Camp Fire Stories.....

semper_fi(Z7 GA)August 17, 2008

Gather up boys and girls.... it's time for another round of camp fire stories where YOU get to share one or many true, memorable stories from your past. These stories can be funny, or spooky, or dramatic, or maybe all the above. It doesn't matter because it's YOUR story.

*Passing the roasted marshmallows*

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

OK, I'll start...

A few weeks ago I was surprised with an AWESOME trip to the mountains of North Carolina and a long weekend full of mountain biking, drinking, rafting, and ahem... drinking.

On our last day there, 7 of us decided to go on an unguided whitewater rafting trip. Usually when you go whitewater rafting there is a professional guide who tags along in each raft and sits in the back, steers the raft, and yells out paddling instructions. With an unguided trip, one of the more experienced participants is given those duties. I was suckered into being the group "captain". This was going relatively good. After some time on the raft I decided to let somebody else take over these duties so we switched positions. The new Captain was having a very hard time controlling the raft so we went through several rapids either backwards, sideways, or a combination of both! This actually made things even more fun and interesting for everyone until we went into a big whitewater rapid like an out of control flying saucer and hit a hidden boulder and came to a sudden stop. The big impact caused my friends Toby and Jen to catapult into the ice cold gushing river. Panic hit the S.S. Minnow! Our friend Jen swam to a rock in the middle of the river ~30 feet away from the raft which was still stuck on the same boulder which wrecked our inflatable ship. My friend Toby didn't get ejected as far and so he was able to cling back to the side of the boat. Meanwhile, the five remaining passengers started to concentrate on how to recover Jen out of the cold rapids. In my head I was trying to think how I could swim to her and bring her back without getting washed away by the powerful whitewater. Seemed like an eternity goes by. I stood up at the very edge of the raft and yell to see if she was still OK. Jen nodded yes. As she does, we suddenly hear a muffled voice from underneath my feet: "heyyyyyyyyyyy! Can somebody PLEASE pull me out of the water?!?!?!?!?!" LMAO! The 5 of us had been so preoccupied with rescuing Jen that we had completely forgotten poor ole' Toby who was clinging for dear life in the same freezing water but was unable to get into the raft on his own because of the immense undercurrent forces. I was practically standing on his head while asking Jen if she was OK. LOL!

I pull Toby in and we manage to recover Jen quickly and dislodge ourselves from the boulder and continue on without any further incidents. We all laughed about forgetting about poor Dr. Toby the rest of that day! :-)


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

LOL Captain Semper! Good that you didn't meet up with the Deliverence brothers after drowning, uhh, rescuing Dr. Toby.
Do you have pics of your adventures to share with the class?

I dunno if I told you this one but it's how Camp Nappy started so many moons ago. (NO pun intended, Semper!)

Mike and I met on a beach on the Caribbean Island of Dominica. I was on holiday while going through veterinary school. Mike was on holiday after finishing medical school. I was picking up some shells from the beach and saw a tiny squid stranded on the sand from the receding tides. I scooped up the wee squid and waded out to release him back into the water.

As I walked back to the beach suddenly I saw THE MOST DROP DEAD GORGEOUS MAN walking toward me. <catchmepleaseI'mswooningsmiley>

He had watched my dramatic rescue and thought that was a cool thing to do. We just started talking and three days later he asked me to marry him! OMG! Why did he wait so long? Was he having second thoughts?

We married three months later and that was 24 years ago. :-)

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

"I was picking up some shells from the beach and saw a tiny squid stranded on the sand...

HOLY KAMOLE! Small world. Sooooo, that was ju who threw me in the water while I was chillin' trying to sun bathe?!?! Geez, you scared the tentacles outta me! Oh well.... glad it worked out into such a romantic story!


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Wow, Fi guy!! That's a scary story, but at least there was a happy ending! Do you think you'll ever hear from Dr. Toby again? LOL

Chicka, how romantic!!! DH's and my meeting story involved a bar and a lot of alcohol...and a spouse, so I think I'll refrain from telling that one. LOL

This is rather long, but it was a long journey. :)

My folks, who live about 2 hours north of me, used to have a pug dog named Pugboy...real original name, I know. :D Some people I knew had heard of him being rescued from a town called Oroville here in northern California (about halfway between our house and my folks' but toward the east side of the valley). He was wandering around the railroad tracks, and he was blind and missing his right eye. Argh, matey! LOL

He was a serious doggie, not much of a cuddler, and he liked to attack the old neighbor guy when he'd leave after a visit with my folks...but he was wonderful!

