored but I always enjoyed her artwork.

Somehow the evening had gotten away from me and I'm up early tomorrow for a market run and an end of season sale at my favorite greenhouse. Nite everyone


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I am suspicious of airplanes any day. The notion of jumping out of one just seems wrong, very wrong. But if you two think it's a good idea far be it for me to question your choice... ;) We will be celebrating 16 yrs. at a local restaurant this very evening. Let's hear it for compromise and good senses of humor.

The solstice has occured and "the back of summer is broken". It's all downhill from here, kids. How many days until Christmas?

I have a long day in the "lab." today, and probably tomorrow, too (the patio set cushions). If you can't lower the river you have to raise the bridge, Sue. How about some of those heavy glass coasters you put under furniture to protect the floor? or a layer of something like carpet underlayment foam over the box spring? OR, the ultimate cheapie, "down and dirty" alteration: mark the center of the fabric that goes over the boxspring, fold and take a 1/2" seam, you will lose 1/2" from each side. And you can simply move the skirt forward on the bed to shorten the portion at the foot of the bed. Easy-peasy! (that'll be $25, please). :)

The helpmeet loves messing around with his computer and the music programs. I frequently hear him down in "the rat's nest" laying down tracks, playing with tempo, and working on vocals. He can spend hours down there and it's nice to hear the music drifting through the house.

OK, well I'd best get rollin' on the day's project. Back later!

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A succelent turtle sounds like a wonderful gift Cindy.

Bravo Mary! I like a woman who has the guts to go for it. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished bathroom.

Saucy, if they put your story up on the website you MUST link it for us! Glad to hear Nick's news.

PM2, I love your white clematis. I also recall seeing a wonderful picture from your garden over on perennials forum.

Item of interest to me this week was the wildflower seeding that the state is doing along our highway. They sprayed the ditches with Round Up. They were full of Queen Anne's Lace, it will be interesting to see if they got it all. There must be some extra funds floating around somewhere. Rumor is that its money from the Lady Bird Johnson project.

A few shots from last night when it was raining on and off while we were out. Never mind the bricks piled in the garden, its a work in progress LOL


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Anniversary Chelone! Dinner out is always my first choice to celebrate something. Thanks for the bed skirt tips. Raising the boxspring or the frame legs was something I hadn't even thought about doing. The check is in the mail.

It didn't get dark here until around nine o'clock last night. Love the extra daylight but hate to think we're on the downside again even though it will be a month or two before you really notice. Unlike Chelone I'm not counting the days til Christmas just

Mary, will you be showing us before and after shots of the bathroom? I agree that having a few good clues and the proper tools is all an adventurous person needs to tackle most home improvement projects. A few years ago we had to replace the two toilets here (both original to the house from 1941) and on the advice of our plumber went with a brand called Toto. They are low flow and unlike some low flow models you never have to flush more than once.

Saucy, I can't believe bees gear up to fly the coop, or the hive in this case. I never realized there was so much to bee keeping. Thanks for sharing the education.

Marie, is that Thalictrum in your last picture? Gorgeous color! Weeds are winning here as well.

Cindy, how was dinner?

Love the daylilies Kathy. It's a bit too early for them here just yet. The memory of 100 degrees is still too fresh in my mind from a couple of weeks ago. July is the worst month for heat around here so no doubt there will be more to come.

It looks like a beautiful day out there and I don't have a plan. Tonight I have a 40th birthday party to go to for one of my sister in laws. It's being held at someone's house in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, a big bucks ocean town north of Boston. I'm staying overnight at a local hotel. The party starts at 7 and it's probably close to a two and a half hour drive. Wendy, what time is breakfast tomorrow morning? LOL

OK, best to get cracking.


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It is a luscious Saturday morning here after rain showers on and off for most of last evening.

LOL, I have a whopping five Clematis plants blooming! Like Eden, 'bug has gotten me hooked. Pics to follow after I believe they are real :-)

Hope the following info will ease the certain misery PM's feeling trying to remember the Logee writer's name: Tovah Martin. If you ever have a chance to see her speak, GO!! She's a hoot and since her divorce from the Logee/Martin clan, has been someone absent. Hope that changes. Wonder if she and Tasha ever met?

Much discussion concerning The Park's name and in order to avoid an ice cream based food fight, we have collectively decided that "Cornfield Park" it is! It suits the history of the land and feels informal while acknowledging the planning and work that went into the space. Very fu-fu way of saying: It Just Fits.

Now there's the issue of signage. LOL

Anyway -- today will be spent deadheading and weeding and SALATing blank spots and starting to construct some kind of plant list to fill them. The REAL fun starts now since every low maintenance must haves are in and the nooks and crannies can be occupied by WOW Factor plants that may be touchy. First in: Poppies!! Learned recently from a 92yo gardener extraordinaire -- she is honorably in charge of a Historical Society garden in a neighboring town -- that the secret to good poppies is lots of sand in the bottom of the hole.

Your oranges look amazing, Michelle -- did you add sand?

We are all truly on the same wavelength, sometimes. I love, love, love the PM2 Pic and David music ???coincidence??? (I think not).

Great Nick news, Saucy!

Will be thinking of Sue on Monday.

Off to the bank with Rich and then to do some weekend food gathering.

