Concerned 'Weed B Gone' will kill plants close by

ginjjSeptember 19, 2009

I have a very bad oxalis problem in my 4 year old sod lawn and flower beds. It got bad because I ignored it for too long.

After a lot of reading and hearing how difficult this is to eradicate, I know I have to do something.

The ingredient in Weed B Gone, Triclopyr, apparently can injure nearby shrubs and trees. Of course that concerns me. I haven't yet been able to find out what a safe distance might be. Of course I will not let it drift to those plants or touch their roots, but the roots are in the lawn a few inches down probably.

Have any of you had problems with Weed B Gone killing nearby plants?

I am tempted to use Roundup and re-seed those areas of the lawn.


Ginny in California

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WBG can cause damage if any sprays on the leaves, but also if it's warmer than about 80-85 F out, it can volatize and turn to vapor and the vapor can damage plants even if you're careful when you spray.

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