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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)August 21, 2007

We were off camping in Maine. They have lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, lakes, and lakes. We camped in Oquossoc at Cupsuptic Lake, which is the northern part of Lake Mooselukmeguntic.

We practiced pronouncing it for a while and now the names sound almost normal.

You can see the lakes real good once you hike up one of their many Bald Mountains.

The vet said Gretchen is starting to get old. I guess we must take that into consideration from now on. So we didn't let her go up the tower.

Every day we need some exercise. Usually it has something to do with water. Either we're in it, on it, or looking at it!

Of course we can also look at it right from the campsite.

The next two pics were at a pond in southern Maine where we spent the last few days, at the camp of friends. We saw plenty of wildlife that we don't see at home (and more than in Cupsuptic!). On the floating dock with the slide, a young double crested cormorant. There was a pair of loons as well, lots of black ducks and mallards, a kingfisher, and a little sandpiper of sorts. The little frog was with its many little brothers and sisters in the grass under the trees. These were barely an inch long. I have to look up what kind of froggie this is.

Btw, I forgot to take a picture of the back of DH in his swimmies... sorry girls! I guess he's not in the contest! It probably had something to do with him forgetting to take the trunks along. (Don't even ask. Oh well, all right then! I let him pack for himself, he packs himself for business trips all the time, but, when he went to the basement to get something and discovered the leak in the water pipe, and had to fix it first, so, out come the tools, trip to Home Depot for copper pipe, and I didn't know he wasn't finished packing, and it was 11:30 before it was done, and and...)

(We forgot a lot this year...)

:) Mary

*THEN when we got home we found the refrigerator had died*

*and pretty much everything that was in it*

*It's so nice and clean in there now - no more clutter of old bottles of salsa and ketchup - no more drips of berry juice and soy sauce*

*I*Should I keep DH and the children out of it from now on so it'll stay clean?*


*Vacations are so relaxing*

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GREAT pics, Mary! Maine looks so pretty. My dream is to travel all of the states of this great country some day. :)

Gretchen is still a beautiful girl. I bet she didn't mind not going up the tower. Well, I wouldn't have minded not going up the tower. Maybe send DH up with the camera. LOL

Ack! Sorry about your fridge! Maybe you could cover all the inside surfaces with layers of plastic wrap for easy cleanup in the a Nascar windshield. LOL


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Mary i just love your photos! We have been thinking of a trip to Maine but we dont know anyone there and we would be soooooo lost! LOL... How was the temperature? Was there a lot of mosquitoes? Were the roads difficult to find or travel on? Were there other things to do besides all water? Whats the best part of Maine to go to? LOL... Sorry about all the questions! Im just so curious because we were really considering it this year but then chickened out. Was that you by the boat? You're a little cutie. There is no way on this earth i want my picture taking in a swimsuit! I might blow the camera up! Love your little doggie. She is starting to get a little gray in the muzzle, but she is still a lovely girl. She was just glad to be with the family. Love all the beautiful water pics, so glad you had fun. Bonnie

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Gee Bonnie! There's maps, and as long as you know that the dotted ones are "unimproved", you can travel where you want to... The Tomtom GPS had a little trouble with us traveling the unimproved ones. Mosquitos, wasn't too bad, temp, at least five degrees cooler than here in southern NH, there's water and mountains so hiking is the other thing, but do bring Scrabble and cards! We had a bit of trouble finding a store (period), and then one which carried Benadryl - DH got stung and his hand swelled up - so from now on that's on the standard equipment list. Bonnie, just for fun go to Google maps, you can zero in on just about any piece of the country.

Brenda, thanks, but, most of these pics are courtesy of DH - and, heehee, I did send HIM up the tower...
I saved up refrigerator cleaning energy for about two years, so it really looks sooooooooooooo different now... it got repaired today and guess what? The Sears Costumer Relations people are refunding $100 towards the cost, even though it was out of warranty.

:) Mary

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

WOW! Mary! Fantastic vacation! Great pics too! Awwww... Dear sweet Gretchen came along too. She is a real beauty! Such a sweet happy and loving face! :-)

We've never been to Maine but are making plans to run away there this Fall. Isn't that always the way? Stuff happens just as you are about to leave! Grrrrrrrrrr!

LOL @ Brocky's NASCAR tear-away suggestion. Hmmmmm. Are those for sale at the shop?!?!? (WooooHoooo! I'm at 8 races in a row in the Streak to the Finish game there.)

~SIGH~ Vacations are relaxing but far too short!

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beautiful and such fun! looks like a wood frog?

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Dawn, I just found it on a Canadian frog id site, it had a good picture. It's a PICKEREL frog! So cute. They were only about an inch, so I guess they have some growing to do before they reach their whopping 2 inch size...

Chicka, we decided to take Gretchen along as long as we still have her. She's nine yrs old now and starting to have fat lumps and cysts and stiff joints. Not that you'd know when you see her race around in the water or on a mountain trail! So we take the canoe and have her sit in the middle, instead of the kayaks. We don't go on long hikes anymore because of our own joints, so that suits her well. And she just looooooooooves all the pettin' and lovin' of just about everybody on any campground. She's been so bored since we got back! Only three people to cater to her!

So, btw, anybody on the way to Northern Maine from south of here or west of here comes within a few miles or so of our house. So that's going to be a required pit stop! For those that actually ever do what they threaten to do! And the ones heading for the seacoast can take a little detour!

:) Mary

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I'm loving these vacation pics, almost as good as being there ... It looks wonderful! And Gretchen got to go too! We had planned to take a trip up that way this year but we don't have quite enough time this year. I would love to go in the fall and see the foliage but I think anytime would be good, it's such a beautiful area. We are taking a short motorcycle trip but we haven't decided which direction to go yet! Kind of depends on the weather when we leave. Our vacations are like that alot, we just get on the bike and go. Usually works out well but we have occassionally found ourselves going for hours looking for lodging.

We had a problem with our refrigerator on our 2-week motorcycle trip to Key West - the defrost unit went out and leaked all over our wood floors. We came home to ruined food and wood flooring that had buckled up. Unfortunately that was not the worse of our problems when we returned so we tripped over those buckled boards for almost a year ..... and then we hired the contractors from hell. Luckily it was a great trip.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Mary, thanks for the photos! Glad you all (including Gretchen) had a great time!

I would have guessed leopard frog, they must have similar coloring?

Careful what you ask for, I don't have any travel plans in the near future, but if I get out your way in the next 5 years, I'll stop in to see your pond!


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Man, look at all that white on that beautiful pup's face! :-)

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Yeah, Semper, she's getting to looking quite distinguished!

I enlarged the frog picture, see below, and you can see the yellow stripe that runs lengthwise down both sides - Sarah, I currently have a little leopard frog in my pond, and it has a little yellow along the lower jaw, but not the whole stripe. So, that's why it's a pickerel froggie. Says the Canadian site.

I used to have a frog ID website bookmarked, but in one of our computer virus or whatever episodes I lost that link. So it took me a while to ID this baby. Pickerels get to be maybe two inches, and these were barely one inch - so tiny! Very cute. The picture below is MANY times the real size.

:) Mary

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