There are somethings that He will never learn

agnespuffinJuly 15, 2012

I have bragged about the Husband Guy and his learning to cook experiences......well, there seems to be one thing that he can't do.

Pasta seems to be beyond his skills.

I used to think it was a big joke about how some men will NOT read instructions. The DH is one of those guys. The macaroni, spagetti, noodles or whatever, is always never done. I ask him and then TELL him....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Right there on the box. Read about TIME.

Does he listen? Nope. Why does he think that, of all things, he knows more about cooking pasta than I do????!

However, I shall keep my big mouth shut. He's too good to risk over a little thing like half cooked macaroni.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Tell to taste a bite.....surely if it crunches he knows it's not done.

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I'm sure there are differing tastes in 'doneness' too - for example, the box of in the US says boil for 10 -12 minutes, but the box in the UK says boil for 8-10 . . .

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The whole problem would be solved if he could only bring himself to the point of Reading The Instructions.

What is it about Men and Instructions?

Is it a genetic thing?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Tell him to do it the way an Italian chef taught me: Bring well-salted water to rolling boil; slide pasta into water, stir 5 swoops or just until all the sticks (noodles, whatever) have been swirled; then set timer for 10 minutes. When timer rings, fishout one spaghetti-stick from water -use tongs!- and then throw the limp stick against the vertical back of the sink. Raw or way-overcooked won't stick, but if it sticks to the wall, drain pasta, rinse in cold water, and serve; if the pasta slither-slides down (not falling off but not sticking either), count to 100 and try another stick. Okay, truth here: Chef threw against the wall above the sink but that makes a mess that has to be cleaned off at once, so I say use the sink! Second truth: a timer works just fine once you figure out how many minutes results in desired doneness. The secret is to wait for a true rolling boil before adding pasta and start counting your time then. Method with my present stove takes 13 minutes, with the burner turned down to medium once the boil resumes.

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"What is it about Men and Instructions?

Is it a genetic thing?"
That's the question for all time.

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The funny thing is that he can, and will, follow a recipe.

It's the INSTRUCTIONS on a box that seems to be a problem.

(maybe if you met his bossy sister you could understand his feelings about Instructions.)

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I'm not surprised that he can follow a recipe, a good recipe is written in a linear fashion. Start with the first ingredient, then go down from there until you have all the stuff in the bowl/pan etc...
Take a cake,
Put all dry in one bowl, all the wet in another bowl, then mix the two, and you have cake batter.

After that it comes down to the "instructions" in how long to beat, mix, stir,bake etc...

I don't know what to say about his sister's influence.

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meldy----I was aquainted with a youg couple many years ago who really threw their pasta on the wall, also---the dog usually licked it off.
I guess whatever works!

...You guys have made me hungry!

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