The second day of summer.....

deanneart(z5Southern NH)June 22, 2006

OK so I couldnÂt help myself. The day had a nice milky overcast which is PERFECT for taking pictures so after lunch I went out again with the camera. There is so much going on right now I just want to play outside. Also, I wanted to capture some of these things before the rain starts. We didnÂt get the T storms predicted for today so maybe the rest of the deluges wonÂt materialize.

Here are some updated pics of a few of the containers. (I havenÂt counted mine yet but I think Eden is still in the lead)

This was taken along the fence in the back yard to the right of the hay racks looking down a row of containers.

I wish you could see this one up close. Those flowers from the ÂBlacky fuchsia are just fantastic. When they first open the corolla of the blossoms is absolutely black/purple. The Iresine herbstii is my original plant that IÂve wintered over twice. ItÂs like an old friend now.

Eileen, I thought youÂd like to see how this is progressing.

Babs, that Gartenmeister Bonstedt in the upper right of this arrangement is one of your cuttings.

This large urn on the patio is filling in nicely

The back side of this has one of those fiber optic grasses which IÂm really enjoying this year.

Here is the container with the Japanese Maple I put together six weeks ago. The Alabama Sunset coleus came from Sue last year. (Eileen, notice that the kitty statue is moving around the yard with the photographer)

And the back side of this one showing the variegated abutilon

The hosta corner is looking pretty nice right now.

Eileen, I borrowed your mirror idea. I love the way it reflects light in that dark corner.

The Container Garden GardenÂ..

Eden, I have that ÂBella hybrid in yellow also. LOL

OK, OK IÂm almost done hereÂ. Eileen, that is your ÂIllustrisÂ. IÂm loving it!

So I promise not to post any more pics for a while.


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Deanne - no way can you promise not to post pictures - we won't allow it!! More inspiration, color and texture - I just love, love love it. I think I spy a little Japanese Maple in there that might hail from our area. The fibre optic grass and mini dahlia is an absolute winner. Thank you again for this visual treat.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh Deanne...what a visual treat. I absolutely *ADORE* the fiber optic/dahlia planting. Would you be mad at me if I copied it *exactly*? LOL! I swear if I knew where I could get my hands on a couple of those dahlias right now (I know where I can get the fiber optics) I would do that container *right now* - even if I have to fork over the cash for a new container too! :-) That will be a definite for next year, for sure! That is...if you don't mind...I'll even call it the "Deanne's Dream" if you let me copy it! :-)

I'm afraid to mention any *one* of your pics for fear you might get the impression I don't love them all...when I *do*!

Using the corner of that fence for a "container garden" is sheer genius and looks fabulous! Your hostas are amazing and so well kempt! I love the mirror in that shady corner Deanne, it *is* perfect there. Sadly, my mirror broke, but I've been watching the sales to find another. Your placement of the kitty statue is brilliant! :-)

Thanks again Deanne for such a wonderful treat. You better not quit posting pictures...they are all fabulous and such an inspiration and *truly* just a joy to see. Thank you! Ei

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I am going to cry these are so beautiful.

You think I'm kidding but Deanne these are gorgeous-oops-no they really are gorgeous!!Stunning. Stunningly gorgeous. come my cuttings of the same fuchsia that I gave you(gartenmsister)aren't blooming yet-but yours are!! You have a secret potion or spell I just know it![I'm not really mad,just insanely jealous lol] I am very happy though that the cuttings survived.
So let me get this straight-are all these plants you've potted up ones that you kept through the winter? I know the fuchsias are but even the others look so full like they've been in situ for a whole season! I wish I could do that.

I honestly can't tell you which one I am moved by more.

You mustn't stop here-more girl! MORE.
Thanks for sharing these!
I will be looking for day three...just how many days of summer are there lol.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'll be foolish and pick a favourite: the bench and mirror photo. Perhaps because I'm tired and want a beautiful place to escape to and rest.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im an echo here - these are sooooo wonderful - thanks for sharing Deanne & please keep it up. I concur that that dahlia/fiber optic grass is sheer genius. Ei - I've seen a lot of these petite dahlias at the garden centers this year (I think Proven Winners is putting them out, so you might be able to find them wherever that brand is being sold). Im sorry to say none of the ones I bought for containers look anywhere near as inspired as these, Deanne.

And I've been pondering that mirror idea also but wondered how it would hold up to extreme weather -- but it's still worth it if you have to replace. I am in love with that bench -- that is so elegant.