Waving Hi to everyone.

It's Summer in all Ways!!!!


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Larder is stocked with summer food though we drew the line at hot dogs. Boneless chicken will be marinating shortly in citrus/herb olive oil based glop and new red potatoes are waiting for garlic. Com'on over!

Happy Anniversary Chelone and Helpmeet!

Was thinking of Brenda while watching our returned Jamaican friends working the non-shade tobacco fields. I still think that the local kids are missing out on a lot of lessons by refusing to work the farms, here. At 14, there isn't much other choice for making money. That said, the lilt of the speech and the joy of the harvest is something we look forward to. Strawberry season is in full swing and the jam jars have been expunged from the basement are are waiting for washing.

I feel for you, Marie, that you can't talk to your lovin's on their BD's. You'll just have to make up for lost time.

I have a vision of a teeny model-to-scale bathroom on Mary's kitchen table for guidance. Hrumph to the HD person who mentioned a husband. Lots of my friends could out-contruct their DH's in a heartbeat.

Deanne - Anytime you're in CT you're absolutely welcome. Ditto everyone else.

I've been tempted to set up an open house date, but this summer has turned itself on it's head, so will wait a bit.

Good to see you, Jerri! I'd wondered if the puppies had confiscated your 'puter for attention :-)

In honor of the California Idylls, I interplanted some Zinnia and Portulaca seeds. Most of them took. Can't bring myself to thin them out. Help?

Seeds Mary sent have become the wonderful backbone for a lot of spots in the garden. Pics will come when the plants are ready to show off.

Babbling on, which makes me think of Babs in Hocking Hills and how wonderful it must there at this time of year.

And again, waving to all I missed but think of...


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Happy anniv, Chelone and Helpmeet. The two of you have been thru quite a bit the past two years and more than deserve a pat on the back and night on the town for the occasion.

I think that is a white martagon lily, with possibly some pink ones in bud behind, and is that Black Stockings thalictrum? 'bug is such a schoolteacher, making us guess ;) I know you're missing the family, 'bug, but hang in there, only a week to go!

I think I remember Bella Lugosi from last year, what a beauty. I always fall for the dark reds but they don't show up well for me in the garden. Any nice chartreusy types, tallish, with a red edge you can think of, Kathy? lol

Michelle, love the poppies and baptisia, and the clean whites/blues/yellows, love it all!

Mary, has that bathroom been a surprise project? If so, what drama when he opens the door. Caramelly colors, cocoa colors, the "edible" range are lovely.

Martie, can't wait to see your clems -- and the new sign! Possibly wood carved with raised relief of waving corn?

Saucy, "patient" with your new hobby? I'm on the edge of my seat, imagining virgin queens with tiny Elizabethan collars refusing to cooperate. Hope you can find a video link of your local tv debut. I think what's definitely needed is an occasional bee commentator segment. Bees could use lots of PR these days.

Babs is busy washing the entire neighborhood's Saturday cleaning, no doubt. I used to lay down on a little rug in front of our washer/dryer as a kid and nap, the sound was so soothing to me. And now you say they're soundless!

Sue, I don't think I've heard of a more diligent patient than you. Hope you get some answers soon. Sounds like a fun time tonight, but no 6-inch spiky heels, okay?

Waving to Cindy and Chloe. I wonder where Cindy takes Chloe for walkies.

Maybe Brenda will find some time out of the tractor seat this weekend.

I'm thinking Deanne must wear a heckuva utility belt bristling with garden tools, battle rattle and whatnot. I mean your garden is so big, you can't be dashing back and forth to find tools like I do, right?

A Bella sighting would be nice but I know Eden's family has their hands full. And don't wear yourself out this weekend, PM! Waving...

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Sue - a high flush rating was at the top of our list for choosing a toilet after environmental concerns! I don't think I took before pics, I'll try for some in the middle.

I must admit to getting a little frustrated with the pat on the head, "aren't you out of your depth" attitude I encounter when it comes to DIY. But it makes accomplishing a job by myself all the more satisfying. DH knows I'm doing the powder room as I needed to make puchases he might have wondered about on our credit card. (and to consult about the new toilet). However, the final reveal and the fact he did not have to be involved in the work will be the real surprise.

Martie - so glad the seeds are bearing fruit so to speak!

Today was the haul of the garden year. My favorite grower sells off her stock for $4 a tray (12 plants) or $1 a perennial. And she has some fabulous things. For $26 I am in absolute plant paradise and can't wait to pick some spots and get planting. First we have guitar lessons, the bare minimum of house work and an evening at a friends book group discussing how we can live a "greener" lifestyle. I'm providing the mint for Mojitos so it should be a fun evening.


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Hot again. Whine, whine. I had to turn the A/C on because there is a showing today from noon to 2-possibly the most horrid time of day, and the viewer would likely be off put be a house that is hotter than he**. Fortunately he/she Im told is from Sacramento and therefore no stranger to hotter than he**. You couldnt pay me enough to live in the central valley of California.

To the Baroness of Cornfield Park, I say repeat to your self in confident tones I WILL thin the Zinnias , I WILL thin the Zinnias, or they will get mildew, and I hate mildew, I hate mildew. About 20 repeats should do it. Denise and I appreciate the honor of being memorialized in CP with our own patch of non-mildewed Zinnas and festive Portulaca.