They took him camping one weekend, as they'd done many times in the past. Mom called in a panic on that Sunday, saying Pugboy wandered off up in the woods while she was making dinner Sat. evening. They spent all night Sat. and all day Sun. looking for him.

I would say, at that point, Pugboy was at least 10 years old or so, but we never really knew for sure. My instinct was that he had wandered off to die in peace, because he'd really slowed down in recent months...and never wandered off before, at home or otherwise. But Mom wasn't convinced.

The next day (Monday) I took off from my home to visit the camping site, about 2 hours north and 1 hour west, to search for myself. DH and I had actually been camping with them in that spot a few times, so I knew exactly where it was. I didn't find him, of course, but I couldn't NOT go.

So after returning home, I printed up fliers and sent them out to EVERY animal shelter I could find in north-central California. Mom had mentioned that on Sun. morning at the campsite, they had heard a vehicle stop up on the road above the site. She seemed to think maybe whomever was in that vehicle found Pugboy wandering alongside the road and stopped to pick him up and take him home. To this day, I'm still convinced it was his time to go...I just wish he'd let my folks know first!

So, over 4 months later, I received a call...from an animal control officer in the little town of Oroville. She had my flier...and she had a pug. He had been wandering around an open field for 2 days before a woman who would walk past that field every day finally brought him in. He was blind and missing his LEFT eye. Ahem. Pugboy was missing his RIGHT eye.

She didn't care! She said, "I just KNOW this is your dog!" She explained that IF I could come and get him before closing time, they wouldn't charge me any fees for keeping him.

Ok. I called Mom. "You're getting another pug! I'm sure it's not Pugboy, but do you want him?" She didn't seem too enthused, but I can understand that.

I just decided to play it off like it WAS Pugboy, though, because I wanted to save this poor little guy. It felt like slow motion as the lady led me back to the kennels..."PUGBOY!" Of course, it wasn't him, but what does he do? His ears go back, he sits up straight, and he wags his tail like there's NO tomorrow!! AWWWW!

He was so skinny and shaking like a leaf as I tried to fill out the paperwork and cuddle him at the same time. I finally got him home, introduced him to the family, then called Mom to report that we'd head up there in the next day or 2 to deliver him. :)

My folks, bless their hearts, accepted him for what he appeared to be, a bittersweet reminder of what they'd lost, but I knew, as I packed my things in the car, that he wasn't what they needed. Entering the house to announce my departure, I found my parents gathered around him. Mom turned to me, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, and said, "Did you hear that? Did you hear what he did?"

"No, what?!"

"He was howling! As soon as you walked out the door, he started crying like a baby!"

Sighing and blinking back tears, I gathered him in my arms and said, "Well, let's go home, Clyde." RIP
Clyde ~ My Little Angel
? - 2002



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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)


What a lovely story. Box of tissues please!

Next ....

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Wow, all great stories! I laughed! I cried! What a great thread .... nothing from me for now but keep 'em coming!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I'm trying to think of a story to share with you but I think I've told you all of them. Maybe if you narrow down the subject matter I can come up with some insomnia cure? :-)

For now ... all I can tell you is about my amazing Turkey Vulture encounter. It's just a quickie story. I was out in the garden yesterday with the hose and watering some flowers. I saw a shadow come across the lawn s-l-o-w-l-y and looked up to see a Turkey Vulture fly by. OK. That was nice!

He turned and started to circle over me. I checked my pulse (still had one) and then wondered why else he may be coming down fairly low. Did he want some water? Lake Erie is a stones throw from where I was standing but what the heck?!?!?

I turned the hose nozzle upwards and waited. OMG! The Vulture came down some more and flew through the shower I had provided. He was sooooo close I could clearly see his adorable (?) face and even the twinkle in his eyes and I'm nearsighted! He glided over, turned and made a total of five passes through the shower and then he gained altitude and he was gone.

That was THE most incredible close encounter of a birdy kind I've ever had! WOW!

I can add Vulture Sprinkler to my list of job skills.


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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Oh boy, campfire time!!! I love ALL the stories.

Here's a story in memory of Tippy, my little companion of 15 yrs.

The dreaded day came when we had to painfully carry out a decision that we had made 2 yrs ago when we found out she had cancer. She rests now peacefully, no longer in pain, out in the garden. Before we took her to the vet, I tried to give her the most wonderful last day, indulging her with all the "forbidden" cookies she could eat, playing grab the hand, one last trip out to the mail box, lots of love and hugs and I love you's...