I wish you'd post a thread for every day of summer, Deanne!! It would almost be like walking in the garden w/ you coffee in hand in the a.m.


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Psst ladies, I believe Deanne's fooling us and those are last years containers. LOL Seriously Deanne I just don't know how you do it. Those containers are so full and mature looking already. Each one is absolutely over the top goregous! I'd like to see each one and know what each of the plants are. I see some really interesting things.
What a visual treat.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Lovely, lovely! I like the cat statue too!!! LOL, but I only see 'it' in one pic ?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

If you stop now, we'll never speak to you again!

Just kidding!

Very, very nice. I'm speechless.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Deanne, I'm in awe of your combinations, and how lush and full everything looks already! It's just, hmmm, can't use 'stunning' as I used that already, lol. So according to Yahoo's Thesaurus synonyms for stunning are:

"Having qualities that delight the eye: attractive, beauteous, beautiful, comely, fair, good-looking, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, pretty, pulchritudinous, ravishing, sightly. Scots: bonny. Idiom: easy on the eyes.


LOL, well all of the others apply! Thanks for sharing, and I think you absolutely MUST enter that container contest in Fine Gardening! You're a shoo-in!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello all, thank you again for all the lovely feedback! You all know donÂt you that I never had this many container gardens or my coleus and fuchsia collections until I started participating on garden forums. So much of this exchange of information and all the lovely inspiration I get from all of you is what has spurred me on to become more creative with the gardening an container gardens.

Eileen, of course you need to make that dahlia/fiber optic grass combination for yourself. In fact, I think I might be able to get my hands on a few of those mini-dahlias for you if youÂd like. IÂve not been over to that nursery for a bit but will nip over there on Monday and see if they still have any.

Taryn, that Fine Gardening contest requires a grouping of plants that has me a bit uninspired. You have to use a shrub or tree, a grass, annual, perennial and one wild card plant of your choice. You can use multiples of the same plant but you have to use only five different plants. IÂve still not had a flash of inspiration for that one.

Marian, the kitty statue does show up on several other photos I took that day just not on this thread. He keeps wandering around since I put the bird bath back on Âhis pedestal. LOL

Michelle, nope these really are from this year although many of the plants, especially the fuchsia, are the same plants that were in my containers last year. I think the mature root systems really leap into growth at an accelerated rate when they get potted up and the weather warms up. I have a few containers that have dahlias that I never took out of their pots, just threw them in the basement. Well, those are the very best looking dahlias I have right now. I was amazed at the incredible lush growth theyÂve put on since the weather warmed up.

Cindy, I bought that mirror on sale at Home Goods. It was pretty cheap so even if it only lasts one season IÂm OK with it. The bench was a gift from Doug for my 50th birthday. ~~ I love your idea of having a walk in the garden with me in the AM. Oh what fun that would be. I do walk about the gardens every morning with my coffee. I keep threatening to get a video camera to do on line painting classes and if that ever came to pass I could do Âclips of the daily gardening highlights on my web site. WouldnÂt that be a blast?

Bug, you are never foolish. I enjoy hearing everyoneÂs different preferences and why they like what they do.

Babs, no secret potion, LOL, just sunshine. Also, youÂll notice that it is only just starting to bloom. ~~ RE where the plants came from, nope they arenÂt all plants IÂve wintered over but many of them are and especially the larger ones are from my wintered over stash.

OK IÂve got to go over and check out the Idylls then get ready for work. Thanks again all for stopping by.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne, besides being the master of plant combos you are the master of garden decor(well, you and Eden)...the artwork, the urns, a mirror-just perfect! Put on your thinking cap for when you're here next Saturday because I need serious help in that department. Today I'm off to Homegoods to see what I can scare up for "raw materials" now that I've had some inspiration.


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Deanne, I was just looking over both of your picture threads again and I thought I'd posted on this one but I don't see it. These pics are all just great. I love the way you've used the fiber optic grass. I didn't use any this year and after seeing yours I'll be sure to pick some up next year or maybe I do need just one more container this year, lol. I love the simplicity of using just the grass and the dahlias yet the design makes such a strong statement. I really like the container with the yellow bella abutilon too. Well they're all just great. I wanted to show you this combination that I really like that kind of reminds me of your sweet little dahlia/optic grass combo, simple yet sweet. It's a proven winners combo that I'd like to copy too. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for all of the eye candy!


Here is a link that might be useful: Sweetness and Light Combo

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