Denise, I bet Deanne has some sort of cleverly built garden utility cart that is both pretty and useful either built for her by the ever-industrious Doug, or purchased at about 75% off at one of those famous eastern clime end of season sales.

I better get back to my chores, back later with a Sat afternoon beer once the looky loos clear outlovin the photos, buzz-kid tales,

..and Happy 16th to Helpmeet and Chelone-!

This was my view in the back yard this morning

Behind the tree, very close to the ground-I could hear them talking "We need to go back up"

Much better altitude !


And away...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Happy 16Th Chelone and DH, may all your days be bright and sunny !!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's been a doozy of a matrimonial morning, but we may be back on track. There's a 2005 Echo paid for, and probably in my hands by next Wednesday. Sheesh. RED, my least favorite color, but who cares, it moves!

I also had major run-ins with Phoebe who refused to obey this morning and got caged 3 times before she got the message...and breakfast.

Yes, it is the season for martagon lilies, both whites (my faves) and pinks. My Dad loved to photograph them growing wild in the French Alps, so they are a sentimental thing for me. I love that they seed around. I also like various sorts of Thalictrum. I think the one above is called 'black stockings'.

It is a bit frightening to be credited with inflicting my passion for clematis on others. Along with the passion sometimes comes some misery or frustration, so at least I've warned you! I've had some wonderful addicts for mentors though..and the friendships are a big part of the addiction.

I'm in the cool weather group, hence my love of Spring and Fall. 70F is just fine for me! It is 68 at the moment and gloomy.

Mary I'm pleased that you are tackling this bathroom renovation! I understand how satisfying it must be. The "aren't you out of your depth" attitude is thriving in our household, partly due to DH being a professor. At times humour can handle it, other times it takes a rolling pin! I enjoy doing such projects while DH is away not giving advice. Our "plush flush" (a name I used in Nigeria to describe my facilities there) had to be replaced the day after it was installed. The flush was totally inadequate. All the praise for it was a joke and the second one does well.

Michelle, the seeding of wildflowers along the highways will be exciting to watch! I hope it is successful. I know, there are urgent things to do in communities, like feeding people, but nourishing folks with beauty is worthwhile too IMHO. I love your daisies too! I have a huge bunch compliments of Woody and hope they open soon. :) How do you keep your baptisia upright? Is it tied with string or what? A peony hoop just isn't enough here.

Cornfield Park: excellent. I hope you plant loads of cornflowers around your sign! Oh, I forgot, you already plant corn there!

Yes, I'm frustrated this week at not being able to yak with DD. The "ex" (excruciating pain) is so into drama, chaos and selfishness that it is affecting us all...even at thousands of miles apart. I feel especially badly for the little ones. She has evicted her boyfriend and being kind to her just creates more problems. UGH. Such a complex situation.

I hope the anniversary couple celebrate well! Marriage is a tricky affair that you both have worked at well methinks! Indeed, the times with your ailing Mom Chelone, allowed you and the helpmeet to shine.

I NEED a nap. Most unusual, but needed.

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I checked You Tube for 'The Bees of Terrapin Station' but it's not up yet. Found two channel 3s in Mass and neither yielded any bee buzz.

Mary's having more fun with fabric! The bag is very neat Mary, especially all the contrasting fabric and looks like leaf appliques? I haven't sewn anything in a week and miss the creativity of it. Maybe head to Joanne's tonight and find some inspiration. I do have an idea, but need a certain kind of buckle - I call it 'little black sliding buckle' and can't find them on line or in stores. Anything I don't have to do is fun.

Yikes but you guys have been very very chatty this week. I couldn't possible read it all, but see some happiness here and glad for that.

I think Katie & Sue are somehow linked. I'm holding back not posting one of Katie's brain MRIs. If a boot and crutch could fix her and prevent potentially more damage, she'd be in a boot and crutch. I do understand your reluctance Sue, but would worry about more serious injury without it.

Katie's body can't support her joy any more, but she still has lots of sparkle and happiness so the vets do what they can to help. (And there was never an animal that loves going to the vet more than Katie. She rallies for the attention and makes my tales of her crippled ways sound like I have Munchausen by proxy.)

Nothing accomplished here today but random fertilizing of pots and saturating my pants and sandals with a leaky watering wand. I was smart enough to do the Saturday errands before making a mess of myself. A beautiful cool week has ended with a torrid Saturday, so no digging out there. Found a deer wandering in the road when I left this morning. Unusal for this area as there's not habitat for deer near here. Looked like a fat greyhound with antler nubbins. We looked at each other several times. He was afraid I'd hit him with the car and I was afraid I'd hit him with the car.

I love Saturdays! It's a good time of year to clean and sort in the cellar (cool down there) so have been doing that. One half is quite tidy. The other half.. 'nuff said.

Cindy your clems are stunning! I don't really like my Jackmanni and mixed a Nellie Moser with it for color later in summer, but now you've got me thinking I should add a different blue to bloom with it. Good idea!

Later ---- Hi to all!


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Lawn is mowed so I'm on to more fun things. I actually came in and showered because as wet as it is in the rest of the state, it is starting to get dry here. Dust just clings to sunscreen.