I said a prayer, you see, as it began to get dark, before leaving her grave side. I asked God to please take her spirit and keep her for me; that it would only be right since she was part of the love of our family. The next day, I searched scripture trying to really determine if my prayer could be answered. The window seat disturbed me next to my desk where for 13 yrs, Tippy slept. I kept hearing her sounds, but quickly remembering they were only in my mind. So, that evening I pulled out that old window seat and put it outside next to my patio.

The next morning, a noticed a cicada on my dining window screen, which was kinda strange. They are usually up high in the trees. My spirit told me to research the cicada, which I did and discovered that some ancient cultures regard the cicada as a sign of the spirit leaving the body, the resurrection, etc. I was amazed and considered if God had sent me a sign to comfort me in my grief, so I asked God for confirmation.

The next morning as I went outside to my patio to drink my coffee, there was the cicada ON TIPPY'S WINDOW SEAT! I actually petted it and talked to it (and God). As I sat watching it, it watched me back. After about 30 min, I got up and went inside, and as I glanced out my kitchen window, the cicada flew away toward the east into the sun.

Be with God, my sweet Tippy.

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Chicka, I must have missed your story the first time around. WOW!!! That is so AWESOME!! I need to try that next time I'm watering and see what bird(s) I "catch"! :)

Ohhhh, 'Poo, what a wonderful, bittersweet story!! *sniffles* I can SO relate to hearing the sounds of a lost pet - I kept hearing Cly-Cly sniffing, his nails clicking on floor, his breathing, after he was gone.

Say hi to Clyde for me, Tippy!!


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I have all kinds of funny, scary, strange, etc stories, so it's hard to pick just one. hmmmm

Here's one that always makes me laugh. Many years ago I had a friend named Rick who was always trying to "help" people whether they wanted his help or not. He was a nice guy, but just didn't have a clue how to behave socially.

One time we were in an electronics store and everytime a customer came in with a question he'd butt in and give his answer (which was always the right and only one - in his eyes). I just wandered around and would check back at the counter every now and then to see if he was ready to leave.

At closing time (we'd been there about 2 hrs) I walked up to the counter and just stood there, waiting patiently. The clerk turned from the latest discussion Rick was having with a customer and said, "Can I help you?" I said, "No thanks, I'm waiting for him." (pointing to Rick)

She said, "BOY, YOU DO NEED HELP DON'T YOU?" hahahaha

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The main bout is about to begin!

It has been long rumoured as The Mis-Match of the Century. Those rumours are about to be laid to rest as our competitors enter the ring.

In the red corner, at nine weeks old and wearing her tiger striped jammies; weighing three pounds three ounces .... Marcie the kitten.

In the blue corner, at one year four months of age in her black, silver and tan coat, weighing 82 pounds ... Rani the German Shepherd.

The referee tells the contestants as they face eachother at center ring to fight fair and no choke holds.... They touch noses and go to their respective corners.

Rani looks confident she can over take this little schmark of a competitor. Marcie eyes her opponent with a steely (almost demonic glare) and takes a swig of warm milk from her bottle ...... The bell rings. Round One

Rani and Marcie slowly approach one another. Oh My God! Marcie has just launched herself at Rani without warning........

Rani is stunned. She's down! Rani is down!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... It's over! the match is over!

Never underestimate the power of this little mighty-mite!

Baby Marcie is the winner in a stunning 13 seconds of the first round! :-)

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Moral of that hilarious camp fire story:

Always bet on the one that is under dog! :-)

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Awww... how cute!!!

I had a momma kitty, Tiger, who would protect her kittens from any dog. One time she chased a large german shepard from the yard, running on three legs, swiping at his back legs with one foot! He never dared come into our yard again!

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LMAO!!! Marcie is a kick-a$$ kitty! At least she didn't resort to ear biting. :D

The look on Rani's face is hilarious!!! GREAT camp fire story, Chicka!

Anne, your story reminds me of that Funniest Video where the kitty is chasing the black bear. No fear!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

The remnants of H. Ike visited us last weekend. The neighbour (Chicken Killer) had some damage to the roof of his house and roofers were working on the house for about three days.

I was leaving home to go back to work after lunch and saw two of the roofing guys taking a break from work in the neighbours front lawn. One guy waved at me, had a *HUGE* smile on his face and yelled: HI! How are you?

OMG! He sounded ... he sounded like Olive! I pulled into the drive and the two were laughing! They said that Olive has been keeping an eye on their work from our living room window. Someone starts to walk by and she'd call out: Hi! How are you? They'd reply.