We turned on our attic fan to draw in the 59 degree air this a.m. and then closed things up to keep it cool for the rest of the day.

Happy anniversary Chelone and helpmeet. Enjoy your day.

'bug, the baptisia isn't staked at all. I only have 2 and they are in different gardens and neither have ever needed it.

Kathy, cool hot air balloon pictures. I believe there are hot air balloon races this weekend in the city. My kids enjoyed them when they were growing up.

Last weekend was the United States windsurfing Championship at our local lake.

No sand in with the poppies. I'm not sure I really like the orange, put they are one of my earlier purchases.

I like the new name Martie.


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Happy Anniversary Chelone!

I thought this picture was perfect for the two of you...came across it last night while looking at Idyllunion photos:

Comments to help pack up my neighbor and bring her home....she's been selling her wares at the antique show (antique containers planted up with cool plants).


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good afternoon!

Having a fairly pleasant day here today. A little warmer and more humid, but it is summer after all. We put a dent in planting the pot ghetto this morning and the lawn is mowed. Repotted a few houseplants. Satisfying morning, followed by a nap. It still smells great out there today. Between the Honeysuckle, fading roses and mock orange, very enjoyable working out there.

Is it your Anniversary Chelone? [g] Celebrate it both deserve it! Best wishes for many more.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A quick check in here since I will be gone for a couple of days. Yesterday I got the afternoon off, rode the train into the city with a friend and enjoyed a great evening. We took the water taxi to Michigan Avenue, strolled to Millennium Park, saw the Lurie Garden (looking awesome!), met another friend for wine, then the three of us headed to the West Loop for dinner and a late train home. Of course, I had to work at 7:00 am (yawn). Tomorrow I head to an antiques fair then to Starved Rock State Park for a day of meetings on Monday. So computer time has been scarce.


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Gazing hopefully towards the west I see some clouds which I would be very happy to see roll in as the evening begins. The national weather service forcast calls for temps 10 degrees cooler for tomorrow. Yay!
Thinking I will do a revision of the entry garden tomorrow. This will involve buying plants, however it is important that the entry to the home look spiffy for all hoardes of buyers that come through. First impressions you know ? If one tries hard enough, one can find ample justification to buy more plants.

Mary, perhaps for your Tasha Tudor attire , you could sport a lime-green bonnet , and a nice skirt made out of one of your teapot apron fabrics, set off with a white linen, wrinkled shirt ? Probably not suitable for bathroom re-modeling , but just the thing for a WALAT.

Denise, though by no means an expert, it seems to me that the limey-green daylilies I have have seen have mostly been the spider form type. Check out this website-this is a Calif grower, up here near San Jose. I must say that I have never grown anything that has named varites where the coloring is so variable. Weather, soil, region even the time of day can effect how the flower looks. And some of them are not cheap ! The cool thing about buying from some of these lily growers that they typically will send you bonus freebie plants . Disclaimer : I hereby declare myself not responsible for the urge to purchase plants on the part of any Idyllers going to this site.

Cynthia, I just get so irritable with leaky water wands ! One of those things where my annoyance is way out of proportion to the offending incidents effect on life in general. I use quik-connects on all my hose ends and nozzles, and those cheap-o plastic fan sprays seem to be the least leaky thing I own, but they only last so long. Last week I bought a fancy Dramm metal fan spray (in purple no less) which I hope will hold up to years of abuse.

Ok, a big hi and wave to all- need to water a bit more maybe back later.

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Chelone...funny you should bring up the need for reform in horse racing. DH and I have been casual observers of horse racing competitions, only following the broadcast of the Triple Crown every year. I continue to comment every year on the thin legs and ankles of the horses running the track. This year, I too was sickened to see Eight Belles having to be put down after the Derby run. I just couldn't watch it any more and had to shut it off. The horrible coverage of the close of the race, where they continued to cover the winner of the race in the winner's circle celebrating after the audience had just been told the news about Eight Belles, I just don't understand what people are thinking about sometimes. I have always loved horses and I hate to see them used and abused. They are such magnificent animals, it's very sad.

Saucy...I knew my spelling of Canobie Lake didn't look right. [g] Yes, the trees are a very important part of the experience there. We have also enjoyed the boat rides on the small lake. It is also not so large that you have to walk miles. We haven't gone in so long...maybe it's time for another trip there this summer.

Add me to the list of those looking forward to seeing footage of Saucy and Company. sorry it has been so hot there. I am another 70 degree person and don't function well in hot weather. Hope it breaks soon. Looking for photos of that section of the garden you planted annuals in this year. Great balloon, they really must have been close to hear them

My guess for how many containers Deanne has...would be 60. [g]

Michelle...what a lovely photo of that rainbow. It looks like a double. Is that your veggie garden with the brick path in it? Really nice. I love bricks. Where do you find all yours? That Shasta Daisy is gorgeous. I grew some from seed and they just bloomed for the first time this week and I am not liking them at all. They are not as short as they were supposed to be and are too stiff. I'm ready to pull them all out. ggrrr. So disappointing, I was hoping for something great. Your Baptisia is so nice and upright. I think they have a better chance of doing that when in full sun. Mine is in about 4-5 hrs of sun only and without a ring, it just flops. Mine is already finished blooming, is yours just starting?

Martie...I have to say, you seem to be in very good spirits lately!! So nice to hear you sounding so good. Thank you for the name of Tovah Martin. Now I see why I have mixed them up...Tovah and Tasha. :-) Tovah's book 'Well-clad Windowsills' lured me into an attempt to have houseplants that gorgeous, but it has been a long time since I had a handle on houseplants and had any that looked even close to hers. And we lived in a different house with sunny windows at that point. I didn't realize she was divorced from the clan.

I just looked up book titles by Tasha Tudor to see if I recognize any I have had out. I didn't realize she had illustrated 'A Child's Garden of Verses' by Robert Louis Stevenson. I know my kids had that book when they were little. The Christmas Cat, was another one. Corgiville Fair and Corgiville Christmas is available in our library system. There is also one called 'The Great Corgiville Kidnapping' Also...'The Private World of Tasha Tudor' looks like something of interest.

'Cornfield Park'...I like it! That didn't take long to come to a decision. I liked the suggestion of a wooden sign with waving cornstalks in relief.

Martie, that is funny about not wanting to thin the Zinnias. I added two six packs of portulaca along the street side of a perennial bed and they bloomed their heads off all summer and then must have dropped a ton of seed. There has to be about a hundred seedlings coming up there and I have not thinned it at all. [g]

Marian...everything is looking green there! What's new at your house? How are you feeling?

Gardenbug, congrats on the new wheels! Photo? Photo of Phoebe, pretty please? :-) She must be getting so big.

Brenda...I had forgotten that Elton John had been responsible for the soundtrack to The Lion King. The kids loved singing Hakuna Matata...and I would have to say that was their very favorite.

Very quiet day here. Made a trip to a local nursery after dinner tonight for some fertilizer and they were having a 25% off perennials sale. Not much of a bargain considering their regular prices looked quite a bit steeper than last year. But they had a white dianthus that was so fragrant, I had to take it home with us. I have been looking for just that for awhile.

Well...yawn......that's it from here...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Photo of wheels, perhaps next week after all the bureaucracy is completed.
As to Phoebe, it is so much easier to capture her personality in winter! All black is tough, and constant shenanigans are hard to focus on too. I'll keep trying! She is supposed to have her final lesson Tuesday evening. Perhaps we can get her to calm down a moment to get a certificate? Good question though. She's definitely a teenager.
Beautiful hawk photo...and wonderful kitty shot there too Ms Saucy!

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A quickie this morning as I have another busy day in the "lab." today. I have all the cushion tops and bottoms corded, the zipper boxing is ready to go, and all the remaining boxing is cut, too. I have to make the corner ties and reinforce the inside of the boxing to support them properly. Today is assembly and stuffing.

The lawns are really long, the moist humid weather has been exactly wha they like to put on growth. I am not sure if I will have time today or tomorrow to get to them... or even if the weather will hold to allow it.

The balloon pictures were great; the sky is so shockingly blue, too. When it is hot here it is always muggy, too. I cracked up at the image of Mary sporting a lime green Juliet cap and apron print skirt. Perhaps I could hoe out my treasure trove of fabric stored under my work bench and sent her some appropriate fabrics... or send some to Cynthia to outfit her pack... . Were Doobie and Ted as comatose as the kitty in Saucy's picture (priceless!)?

So 'bug, what was the final diagnosis on the now deceased car? I think it's important to have wheels of your own even if you don't use them everyday. Sometimes just knowing you COULD leave if you wanted is enough. I chuckled at the notion of recalcitrant Phoebe being "impounded". She certainly is giving your patience a try, isn't she? I have the same trouble photographing Rex; his dark brindle coat provides amazing camouflage in the shadows or on the orientals. Wish my besieged gahden looked like yours!

Michelle's rainbow shot was beautiful! as are the other shot of your garden (bricks and all). I love the Baptisia with the orange Poppies. My Baptisia is languising (in a swoon) in a too shady spot but until the painting ends there it must remain. I'll savor the possibilities by looking at your garden.

Nice to see you pop in, Marian. Is that Trubby mooching through the leafy coolness in your pretty photograph? That shot reminds me of our yard, too. Lots of lush gras and nice, cool shade for warm summer days.

I would like to see Saucy doin' the bee talk on TV, too. I'm sure Hollywood will be calling any day now. And I'm fascinated by all the things that "go wrong" in bee keeping. Your bees may simply decide to "take a powder"?? now that's gratitude for you.

Our watering wand leaks, too. I have hit a point in my life where I have very limited tolerance for things that don't work. A couple of the machines in the shop need some serious attention for irritating issues (snapping threads, failure of the knee lifter to release top thread tension entirely, failure to keep the presser foot in the raised position, etc.), but will the mechanic be called? nah, let's just wait until the fail they to run, at all, and we're under the gun to meet a deadline. Drives me nuts, but then I'm the only one who ever cleans them or fully oils them. Errr.

Time to wash the sleep off my face and get about my daily tasks. See you later.