If someone had something in his hand she'd ask:What's that? One of the guys left to get some soda and water for the other people. When he returned, Olive screamed:WHERE WERE YOU?!?!? They all laughed! The guy told her he got some water. Olive told him Very well!

They turned on their radio and after a song came on (don't know which one) Olive started calling out: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

They seemed to have been VERY entertained by her comments and observations. Maybe they would have been done in a day if Olive had not been ~helping~ them? LOL!

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Chicky, that is priceless. What I wouldn't give for a bird like Olive. My husband tells the story about a Parrot that lived near the little town where he grew up. He stayed outside all day in the Palmetto Trees "Palm Trees", One day a door to door salesman came into town and stopped in the store "mercantile, no mini markets back then). He told them he had stoppped at a house on the outskirts of town. Someone told him, "Get out and come in." and when he started up the walk, "they" sic'd the dogs on him. Everyone there knew exactly what had happened and had a good laugh. Glenda

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Chickadee's thread reminded me of a funny story...

One day, many moons ago, while going through some really tough jarhead survival training we were being schooled about the importance of the three C's: Camouflage, Cover, and Concealment. This class was being held in an outodoor setting deep in the woods of Quantico, VA where a small area had been cleared out and some bleachers were put in. We had just finished a longggg hump and were instructed to sit down. The instructor, a salty Marine, quickly began preaching about the importance of using camouflage and cover. He emphasized how they can make the difference between life and death in certain combat situation. He then pauses for a calculated moment and says: "NOW I CAN TELL BY LOOKING AT SOME OF YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT CONVINCED. FINE! I'LL PROVE IT..... SERGEANT!". At that moment, this small weed pops out of the ground right in front of the bleachers and started SCREAMING and opening fire (blank rounds) on us!!!! It was really amazing. Many of us had either walked right by or over him without being detected. Message well received Sergeant Instructor!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)


That's a funny funny story. Sadly we are no longer able to discuss this in the presence of your water feature. That, Sir, is an obamanation!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Good thing none of you accidently kicked the camouflaged Sargeant as you were taking your seats! I wouldda needed to be excused after getting any kind of rounds fired at me.

Clean-up in Isle 13. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

When Mike and I lived on St. Kitts, we'd go to the various beaches on Saturday or Sunday and hang out. We'd go snorkeling or just beach combing and afterwards we'd pop into any one of the many little restaraunts dotting the beaches.

One of the little resteraunts was near Frigate Bay where you could get a burger and fries or lobster. All pretty much the same price. This little place also would rent boards for windsurfing and we'd do that sometimes too. (Good thing I'm a very good swimmer! LOL!)

We were windsurfing one Sunday afternoon and saw several other people having fun doing the same. There was one guy who seemed farther out than recommended but he'd whip that sail around and come flying back to shore and then out again. He seemed to be testing his skills and racing abilities. He put on a very good show for everyone with his twirls and effortless jumps over the waves.

Time to go home so we packed ourselves up and took a last look at the ocean and the few windsurfers that were still out there. Hmmmmm. The very skilled guy was *really* kinda out there but was coming in closer. We told the restaraunt owners that one surfer is waaaay out in the ocean. They knew. That's what he always did. We went home.

The next day ... lots of activity in Frigate Bay. There's a windsurfer missing! Eeeeeekkkk! That's the guy we saw! There were literally HUNDREDS of small fishing boats and catamarans as well as official boats looking for signs of the surfer.

Nothing! :-(

The United States Coast Guard was asked to help in the search. Mike told someone where we last saw the surfer. The maps and all were pulled out and there was a grid search made of the ocean as well as volunteers were combing the beaches and rocky shores in search of a body that may have washed up.

Day 2. Nothing! No body. No board. No sail. Plenty of shark in the waters though. :-(

Day 3. HOORAY! Waaaaaaaay out in the middle of no where, a recon. plane spotted something in the water. The Coast Guard went to investigate. It was the surfer laying on the board. He had been caught up in a strong ocean current and was about 400 miles off shore! He had taken down his sail and tried to protect his horrible sun burned body from getting more sun burned. But he was alive!

He had severe sunburn and beyond. He was also severely dehydrated and spent about 5 days in the hospital. Somehow he managed to not get eaten by the ever present sharks. He told us that he had a school (if that's the right term) of dolphins around him all the time. They had protected him from the sharks!

He said he had been watching sea turtles swimming and he wasn't paying attention to time or where he was going. By the time he realized where he was ... waaaay far off shore ... it was too late and he wasn't able to get the board back to land.

What a frightening thing to survive but what a cool experience to tell the grand-kids one day!

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