(thanks for anniversary wishes; we had a good time out last night and Rex, the kitties, and I will have a tastey lunch/early dinner today. Prime Rib!)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, that is Tommy, the bob-tail, probably hoping I will take him for a walk up the drive. :-)

Pm2, thanks for asking. We are both doing quite well at the present. :-)
We have been busier than normal, and that is good.
We have had perfect weather for the past week or so, and for the 5 evenings that we attended each assembly of the first yearly Lectureship at our congregation. It was a very enjoyable time for both of us. Saw lots of friends that we had not seen for some time, heard great lessons, and enjoyed the refreshments that we women provided afterwards. :-) There were visitors from at least 7 differant nearby congregations. Very encouraging. :-)

We are still plenty wet enough. I haven't even had to water all my containers very often...3 or 4 times at the most. It is very lush and green here.
The temps are still very mild, with a cool low of 59F last night. We have not reached 90 at our house yet this year.
It seems strange to be feeling a little too cool as I set here at my computer on the 2nd full day of summer ! I'm not complaining. And I am not going to close the windows and doors. :-)

Kathy, I love all those pics of the hot air balloon. I would be thrilled to see that going over our house.

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That's right, Marian! Trubbie was the tabby in the bucket. I just love that kitties like to WALAT with us. Whenever we go outdoors and they're out, too, they "show up". Invariably, there are a lot of "rollies" in the driveway, a good deal of racing around with the "question mark" tail, and several tree climbing displays. All of this is punctuated with an assortment of chirps, trill, mews, and a good deal of purring. You would like our crew, I know it.

Nice to know you guys are doing well.

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Oh, 'bug! These plants are amazing and I'm greatful i'm in a place that grows them well.

Ville de Lyon a few weeks back:

Viticella Mme Julia Correrur (or Correrun??):

Viticella Royal Velours:

Blue [something] that alledges to be a repeat bloomer, growing through a Viburnum carlesii for support and hopefully into a white Buddleia:

Josephine has yet to arrive :-)

And, [trumpets, here "Da, da, dada!] The newest residents of Cornfield Park:

Anyway - putzing around before rain arrives.

Aren't you glad you have DSL, Marian?

Best -


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In from spending a pleasant hour w/coffee prepping the entry garden area to recive the new planting scheme. Mostly consisted of demolition in the form of moving plants and pots to other locations and general cut-back and clean-up. It will be hot today but less so. That bright blue sky of yesterday is not around in quite the intensity this morning-there was/is a brush fire in the hills east of me along the Napa-Solano county line which started yesterday afternoon and I am assuming is still burning since there is more than usual airplane activity I would expect they are dropping fire retardants. It is no threat to my area, as the winds do not blow east to west here. You can smell the smoke , and the sky is smog-ish looking. Ill be off to the garden center at 10. more coffee

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone , the old car was a '97 Plymouth Voyageur. It had over 200,000 miles on it. The motor and tires were OK, but the actual problem that stopped me using it was the timing belt. The air conditioner leaked, though I could have ignored that. But also, the oil and water leaked and the struts were rusted out. Had it not been for the struts, we might have put it back on the road, but basically, there were too many critical things to fix. It is always sad to say goodbye to an old vehicle for us. A chunk of your history goes with it. This one was known by many as "The Eggplant".

Today I've done some edging, removed a couple of nasty burdocks and thistles, done a small patch of weeding, mowed the laneway and "The Groundhog Trail". Sweat sweat sweat. (Or should I say a rosy glow?) I snuck in some reading of my book before the fog lifted. (I was up around 6) Now it is time to deal with lunch.

Martie, glad your blooms are showing so well. So I think you have Mme Julia Correvon (I love that one too). I think I have Royal Velours too, but can't remember where. When it blooms I'll find it! Could the last one be Multi Blue? Anyway, it's lots of fun when they thrive. (I killed Ville de Lyon)

Supposed to rain this afternoon.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Good Sunday morning! :) It is a wonderful day here. DH got up a little early and did some mowing.

The Summer Solstice blessing was exciting and interesting. There were prayers in the native tongue. Burning herbs/incense
with a blessing for each one of us with a real eagle wing. It was sort of like being knighted! I really do not like a lot of incense
due to allergies and such, but this was a dried herb which was nice. I have to admit it reminded me a little
of a burning herb I havent smelled since college. LOL
It looked a little like one of the sages.
I wish EP was here. She would have given a more accurate and meaningful description.
I thought of her a lot during the ceremony.


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For Eden's latest acquisition (or maybe one of the most recent ones):


Hesperaloe, why don't you come inside my fences
You're getting me all pensive, here I'll open the gate
It may be raining, but there's gravel below you
You better let somebody love you before it's too late

And I keep forgetting to show Cynthia my spiral-less aloe. I've tried to duplicate photo conditions exact for comparative purposes and shrunk it as far as possible but still in visible range to catch any nascent spiralling, but this guy obviously needs to spend some time in Cynthia's spiralling boot camp:

Like Kathy, cooler today. Yesterday broke temp records, but if I don't have to go anywhere, I just run my head under the hose when it gets unbearable. Drop-in neighbors' eyes look a little wide when they get a gander at me, but, hey, drop-ins have to take their chances, lol. Every door and window is flung open, and if I go to bed first, like last night, that's how the boys leave it. At least they latch the screen door!

Chelone, being slightly dim, I'm just now picking up on the fact that your lab/salon is now online for your own projects. More congrats to you! (If I'm wrong, just ignore ;)

Martie's definitely got the clem thing down, wow. Mme Julie Correvon does very well here, in fact the viticellas are my best bet but I never see really profuse, knock-your-socks-off bloom.

The Eggplant, RIP. Onward with the Red Rocket!

Jerri, I don't know what burning herb you're talking about...

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Wasn't EP a delightful member of the Idyll group?! I liked her so much. She had the same sort of practical, day-to-day take on things that helped put major life upheavals/changes in easy perspective (something I admire about you: Marian, 'bug, Woody, Martie, Kathy, V. ...). I miss her, too. And am reminded of Taryn and her Rex-look alike, Boomer. Miss her, too. What I'll remember about EP, though, is the way she really "took to heart" my side of watching Mum's health crash. She was supportive and aware that sometimes the "child's" perspective was of equal/greater importance than the parent's wishes. She had the ability to see beyond the "here and now" and understand the feelings/worries of those who would be called to "clean up the mess". It was the first time I'd ever encountered such forethought and it really made a huge difference in how I dealt with Mum, her estate, and all the rest of the stuff that landed in my lap. I hope that my frank, honest assessment, very heartfelt account of those years, played out daily here will be useful to some other person faced with the same circumstance. Sometimes the internet "weirds me out", but more often I feel the importance of what is shared outweighs the "invasion". If someone profits an iota by some of what I've shared... I'm OK with it.

A veteran of "old cars" and a philosophy that involves "running them into the ground", I understand how hard the final decision can be, 'bug. I had the experience of having two barely driveable Tauruses in the yahd, as well as the helpmeet's dead Ford F150! My new to me wagon and the helpmeet's new to him wagon were also on premises. I am truly a Maine-girl, you guys... I've had multiple junk cars in my yahd, though none were "on blocks". :) The local salvage guy and me were on friendly terms for a few days. I still see him around town every so often and we still recognize each other; I jokingly tell him "I'll be in touch" and he says he'll await my call. lol.

Gotta get back at it in the "lab.".

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a quick, fly-by howdy! This is a crop duster that went over a couple of days ago. The wheat field across the road has army worms, so the guy had it sprayed. Amazing to watch him handle the plane. He had to fly pretty low over our house to be in position for the field.

It rained yesterday and is getting ready to rain again. Hoping to get a few weeds pulled before it starts. South of us a little way got hit pretty hard with hail. DD and boyfriend's flower garden got pelted with it and a farmer friend of ours said some his corn fields got hammered. He said one field just looks like green cigars sticking up out of the ground.
Chat more later, it's overcast and cool, and the weeds aren't getting any smaller out there!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Got a picture of an army worm? I'm not sure what that is.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, now I know what they look like!

Just finished a croquet game with DH (& Phoebe) Phoebe was pretty good, but she definitely assisted DH! CHEATERS BOTH!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Thanks for the link, bug! Wheat has been hit pretty badly in this area. Cool and wet..they like that. We've got one small field of wheat, maybe 50 acres, and they've pretty well stripped it. They don't eat the head, so there is wheat to harvest, but there's not going to be much in the way of straw. We've actually seen areas of the road covered with them as they "march" across it to the next field. They'll also chew on corn, so we sprayed the perimiter of the field next door. Fortunately, DH doesn't lose his head and hose everything :) While I find the crop duster fascinating to's always in the back of my mind wondering exactly what they're spraying.
BTW, 'bug...I had the counterpart to the eggplant. Mine was a red Ford Festiva that everyone called the 'mater. And, I've seen tomatoes almost as big as that car was, lol!

Chelone, I think your day-to-day talks about the situation with your Mum helped more people than you probably realize. Thanks for putting it all out there. I thought of you many, many times when my Mom was sick. You dealt with it for SO much longer than I did, and I admire your fortitude.

I did get quite a bit of weeding done, and we didn't get a great deal of rain. We really don't need it at this point. Then we made the dreaded trip to the grocery store. I said, "Heck with it" and didn't change my jeans. Energy was running low, and I've seen a lot worse at wally world. The knees weren't TOO dirty and I made sure I was seen in the garden center and grabbed a couple of Roma plants for good measure. Back home, everything lugged in, salad made, burgers on the grill and I'm set to call it a day.
PS..ROTFL Denise, that was pretty good! Okay, I missed a lot, but I'm getting sleepy and fear I'll make even less sense than usual. Night, all!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Just checking in before I pass out. Jeez, the next time I go to a party will someone remind me I'm too old to stay up til almost two AM! Naturally I was awake at seven. After a quick shower and continental breakfast in the hotel, I hit the road and drove the two hours home. Then I did something I NEVER do-took a nap. Yup, an hour and a half nap on the couch and my butt was still dragging. I thought the day was toast but after lunch, then ice cream at the local homemade joint, I rallied and hit the grocery store then came home spread mulch til 7:30. Now dinner is done and I'm counting the minutes til bedtime. Just call me wild

The party was good. The house and location were incredible-turn of the century shingle style home complete with a conservatory, screen porch and patio with a sweeping lawn that eventually went to the waterfront. One of those neighborhoods where you drive down the street, look up the driveways and wonder who lives in these shacks. Not well maintained though-lots of gardens but in rough shape. I kept thinking how spectacular it would be if Deanne lived Packrats must live in the house. The kitchen was chaotic and at least one room I saw was piled with junk. But oh, the woodwork and detail in the house! A gorgeous foyer with open staircase to the second floor. All hardwood floors covered with oriental rugs. Built in walls of bookcases and water views from every room.

I spent most of the night with my brother who I haven't seen since Christmas and his friend who grew up in the house next store to us who I haven't seen in about 30 years. The old neighbor's girlfriend was from Australia. Both were outgoing and entertaining. They came back to the hotel for a drink after the party hence the late night.

OK, enough from me. If I didn't have to let the dogs out a little later, I'd go to bed now.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well Ive had an incredibly busy., busy, busy three days and Im crashing at the moment. Id love to suck down a couple glasses of wine as I type this but Im not allowed the calories at the moment. (end of that whine) Anyway, Friday I got ready for my weekend seminar. I was supposed to work on it all week long but didnt get myself downstairs until Friday so a very full day crossing my fingers that all the printers and copy machines were going to cooperate so I could get the classroom handouts done. All worked fine, I finished up what needed doing by 6:00PM and was able to help my neighbors three almost adult children. The daughter asked if Id take their portrait (there are three of them)so she could get an 11 x 14 printed up to give their parents for a 25th wedding anniversary present. What great kids! Pic turned out quite nicely.

Got to class on Sat and we had four new students to the group I paint with here so now Ive got a steady twelve students instead of eight. The new ladies from VT were fantastic painters and really fun to work with. The Gang has decided they can come back any time. LOL Last night eight of the students came over for a garden tour and dinner so after class I zipped home, washed up the bathrooms and passed the vacuum quickly just got it put away when they showed up. Sent them home around 8:45PM, ran down the street to wish the neighbors a happy anniversary got home, crashed. Got up at 5:30AM spent an hour and a half watering the containers, filled ten orders the students wanted, headed out to class, taught all day, got home did a bit of SALATING, had dinner and now Im fried to a crisp. So the new ladies also decided to sign up for the September three day seminar that my local students wanted scheduled and for which Ive not yet painted the piece. Yikes, worse news, they all bought the trays we are painting in August that I havent painted yet either. Ive got ten signed up for a class that they dont even know what color the piece will be. Too funny and everyone was laughing about it this weekend but Ive seriously got to get some work done in the next couple weeks. Every time I decide that Im really going to quit teaching they come up with another project idea I just have to do for them, find a weekend everyone can come, collect deposit money and say of course you can do this as they hand me the money. Im easy.

Anyway Im sure I was the cause of the torrential rains that came through here this afternoon because Id spent an hour and a half watering this morning. Have you ever noticed how that happens and that if you dont water you dont get the expected rain? The tropical plants are loving the humidity and are putting on some lovely growth at the moment and the containers get more filled in every day.

LOL Denise and Kathy, I actually have a cool garden apron I modified from a painting apron I had. The apron has criss cross straps that go over the shoulders so none of the weight of the tools is on your neck. I should show it to our seamstresses here as the idyllettes might want one. The pockets on the bottom are like a carpenters apron pockets and go all around the bottom of the apron which wraps around. Then there are various loops for putting trowels and cultivators through so Denises image of me with this massive tool belt isnt too far off. I also do have a very neat roll around cart that holds most tools and I get that out for my all day marathons. I prefer the apron because it has everything I need and I dont have to back track at all to find what I need. The cart is great because I can store my stakes in there too.

Brenda great photograph of the crop duster. Ive got to send that one along to Doug.

BTW, my watering wand leaks too! What a pain in the a -. Every time I put new washers in it and tighten it up it works for a couple days then if you knock it about it starts leaking again. One of my gardening pet peeves is leaking hose joins and watering wands and sprinklers that dont oscillate as they should.

Yes indeed, I miss EP and her insights.

Jerri, that solstice ceremony sounds like it was interesting.

Great clematis Martie! Love the name.

Happy Anniversary to Chelone and Helpmeet!

Michelle, that baptisia is gorgeous and especially beautiful with the poppies. I cant get over that you dont have to stake it. ~~ Love that rainbow photo!

Kathy, some of those daylilies on that site are unbelievable along with their prices.

Mary, sounds like you made out big time at the plant sale. Any photographs would be much appreciated.

Sue, youre such a party animal! Snoozing in the daytime, whats next geritol? Te he, giggles. Sorry Im heading off to bed myself as Im going to fall asleep with this computer in my lap if I dont put myself to bed soon.

Nite all,

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Only a few words from me tonight, our heat wave broke (thank god) and a final WALAT needs to be performed

Sue, I often think what a shame is it that fate has put some folks on properties where others could create a wonderful garden.I know plenty of people who have a lot twice the size of mine, that looks like hell, and they never use it for good reason. Guess we gotta play the hand were dealt.

Martie, your bird nest shot , how great ! Do you know what they are ?

And Brenda , I just found your crop duster pic very compelling. I like the way the house is off to the side and the wires make a drape (like Woodys rose chain) and the big sky.

OK gotta sign off for tonite..

Kathy in Napa

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Think I'll close up shop here and start a new one

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Anyone send their kids to a summer camp? We sent our son to West ridge Academy in Utah. Anyone know of any on the east coast?

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